High-Quality Active Gear for Spring and Summer

The weather is finally getting nicer. There is no better time than spring to freshen up your branded promotional items. Soon, everyone will be out and enjoying the sun with their favorite sports and outdoor activities. From adult sports leagues to hiking with friends, these active gear products are the perfect additions to your clients’ spring and summer gear.

Customize Your Own Hat

This six-panel structured twill hat is the perfect active gear staple for this season. It’s made out of 100% cotton twill with a low-profile design and matching hook and loop closure. This hat is the perfect product to hand out at your next expo show!

Your clients can wear this on a casual day out with friends or when they hit the links on their favorite course. These would make for great promotional products to hand out to your employees, staff, and clients. This fully customizable hat will fit your brand’s colors, and our design will make sure that your logo is front and center!

Advance Your Inventory with a Hiking Backpack 

Help your clients hit the trails this spring and summer with a branded hiking backpack. This adventurous backpack features multi-exterior pockets with padded back and shoulder straps. With our long-lasting embroidery, you can feature your logo prominently. Perfect for hiking, camping, or simply running around to all of the countless activities of the seasons. Your clients will appreciate getting such high-quality branded products. 

Refresh Your Clients with a New Water Bottle

Rejuvenate your next marketing campaign with the help of this custom water bottle! Our 25 oz. the bottle features a Tritan™ body with a screw-on PP lid and silicone band. It’s FDA compliant, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. Choose from an assortment of lid colors and take advantage of our customization process and create a logoed giveaway that everyone will put to use!

Make your brand a season staple with these functional and stylish everyday essentials. 

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Golf Towels: Hit the Links in Style 

While we might be having a gloomy and rainy spring so far. But never fear because the sun is sure to come out tomorrow and you will want to be ready to go when it does. You are going to want to avoid the mad scramble at aloof your local sporting supply stores the minute the sun comes out. Get ahead of the crowds and grab your golf towels from Wenning Branding. Hitting the links has never been more stylish!

Spice Up Your Gear

Make sure you are the most stylish golfer this season with these new personal golf towels from Wenning Branding. It’s a new year and a new season. Freshen up your gear with a personalized towel. Personalizing your things will give you a put-together and clean look for an afternoon at the club. These also will make the perfect gift for that golf-loving person in your life.

Brand and Advertise Your Golf on Your Golf Towels

Pun intended! If you are looking for the perfect product to brand yourself on this golf season, look no further. Your members will love these golf towels for their practicality and style. Fully customizable, embroider your club’s name on them for a neat and long-lasting finish.

Hit The Links With Your Friends

If you have golf buddies, a golf fiend in your life, or if you’re looking for groomsmen gifts, your boys will love these towels. Individualize them with everyone in the group’s names or embroider an inside joke. The options are limitless when you buy from Wenning Branding!

Click the link below to order your fully customized, long-lasting golf towels today!


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Upgrade Your Branded Apparel With Wenning Branding

Having branded apparel and promotional products is essential to your marketing plan. First impressions are everything, and you do not want to ruin it with shotty branded apparel. Creating a unified, professionally crafted look is the key to making your brand easily distinguishable to your customers. 

To upgrade your business’s branded apparel, look no further than Wenning Branding! Between our vibrant silk screening to first-rate embroidery, you can be sure that your brand will be front and center in the office and at expo shows! 


One of the most common goals of any marketing plan is to increase your brand awareness. Our embroidery service is sure to get your brand noticed. Having that kind of exposure is priceless. 

If you are looking for that long-lasting look, we recommend embroidered apparel. It is a great look for your brand when you have high-quality gear. We offer jackets, shirts, hats, blankets, and more that have that soft and clean finish from our embroidery. Make sure what you give out and dress your employees in is a reflection of your business’s style and commitment to excellence.


If you want a sleek and cool look for your business, we recommend our silk-screening service for all of your branding needs. Whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, bags, or hats, we have the equipment to give you the right look for your business. Bring some new vibrance to your brand with silk-screened apparel and promotional materials. 

Create a unified look in your office, increase your brand awareness, and give your customers something they will wear and use for years to come! From professional uniforms to branded apparel for employees, get the best branding for your money with Wenning Branding.

