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YouTube Updates You Need to Know About

November is here, and with it came new updates to your favorite social media platforms. But reading the long-winded update info is like reading through the terms and — nearly impossible! That’s why this month, we’re devoting our blogs to telling you all you need to know about the latest updates to the most popular social networking sites. This week’s feature: YouTube updates!

What’s Changing?

YouTube announced that for this month’s update, they gave the site a “small makeover.” For this makeover, they took input from thousands of users around the world. The people spoke, and YouTube listened. The most important updates were to make the site more user-friendly and accessible. 

The YouTube Search Insights tab became more accessible with new languages, and a wider data reach was added. Creator Music will make it easier to find mainstream music to add to your content that can be monetized. Finally, you can enable push notifications on the Super Thanks you receive.

Utilize Search Insights

Now that YouTube search insights take in data from a more diverse pool, they are way more useful in narrowing down your target audience. The YouTube user base is huge and diverse. Leverage the data presented in the Search Sites to target your audience better!

Creator Music

Creator Music is a huge catalog of songs for creators to browse and purchase to make their videos more dynamic. This music is more than your average stock music, so upgrade your content and make your videos more dynamic with YouTube’s new sounds! And with Creator Music, there’s no need to deal with copyright claims because the selections are preapproved for creator use.

Super Thanks

Super Thanks is a way to earn extra revenue from your most avid viewers. This works by viewers buying a Super Thanks on your video’s watch page. In return, they get a customizable comment in that video’s comment section. These can come in a range of prices to see if your channel qualifies for them today!

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5 Emerging People on Social Media

Covid-19 has affected and changed the world as we know it. Many people’s entire lifestyle has changed. Due to the pandemic, people have started to use social media much more. Social media has emerged and become more prominent in everyday life. Because of this, some people have found great success over the last year. 


Dave Portnoy 

Dave Portnoy is the owner of Barstool Sports. He has already been extremely successful. During the pandemic, Portnoy was able to take his name from being just known in the high school and college community to becoming a household name. My parents, who are both over 50 and aren’t active on social media, even know who he is! Portnoy has been doing “One bite, everybody knows the rule” for years. This segment is where he goes to the best-ranked pizza places and tries and rates their pizza. Portnoy has also been donating thousands of dollars to small businesses that have suffered during the pandemic. Portnoy continues to expand his fanbase by investing in new ventures like NASCAR and day trading. Portnoy has been getting positive attention everywhere. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we hear of him. 

Jake Paul

Jake Paul 

Not everyone on this list has gained popularity for the right reasons. Jake Paul is one of those people. He built his reputation off of controversy. Whether it was on Vine, posting questionable videos on YouTube, or taking shots at professional boxers like Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. While all of this was happening, he decided to become a professional boxer. In his debut, he knocked out Nate Robinson, a former NBA player. His next fight is against a former MMA fighter, Ben Askren. I think most of the world (that cares) is rooting to see Askren knock Jake Paul out. It is crazy to see someone become so famous and prominent by being so disliked. People hate him so much that they like him. It is insane! 


Dixie and Charli D’Amelio 

Dixie and Charli saw a rise in popularity over the last year. Both of them are TikTok stars and two of the most famous teen celebrities in the world. They rank number 2 and 3 on the list of top-earning TikTokers. Their rise to fame has earned them sponsorship deals with Hollister and Morphe cosmetics. Charli also has a drink named after her at Dunkin! Not only this, but brands are head over heels for them. Record labels have offered to pay for them to dance to their artists’ latest hits. Also, brands have asked them to endorse their products as well celebrities have invited them to collaborate. All of their fame has earned them their own Hulu 8-episode mini-series. 

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan 

It seems like Joe Rogan has been around forever. His rise to fame started in 2001 when he was the host of the show Fear Factor. Since then, he has become one of the voices behind the UFC. If you tune into any UFC event, you will surely hear Joe Rogan commentating the fight. What has taken him over the top in popularity is that he is the host of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. This podcast is currently one of the most popular podcasts. He talks with A-list celebrities about pop culture, current events, and anything else you could imagine. Some of the people that have been on the show are Mike Tyson, Elon Musk, Lance Armstrong, Bill Burr, and Bob Lazar. The wild thing is, Joe Rogan is going to continue getting more and more popular. 

