Bundle Up!

Bundle Up! November 30, 2020 Winter is on the way and it is that time of the year to start looking for apparel that will keep you warm, but in style at the same time. If you are looking to upgrade your winter apparel, then you have come to the right place! Blank Fleece Scarf  This scarf is made from

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Keep Calm and Winter On

Keep Calm and Winter On November 4, 2020 The weather is starting to change! We are now past the heart of fall season and winter is upon us. We got some essentials you might need to stay warm and comfortable as temperatures significantly drop! Essential Oil Infused Candle in Small Window Tin This product is a big upgrade for the

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Fulfillment BA_Xmas

Our NEW Holiday Box Fulfillment Service!

What is the Holiday Box Fulfillment Service? This year, your company is probably going through a lot of firsts. You might have had a holiday party scheduled, but with restrictions, celebrating with your employees is going to be more difficult than ever before. You know your employees deserve a form of appreciation, but what’s a boss to do? Consider using

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Take Your Coffee On The Go

Take Your Coffee On The Go November 9, 2020 Those mornings when you are running late for work are always stressful, especially whenever you need coffee to wake up. A big reason for this is because people need to consume their coffee before work to get their energy levels up and it helps them get ready to take on the

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Fall Season

Fall Season November 2, 2020 Hello, fall breeze and autumn leaves! The temperature has dropped, and the leaves are changing, it is time to get those fall decorations out! Decorate your office with our Autumn Teddy Bear, Fall Wreath and Flag and Fall Leaf Clings! The Autumn Scarf Bear, A Furry Custom Teddy Bear Warm up a chilly day in

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5K Walk/Run

5K Walk/Run October 26, 2020 Is your 5k walk/run event coming up and you don’t have any giveaway items for guests participating? We have the perfect set of items that guests are able to wear while spreading awareness of breast cancer during and after the event. Honor a fighter or celebrate a survivor with these different items at your 5k

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Football Games

Football Games October 19, 2020 Fighting breast cancer takes everyone. Honor a fighter or celebrate a survivor with these different items at your local youth, middle or high school, college or professional football games for the month of October. Spread the awareness of breast cancer awareness month by wearing all these pink accessories! 1/2 Inch Breast Cancer Swirl Deboss-fill Wristband

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MM_Oct_Wk1 Feature

Fundraisers/Charity Events

Fundraisers/Charity Events October 12, 2020 Is your breast cancer fundraiser or charity event coming up? We have some different items to make your event come together. We have items ranging from signs to pens to different PPE products to use during this time to keep your event’s guests’ safe and healthy. Different Style of Masks Events during this time look

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MM_Sept_Wk4 Feature


Thermometer October 5, 2020 When each student and staff member arrive to school, temperatures have to be taken in order for students or staff members to participate in the school day. With our Globalseagull Infrared Thermometer FDA Regulatory Class 1, temperatures are able to be taken at ease. This instant digital thermometer is all around great for all ages, kids

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MM Sept

Backpack Sprayer

Backpack Sprayer Monday, September 21, 2020 Back to school time is here, and during this time the right equipment is needed to properly sanitize each day to keep all students and staff safe and healthy when in school. With our Backpack Sanitize Sprayer, this gives staff members ease to disinfect all areas throughout the school. We offer many different types

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Desk Shield Cover

Keep Students Safe with Desk Shields

Keep Students Safe with Desk Shields Monday September 14, 2020 This school year may look a little different from previous years. During this time, it is important to keep students and staff safe and healthy when learning or teaching in the classrooms. Our variety of desk shields can maintain social distancing, effectively reduce risks and protect the health of students

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Back to school cover

Sanitizer Stations

Sanitizer Stations for School Monday, August 31, 2020 Hand hygiene is a must for students going back to school face-to-face during the pandemic. Sanitizer stations are important to avoid getting yourself or others sick and to kill the spread of germs. The use of sanitizer is a quick and easy way to clean hands effectively. Foam or Gel Not sure

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Taking care of your emotional, mental and physical health is important in day to day life. Monday, August 24, 2020 Sometimes we get caught up in our day to day life and forget to take care of ourselves. It is important to think about your physical, emotional, and mental health each day. Self-care can improve your mood each day and

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Bag It Up! Which Option Is Right For You?

You, your family, and friends can never have too many bags to carry throughout your day.  Monday, July 27, 2020 With school starting back up or if you’re planning your next trip, or even if you’re just on the go, everyone could use a bag to carry their belongings; especially their PPE products. Each bag has different options and features

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Let’s Relieve Some Stress Our Yoga Fitness Mat And Carrying Case Is What You Need To Become One With Yourself. Monday, August 10, 2020 2020 has been a year for the record books. Unless you have been living under a rock, this year has probably been one of the most stressful years you have experienced.  With all the chaos going

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The Quarantine 15

“The Quarantine 15” These fitness products will help you, your family, and friends get back into shape, and get away from the Quarantine 15.  Monday, July 27, 2020 As soon as you started going to the gym or had a gym schedule already in full effect, the pandemic came and ruined it. No one expected to be in quarantine months

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Clean Key

The Clean Key

The Clean Key! Hands Free, Germ Free! The clean key is a unique tool that will help keep your hands free from germs. Monday, July 20, 2020 In most department stores and web shops, businesses are promoting and selling the same PPE products.  One item that is being forgotten from this list is a product that helps you go the extra

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Sanitizer Surface Cleaner

Hand Sanitizers and Surface Cleaner

Sanitizer to The Rescue Our Hand Sanitizers and Surface Cleaner can help save the day. Monday, July 13, 2020 Hand Sanitizers have always been there to protect you when soap and water were not available. Now more than ever is it time to purchase some to keep yourself, your team, and your family safe amongst the current pandemic and for

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