For more information about our top of the line embroidery and silk-screening services, CLICK HERE: https://wenningbranding.com/embroidery-and-screen-printing/ 

Create Your Marketing Plan for the Holiday Season

This whole month, we are going over our best tips and tricks to help your small business make the most of this holiday season.

Stay Cozy With These Fall Products

Take the changing of the seasons into account when choosing which products would be best to brand yourself this autumn.

Wave Your Flag High at Your Next Trade Show!

This season, everyone is going to have to dust off their trade show skills…

Hard Seltzer’s New Best Friend: The Skinny Cooler!

Summer time is in full swing and nothing says summer like a seltzer! Hard seltzers are one of this season’s biggest trends. With the growing popularity in the skinny drinks, more beverage brands are coming out with their own take on hard seltzer. That’s why this week, we’re introducing hard seltzer’s new best friend: The Maars Stainless Steel Skinny Can Cooler!

Hard Seltzer’s New Best Friend

Stay cool this summer with the all new Maars Stainless Steel Skinny Can Cooler. This cooler is designed to hold the most popular brand name skinny canned beverages. The design is diverse enough to accommodate a wide range of drinks in case hard seltzers are not to your taste. Sparkling water, tea, energy drinks, and more will find a snug home in this cooler. Screw on lid is equipped with a rubber gasket that securely grips and holds your can in place.

Advertise Your Brand And Keep Cool

These uniquely structured cans are the perfect product to market yourself and your company this summer! With so many colors to choose from, your logo will comfortably sit on the body of the cooler. Laser engraved leaving silver imprint on all colored can coolers. The stainless steel can cooler will laser engrave leaving a black oxidized imprint. Not only are these coolers cool looking but they’re cool inside too! Once secured, your drink stays refreshingly chilled sip after sip for up to 12 hours.

Set yourself apart from the crowd at your next trade show and keep your drinks cool this summer with a branded skinny cooler from Wenning Branding. For more information, click HERE!

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Get Sustainable With Your Branding!

How To Get Sustainable in Your Marketing Plan

Sustainability is one of the hottest trends in marketing today.  Tons of consumers are becoming more thoughtful about what they buy and use and its impact on the planet.  When thinking about what to market yourself or you company with, you want to keep in mind what your potential customers would use again and again.

Reuse is key here.  The more your customers are able to use the products you brand yourself on, the better they feel as ethical consumers.  Also, the more they uses our product, the more publicity your name or logo gets. 

This week’s featured products: Wheat Straw Cups and Mugs!

Wheat Straw Mug

This wheat travel mug, made of sustainable materials is great for hot beverages! Featuring a 50/50 coffee ground and plastic blend, this mug holds 17 ounces and a screw on lid for a secure hold on the go. 

Find out more about the Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Coffee Mug here

Wheat Straw Cup

This water bottle is made from 100% sustainable and renewable natural wheat straw fiber. Whether you’re drinking your water while traveling, sipping on a hot cup of tea at home, this water bottle is up to the task.

Find out more about the Plastic Wheat Straw Coffee Cup here!

Both of these versatile and sustainable cups are great ways to market yourself and your brand this summer.  Single use products are a thing of the past. Bring your marketing plan up to speed with these and other fully customizable sustainable products. 

Check them out for yourself!


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Summer Beach Essentials

Summer Is Almost Here! How Will You Make Your Brand Stand Out?

When sitting down to consider how you want to market yourself or your brand, it’s good to keep current events in mind. Covid-19 cases are declining more and more every day. All kinds of restrictions on everyday life are being lifted, from mask mandates to capacity limits. With all of this new freedom, most Americans have one thing on their mind: VACATIONS!  

Take early advantage of the summer travel boom and market your company with these branded US Flag Beach Towels and Beach Balls. Keep your business on everyone’s mind this summer in a fun and unique way! 

There’s nothing more American than a summertime vacation at the beach. Whether you’re on your way to the Outer Banks or Key West this summer, show off your pride, and brand.

