Alcohol Prep Pads (200 Pack)

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Keep clean with these individually wrapped alcohol pads that will help kill virus, and bacteria on your skin or surfaces. Each pack includes 200 air tight sealed alcohol pads. For disinfection use.



Alcohol Pads are now trending everywhere! Purchase these 2 ply alcohol prep pads today to fit in with the trend that is currently going on around the globe.

These alcohol pads are made of environmentally non-woven fabric with 70% medical disinfection alcohol. Comes in a medium size per alcohol pad. Easy to use

The alcohol pads are not made with natural rubber latex and are sterile.

One should use these alcohol pads on surfaces, wiping hands or skin and cleaning wounds. Each pack includes 200 alcohol pads. Each pad is individually wrapped in foil packs to keep sterile and moist and air tight sealed to prevent leakage and drying out.

It is important to wipe down surfaces to disinfect any bacteria before and after usage including tables, desks, chairs, and even playground surfaces to ensure safety to kids and young ones.

The alcohol prep pads are also a great tool to clean and disinfect the users smartphones to wipe away any bacteria that may be on the smartphones. However, one must be careful with the screens on the smartphones and tablets while using the pads. Each pad can easily fit in a purse, or pocket for travel purposes to bring with while out and about doing your daily activities for usage.

It is important to have a clean surrounding to prevent any viruses and bacteria from spreading, and these alcohol pads help provide that tool to ensure cleanliness anywhere one may go. Keep employees, friends, and family safe from any harmful bacteria with these alcohol prep pads by wiping down surfaces before and after usage.

PPE is equipment that will protect workers against health or safety risks on the job. The purpose is to reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce these risks to acceptable levels.

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