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Trade Show Ideas

Going to a Trade Show? Need ideas on what to give away? Here at Wenning Branding, we offer TONS of products and ideas to help make sure your brand stands apart from the others. This blog is here to help you figure out how to market yourself by using you logo on different products. This month’s theme: Cool Tech!

We all know that technology sells but do you know what other trend is on the rise?

New Cool Tech Hacks

New cool tech is always coming out! When thinking about marketing yourself, take into consideration what people use. What is something that your consumers utilize on a day to day basis. People are always using mobile phones and laptops everywhere they go because of how fast paced business is today. Try to think about how to incorporate issues that occur in your marketing, like technology hacks. Your consumers are probably constantly on their phones, so why not take this opportunity to market your company while giving them something they could use regularly.  Marketing your company with practical items will keep your name their mind all the time so why not use them? This will make sure consumers see your logo everywhere they go everyday. Technology accessories are a great way to create brand awareness for your business.


This week, we are recommending The 3-in-1 Cell Phone Charging Cable Spinner to give out at your next trade show!

The Product

What better way to implement some cool new tech into your trade show game than with the Spinner USB Charging Cable. While normal charging cables are great to have on you and they tend to be rather boring. In this age of technology, there are a lot cooler gadgets that are being made everyday. Purchasing charging cables from anywhere aren’t made to last long and can break rather easily after only using it for a couple of weeks.  The biggest fear is traveling somewhere and then your charger gets damaged forcing you to buy another one. With the spinning cable it comes at a cheap price but you are guaranteed to get more use out of it then any other charger. With a sleek design it makes it easy to carry around and gives you a little hand sized toy to play with at the same time.  It is also completely customizable with different colors and don’t forget to put your very own brand logo on it. Ensure that your customers will remember because your brand is there every time they go to charge their cell phone.

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Steel City DJ


National Association of Mobile Entertainers


N.A.M.E. came to us to revamp their entire brand and Mission Statement. They had a very outdated Website with a broken directory. The challenge was they had over 6,000 Members and we had to create a better and faster directory than what they had in place.


The second challenge was converting an outdated CRM into the new website to make it work seamlessly for all  staff members.


We had to implement multiple membership levels because the previous setup was highly inefficient and confusing for new members. So, we integrated a new payment system throughout the site and put the new CRM system in place. 


By making their site faster and more user friendly, they have received over 275% ROI INCREASE in Sales!




Ring Roamer


Ring Roamer came to us to help build their Marketing, Branding and Social Media presence. They have a very unique product which is a Roaming Photo Booth. There are many different uses for this product.

They also had a website that was not functioning properly for E-Commerce.


With this being such a new product and idea, we had to show many different possibilities of growth to help the end user make a greater profit. 


We started with Social Media ads covering Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We gained momentum from some of their recent trade show appearances and ran targeted ads to only the people that were attending those shows.

We created a working site through Click Funnels to streamline their Sales Funnel Process and to better enhance their Up-Sells and Down-Sells.


In our first month working with Ring Roamer, we Increased their ROI to 1,678%!

In the first 3 Months of working with them, we have exceeded their entire 2018 Annual Sales.


Social Media Videos

Ring Roamer

Mike Jones Entertainment


Mike Jones came to our company looking to streamline their look and their Brand. They needed a new website that would be responsive and user-friendly. 


He started by offering only one service for his company, so we had to re-brand it to showcase all of the many services and events they offer.


We created a responsive website that appears clean and modern, as well as revamped the brand with their title.


After launching his new brand and website, he saw a 157% ROI in the First Month.