US Flag Beach Towels

Made of 100% ring-spun cotton this beach towel features the stars and stripes of the United States flag. Measuring 30″ x 60″, the velvety velour towel has a smooth sheared finish that’ll keep your consumers comfy and cool in the summer heat. Our fiber reactive printing provides vibrant detail and color so you can be sure that your existing logo will show up perfectly. You can choose from screen printed or embroidery options to ensure that your logo stays put.

US Flag Beach Balls

Bounce around new ideas with your

clients with this 16″ USA Beach Ball! The vinyl inflatable beach toy provides a patriotic twist to the classic toy and features alternating red, white and blue panels with white stars on the color panels. It measures 1/2 the circumference when the item is inflated. Great for Fourth of July picnics, pool parties, and many other patriotic events! 

These products are a great option for Fourth of July promotions. Just plug in your logo, name, or custom design and you’re done. Now, every time your customers have fun in the sun, your name will be the first thing they see!

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Summer Branding Essentials: US Flag Lunch Bags

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day from our family to yours!  Summer time means taking advantage of the beautiful weather as much as possible. Office picnics, beach vacations, and little league games are the score for the season. The change of the seasons brings new opportunities to market yourself and your brand. When it comes to which products might be the most effective, a good rule of thumb is to think “usability”.  Which is why this week we are featuring these American Flag Lunch Bags! 

This Week’s Featured Product: US Flag Lunch Bags

Bring a touch of patriotism to your potential customers’ lunch hour with these American Flag Lunch Bags. Made of Polyester/PEVA/ PE foam, these 6.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 6.75″ H lunch totes are insulated with a gray-colored PEVA liner to keep food fresh all day long. The zipper top lunch bags have a pouch on the front for extra essentials and your amazing imprint.

This item can be silk screened with your specific company logo or message.  Make a great first  impression when you hand it out at cafes, parks, festivals, trade shows and other promotional opportunities. Every time your customers go to pack their lunch or get snacks for their kid by the pool they’ll think of your brand. These are a great option for Fourth of July and Memorial Day promotions.

At any promotional event potential customers are bombarded with loads of booths and tables all peddling similar promotional items. Set yourself apart from all of the basic branded pens out there with these American Flag Lunch Bags! These lunch bags will provide your organization with a unique, eye catching product that your customers will love. 

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I am sure you have misplaced something before that has caused you a lot of stress. I know I have done it. It is one of the worst feelings in the world. The panic it causes, especially when it is something important like your phone or key, is indescribable. Touchfind can help you never have to worry about that feeling again. So, what is Touchfind? It is a keychain tracking device. You can find Touchfind under many different product categories such as tools, lights, key tags, Histrionics and tech accessories, and production and wellness.

Product Details

            Touchfind is a wireless, two-way tracker and touch tool. It can help you locate your phone or other devices. It has a tethered mode that can send you an alert before you leave behind an essential item. It is also a free app for IOS and Android devices to help organize all of your items. There are also a ton of additional features that come with Touchfind. One of them is the wireless speaker, which has Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The slim and compact design also has a touch-free door opener. The door opener is used to push elevator buttons, crosswalks, keypads, and more. With the emergence of care about germs due to Covid, Touchfind can help reduce exposure to germs.

Touchfind Keychain Tracker product

            Touchfind can have a ton of benefits to anyone. It is a great product for people that are sometimes forgetful, like me. It is also great for people that aren’t forgetful. You never know when you’ll misplace something or have something get stolen. Touchfind will make sure you don’t have to stress about these situations anymore. You will be able to easily locate missing items. No matter who you are, you should consider purchasing Touchfind as it has even more benefits than just locating your missing items!

Mateo Straw Kit

Do you like using straws but hate hurting the environment due to all of the plastic? Do you hate the feeling of paper straws? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the Mateo Straw Kit is perfect for you. I am sure you haven’t heard of the straw kit yet, but that is why I am here. I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Mateo’s Straw Kit!

            You will find the straw kit under the product category of drinkware on websites like hitpromo.net, anypromo.com, and many more websites. The straw kit is fully customizable and gives you the ability to imprint your companies name, logo, or any other idea you want on it. The straw kit includes an 8 ½ stainless steel straw with a silicone tip. It also comes with a cleaning brush, which makes it much easier to clean the straw. On top of that, the cleaning brush cleanly fits inside the straw for easy storage! Because of how easy the straw is to clean, it is reusable. The kit also comes with a protective travel case. The travel case allows you to be able to bring it anywhere. Wait… I forgot the best part. The straw comes with a metal bottle opener.