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift 

Yes, I know Taylor has been famous forever! She completely upped her game in 2020. In 2019 Taylor lost the rights to her music. So last year, she decided to release two new albums, Folklore and Evermore. Both of these albums were received beautifully and produced many top hits. The best part of this is that Taylor might gain even more buzz. Taylor has said that she has started re-recording all of her music, so she has the right to release the music under her name. 

She has also gained more followers over her social media platforms in the last year. Don’t be shocked if her popularity continues to skyrocket over the next couple of years. 

Social Media’s Power 

As you can see from the above, social media is extremely powerful and influential. All of these people and many others have seen their popularity rise due to social media. This where Wenning Branding can help your company. We can’t promise that you will become like Dixie and Charli D’Amelio and have millions of followers. We can promise is that we can help your company expand its social media presence and gain more followers! 

10 Reasons to Consider Rebranding

Your brand is what makes your business stand out. If you fail to stand out, your business is likely to fail. Branding is essential for your business. But did you know that knowing when to rebrand is just as, if not more important? If you are curious about when the right time to rebrand is, this blog is perfect for you. We will be going through 10 reasons to consider rebranding, so stay tuned!

rebrand 1

1. You want to turn your brand into a strong brand: 

A strong brand is a brand that stands out among the industry’s competitors. Some strong brands are Nike, Lulu Lemon, and Whole Foods. They are all thought of and associated with the leaders of their respected industries. By creating a strong brand, customers are more likely to choose your product, which leads to more revenue.


2. Your brand may need an overhaul:

People tend to assume that an overhaul is a bad thing. An overhaul can be a very beneficial move for your company. If your brand has become overly complicated or unrecognizable to your consumers, then an overhaul is necessary. See, an overhaul is not necessarily a bad thing! I do not know why rebranding is always negatively seen! It is not!

New Vision

3. Your brand name may no longer reflect your vision:

Take Google as an example. I bet you did not know that their name used to be Backrub. That name is not fitting for Google! The same thing can happen to your brand. The sooner you realize this, the quicker you can help your brand.


4. Your brand is failing to differentiate from the competition:

Netflix and YouTube have the same color sets, so what did Twitch do to make themselves stand out? They used a purple color set, which allowed them to make a strong visual statement and appear different to the consumer.

Moved or expand

5. Your brand moved or expanded:

If your company moved to another state and your brand is not known nationwide, you need to make a splash in the new marketplace.

Negative perceptions

6. Your brand needs to disassociate from negative perceptions:

If there is turmoil at your company, rebranding may help your public perception. The company will be viewed in a new light. Turn your brand into a brand that consumers want to represent.

New Audience

7. Your brand is trying to connect with a new audience:

Look at Coca Cola and their rebrand of Diet Coke. They wanted to target millennials, so they introduced a new can design and a plethora of flavors. Since their rebrand, they have seen a boost in sales from millennials. Your company should use Coca Cola as an example and follow in their footsteps. 

New Product

8. Your brand is launching a new product:

If your company is launching a new product, try creating a unique brand for it. Create a new logo design for the product. Consider even changing the name of the brand for that product. It is a good idea to assign a unique brand to each product your company sells!


9. Your branding is outdated to your company:

A new logo design or name can spark new life into your brand. Make sure the name is not too narrow or literal. Instead, focus on something that will get consumers excited and curious about the product.


10. You have outgrown your brand:

McDonald’s and LA Fitness both did not start assuming they would become national chains. They started off as small local businesses that grew to the point that they had to expand. The brand they started with and the brand they have today are different. The same can happen for your brand!

What to do once you have decided to rebrand:

Make sure your company does not make decisions lightly. When rebranding, your decision will have an impact and will affect how the brand is perceived. If you cannot get leadership to buy-in or build the right internal team, you should reconsider rebranding. Everyone has to buy-in and be on the same page. This will ensure that your rebrand is successful. Lastly, define your goals, create a timeline and stick to your budget,

How we can help:

Here at Wenning Branding, we specialize in many things. We can create social media campaigns, design, and supply fulfillment boxes, and help businesses successfully rebrand!

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