Monopolize the trade show floor with the bold, sophisticated presence of Formulate® Fusion Kit 09. Standing 14′ tall and over 10′ wide, the L-shaped exhibit structure features a rooftop that extends 18′ into the exhibit space. This main structure is comprised of an aluminum tube frame, coupled with pillowcase fabric graphics. This main fabric structure is structurally supported by a freestanding laminated counter that is 7′ 10.5″ wide by 3′ h by 2.5′ deep, providing plentiful secure storage and countertop space. Two structural walls are positioned at 45 degree angles in the space and stand 11′ tall by 5′ wide, with a depth of 1.5′. The rectangular structures combine heavy duty aluminum extrusion frames with push-fit fabric graphics, which are designed for bold, vibrant graphics and messaging! A freestanding laminated reception counter establishes the area for exhibit staff to meet and greet guests.

Pricing Includes All Hardware and Printing

Kit includes:
– Rounded corner 16′ square hanging structure
– Four 10′ tall, 5′ wide towers anchor to each corner
– Each tower includes 2 medium monitor mounts* holding 40″-50″ monitors
– Semi-private fabric meeting space
– Freestanding pillar-shaped fabric counter
– Hanging structure requires rigging



Formulate® Fusion Kit 10 combines a variety of off-the-shelf Formulate fabric structures to create a dynamic and charming exhibit! Hanging above is a rounded-corner 16′ square hanging structure, designed to proclaim your brand and help visitors find you in a crowded exhibit hall. Four 10′ tall, 5′ wide towers anchor each corner and are intended to help draw traffic inside the booth and engage passersby with multimedia messaging. Each tubular fabric tower features two 40″-50″ medium monitors to display digital media. A chip-shaped fabric wall sits near the center of the floor space, providing a semi-private meeting space that fits a small bistro-style table and three chairs or stools. A freestanding pillar-shaped fabric counter serves as an area for conversation and reception.

Shipping will need to be Estimated with Freight Charges. Please call our office for an Estimate Today! 

Shipping Dimensions:

1 x WOODCRATE-H (101″L x 53″H x 49″D)
1 x FS-CRATE (90″L x 36″H x 30″D)


Additional information

Weight 1240 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 240 × 216 in

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