Direct Mail and Fulfillment

Make your business stand out.

These days, the first element of a marketing strategy that everyone thinks of is the internet. “How can we increase our engagement?” “How can we boost our SEO?” “How often should we send out our e-newsletter?” But did you know that, according to the US Small Business Administration, a recent study found that direct mail campaigns generate purchases 5x larger than email campaigns?

So with that in mind: do not overlook direct mail!

Make your business stand out by taking advantage of Wenning Branding’s Direct Mail and Fulfillment Services. 

There is a seemingly endless amount of content of all kinds online. It is easy to have your email or social media post get lost in the online noise. Your clients and customers receive hundreds of emails a day. Then endless scrolling on social media apps has numbed many people to paying attention to online ads. Do not underestimate the influence of direct mail and advertise the old fashion way with Wenning Branding.

Direct mail generates purchases 5x larger than email campaigns.

The advantage of direct mail is that nowadays, getting something in the mail is rare! Due to its rarity, the information you send about your company or brand will stick in the minds of your clients and customers more than your average email newsletter.

The best part? We take care of all the fulfillment! Do not waste your company’s valuable time and energy by trying to navigate through the hassles of in-house fulfillment. Having reliable and fast fulfillment services is essential to building a relationship with your consumer.

Give us your direct mailing needs and our team of experts will take care of all the logistics for you.

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