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When to Start Investing in Advertising

Advertising is an integral tool for any companies’ success. It helps expand your company’s reach and can help bring in new customers if done correctly. If done wrong, advertising can turn people off from your brand. It’s very important to know when to start advertising.

How Advertising can Help

            Advertising can do many things for your company. It can help you reach a more precise audience as there are many tools that can help your company. It can also help your company go viral. Virilization is one of the most effective ways to get your company out there. It can help your company reach people that wouldn’t traditionally be in your demographics. Lastly, it can help you engage with your customers more. All of these are ways to help your company grow and expand through advertising.

What are you acquiring?

            First, you need to know what you are acquiring. You are acquiring paid acquisition, which can mean a lot of things. It can mean search optimization or lead generation. You can also be paying to acquire direct sales, email addresses, and conversion of visitors. Because of all the different types of acquisitions, you need to be clear on what you want to acquire.

           It can be tricky since some acquisitions make more sense for different companies. To determine what makes the most sense, your company needs to answer a few questions. What is in your vertical? Does it work with the team you have? What types of customers are you trying to attract? Once you answer these questions, you will have a better idea of what advertising you should be targeting.

Am I ready to invest?

            There are three questions you need to answer before you will know you are ready to invest. Do you have a clear picture of how you will monetize the traffic I acquire? Do you have enough budget to buy enough traffic to know if it is converting into your main objective? Do you have the expertise needed to run your campaign? If the answer to one of these questions is no, you should consider waiting to advertise. But if you can answer all of these questions, you are ready to start your advertising campaign!

5 Ways Fulfillment Can Boost Your Brand

Fulfillment can mean different things to different brands. To us at Wenning Branding fulfillment is branded promotional products in custom printed boxes gifted to your staff or members. Our fulfillment boxes provide customers with an exciting gift or experience. But what else can fulfillment do for your brand?

Customer Loyalty

1. Fulfillment can increase customer loyalty

Customers fuel your business. Gaining loyal customers is an integral part of having a successful business. There are only a finite number of chances to impress customers. By giving out a fulfillment box, you can offer a sample of what your company has to offer.


2. Fulfillment can help bring in repeat sales

If your new customer receives a fulfillment box, your brand is already exceeding that customer’s expectation of your brand. Your brand is now associated with a feeling of happiness and appreciation. The customer is now motivated to come to your gym or purchase your product again. You have now created better customer service in the eyes of your consumers. Customers are more likely to make repeat purchases from a brand that offers an excellent customer experience. Now that your brand creates these unique experiences, you can expect a spike in repeat sales!

Brand Identity

3. Fulfillment will help build brand identity

Not only will word of mouth referrals increase, but your brand presence will expand as well. You might be asking how? As a business student, I learned that a brand could reach a new target market if your brand’s name is on something. For example, a person wears a shirt that your brand gave away. Any person that sees this shirt is now a part of the marketing campaign. Because of this, fulfillment boxes will help maximize visibility for your brand. As well branded, gift-like packaging makes a brand seem more upscale because to the consumer. As a result, it provides value and elevates your brand’s image in a favorable light.

Customer Satisfaction

4. Fulfillment can increase customer satisfaction

When customers have encouraging first experiences, there is a greater chance of turning them into loyal customers. Loyal customers are more likely to recommend you to friends and family. If your brand makes the customer satisfied, then they are more likely to invest in your company. The fulfillment boxes we create will make your customer feel instantly gratified and satisfied.


5. Fulfillment allows your brand to maximize customization

Fulfillment boxes create personalization for your brand. You can put whatever you want in them. For example, a gym might put a shake bottle, a shirt, and a sweat towel in the box. As well, every box can be different. You can customize specific items for your customers. Personalization allows you to build a connection and bond with your customers. These bonds can lead to some of the other ways we talked about how fulfillment can boost your brand. The possibilities are endless and allow your brand to stand out from competitors!

Wenning Branding Fulfillment

How We Can Help

Fulfillment can boost your brand in many ways. Whether it is increasing repeat sales or building your brand’s identity, the potential benefits are endless. If you choose to work with Wenning Branding for your future fulfillment needs, we will work on the things that keep your company growing!

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