Embroidery, Screen Printing & DTF Printing

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From our Pittsburgh headquarters, Wenning Branding provides premium embroidery, silk screen printing, and DTF printing services tailored to elevate your brand’s visibility.

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch quality and swift turnaround times to ensure your satisfaction with every order.


Elevate your brand’s apparel with our impeccable embroidery craftsmanship. Our skilled artisans bring your logo or design to life, ensuring every stitch reflects precision and finesse. With Wenning Branding, your logo becomes a statement piece, exuding professionalism on uniforms, hats, jackets, and a diverse range of garments.

Silk Screen Printing

Captivate your audience with vibrant, durable prints through our silk screen printing. We utilize cutting-edge techniques to imprint your designs flawlessly onto clothing items, achieving striking visuals and lasting impressions. From t-shirts to tote bags, our printing capabilities encompass a broad spectrum of textiles. This process is ideal for large runs with 1-2 colors.

DTF Printing

Experience innovation with our direct-to-fabric (DTF) printing solutions. Seamlessly transferring intricate designs onto garments, DTF printing ensures unparalleled clarity and color vibrancy. Embrace creativity without limitations as we transform your concepts into stunning wearable art. This process is perfect for full-color prints and shorter runs.

Why should I invest in branded apparel in the first place?

Adding branded apparel to your marketing plan’s arsenal is a great way to make your brand easily distinguishable to your consumers. One of the most important goals of any marketing plan is to increase your brand awareness. Including branded apparel in your plan will get people to notice your brand more. The more people see your brand, the more your brand will be on their minds. This kind of exposure is priceless. The only question now is, what kind of branded apparel is right for your business? 

Our versatility extends beyond standard clothing; we imprint your designs on blankets, bags, and various promotional items. From corporate attire to personalized gifts, Wenning Branding provides comprehensive printing services for diverse purposes.

Just some of the brands we use

Time is of the essence, and we understand the urgency behind your orders. Count on us for swift turnarounds without compromising on quality. Whether it’s a bulk order or a rush project, we deliver promptly to meet your deadlines.

Collaborate with our expert graphic designers to refine your logo or create custom designs. Our team ensures that your visuals align perfectly with your brand identity, enhancing recognition and leaving a lasting impression.

Need your logo digitized for embroidery?
Leave it to us! Wenning Branding offers professional digitization services, transforming your designs into embroidery-ready files, ensuring precision and clarity in every stitch.

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