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We strategize a plan and go over an exact formula with you to ensure we are setting you up for Success!

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Are you lost in the Social Media World? Are you sitting there scratching your head at terms like SEO? Or even “What’s a Tweet or a Snap”? We can help you with all of your questions! Online advertising is a completely different world than traditional media. You can’t just slap an advertisement made for print or TV and expect it to do well on Facebook or Instagram. It requires many different elements to be working in tandem with each other in its development. So much so that if you aren’t familiar with the fundamentals, it can seem daunting to even start. That’s where we come in!

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Setting you up for Success!

Our Team will sit down with you and go over your Exact Goals and what you need to build on to increase business. We will strategize a plan and go over an exact formula with you to ensure we are setting you up for Success!

There are many different avenues when it comes to Social Media Advertising and we will calculate your business needs and suggest which platform will be the best for you to start with. We will give you a detailed Analysis Report each month to show where your ads are getting the most traffic. From those numbers and tons of research, we formulate the best plan so that you get the Biggest ROI.

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Online advertising isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

The world of the internet is an ever expanding and ever changing landscape. By the way things are going, it is safe to say that online advertising isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  So if you were waiting for that whole “Twitter thing” to blow over, you’ll need to start rethinking some of your marketing plan.  But with the fast pace at which elements change on the internet how can you keep up?

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Steel City DJ


National Association of Mobile Entertainers


N.A.M.E. came to us to revamp their entire brand and Mission Statement. They had a very outdated Website with a broken directory. The challenge was they had over 6,000 Members and we had to create a better and faster directory than what they had in place.


The second challenge was converting an outdated CRM into the new website to make it work seamlessly for all  staff members.


We had to implement multiple membership levels because the previous setup was highly inefficient and confusing for new members. So, we integrated a new payment system throughout the site and put the new CRM system in place. 


By making their site faster and more user friendly, they have received over 275% ROI INCREASE in Sales!




Ring Roamer


Ring Roamer came to us to help build their Marketing, Branding and Social Media presence. They have a very unique product which is a Roaming Photo Booth. There are many different uses for this product.

They also had a website that was not functioning properly for E-Commerce.


With this being such a new product and idea, we had to show many different possibilities of growth to help the end user make a greater profit. 


We started with Social Media ads covering Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We gained momentum from some of their recent trade show appearances and ran targeted ads to only the people that were attending those shows.

We created a working site through Click Funnels to streamline their Sales Funnel Process and to better enhance their Up-Sells and Down-Sells.


In our first month working with Ring Roamer, we Increased their ROI to 1,678%!

In the first 3 Months of working with them, we have exceeded their entire 2018 Annual Sales.


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Ring Roamer

Mike Jones Entertainment


Mike Jones came to our company looking to streamline their look and their Brand. They needed a new website that would be responsive and user-friendly. 


He started by offering only one service for his company, so we had to re-brand it to showcase all of the many services and events they offer.


We created a responsive website that appears clean and modern, as well as revamped the brand with their title.


After launching his new brand and website, he saw a 157% ROI in the First Month.