Warm Fall Items to Market Your Brand

When thinking of what to brand yourself on, always remember these two key points. What will your customers use often enough that you get enough brand exposure AND what will catch people’s eyes when they see it. And these key elements can come in classic or modern products! So update your branding plan with these warm fall items from Wenning Branding.

Bamboo Soy Candle

Who doesn’t like candles, especially this time of year! Your prospective clients will be pleasantly surprised when they find that the great smell they’ve noticed all around the trade show was at your booth. And even better, they can take it home with them!

This candle will create a great talking point and serve as a great opener to your booth. Take advantage of this as your introduction to new customers or to reinforce current client relationships. Add your company name or logo for maximum visibility and make your business stand out from the crowd! These candles are great for office decor as well. Greet your visitors with the warm aroma of fall with these Bamboo Soy Candles.

For more information on our brandable Bamboo Soy Candle, click HERE!

2-in-1 Smart Coffee Mug Warmer & Wireless Charger

For a more high-tech option to wow your prospective clients, try out our brandable 2-in-1 Smart Coffee Mug Warmer & Wireless Charger. If you are looking for a quality beverage warmer, our mug warmer is definitely the best choice for you! Just put the mug on the pad to heat up and keep the coffee warm for a long time. You never worry about your coffee getting cold in the office again.  This fun fall gadget also features a wireless charger for any smartphone! Put your logo or company name on the side of the mug and impress anyone who comes to visit your office.

For more information on our 2-in-1 Smart Coffee Mug and Wireless Charger, click HERE!