Mateo Straw Kit

            So now that I have told you what is included in the product, I will tell you some of the best ways to use the product. The Mateo Straw kit makes a great party favor for events or weddings. It is a fun and creative gift for anyone. It is also a great product to use as a company giveaway. You could give them to employees for the holidays or give them out to others at trade shows. The Mateo Straw Kit is a great product to use for yourself or give out to other people to help your company expand your brand’s presence.

Lumi 4-in-1 Tool Kit

Are you in need of an easily portable tool kit? Have you heard of Lumi’s 4-in-1 tool kit? If not, you should check it out. It is a great product. It is an all-in-one aluminum tool that comes equipped with a COB light, 4 bits, and a convenient clip. The 4 bits can be stored inside the tool and fits into the tip of the tool for ease of use and storage. It comes in two colors, blue or black. It is a great product for trade shows and fulfillment boxes since you can laser engrave it. The engravement is centered on the body and is .25 inches tall and 2.50 inches wide. There is a setup charge of $55.00 but if you love the product and reorder it, it becomes a $25.00 setup charge. It is a great and convenient way to get the name of your brand out there and target consumers you may not have ever reached before.

Lumi 4 in 1 tool

To order the Lumi 4-in-1 tool kit first, you have to select your print method which contains either etching, no print, or samples. Then you select the color (blue or black). After that, choose the quantity, you have to order at least 50. Once you pick your quantity, you must decide on production and shipping time. 3-day and 5-day are free, if you want virtual proof of the design then it adds an extra 2 days to production. Lastly, choose if you want it to be engraved and with what artwork. After that, you will have your tool kit and be able to give it out to customers and potential customers. The Lumi 4-in-1 tool kit is great for anyone and it will be a great product to include in future gift boxes for your clients or to use as advertising for your company.

PLA Utensil Set

We all use plastic, whether it is plastic utensils, plates, or other items. We all know it’s harmful to the environment, but it’s so convenient that we try to ignore the fact. We try to make excuses and by saying, “it’s not that bad.” Well, now there is a way for us to use plastic utensils and still not harm the environment.

           We want to spread awareness for the PLA Utensil Set. PLA Utensil Set is a 4-piece set that includes a straw, fork, spoon, and knife. Made from PLA, which stands for Polylactic Acid, a polymer made from renewable resources. PLA comes from corn starch, tapioca roots, and sugarcane. It is biodegradable and transforms into a natural material such as water, carbon dioxide, and composite. PLA is recognized as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration and, due to its non-toxicity, has been incorporated into medical applications.

           The PLA Utensil set as stated above, is great for the environment and just as convenient as regular plastic utensils. The company focuses on going green. As well as going green, they donate one percent of their sales to nonprofits that help protect the planet.


           I want to talk about the shipping and how to receive the product. You can order the PLA Utensil Set online at pcna.com and other websites. When ordered, it will get delivered in a 7.09 x 12.6-inch box. The depth of the box is 13.78 inches, and it will weigh approximately 21 pounds. The carton case pack quantity is 60. Lastly, the set is wrapped like a gift pack.

           If you are someone that constantly uses plastic, then the PLA Utensil Set is perfect for you. It will have the same feel and effect as plastic, but you won’t harm the environment. If you haven’t heard of this product yet, we recommend you check it out!

Aroma Putty Product Highlight

Every year there always seems to be a few trends that blow up. Recently, popular trends have started over social media, so when we found one that didn’t have anything to do with social media, we thought we would cover it. It is called Aroma Putty. 

Putty 1

What is Aroma Putty

Aroma Putty is a silly putty that is scented. The putty is a tad more complicated than just good-smelling putty. Anyone can use Aroma Putty. The putty attempts to reach an older demographic. Since toy stores are closed, impulse purchases are at an all-time low. The power of children to influence their parents to purchase something is essentially non-existent. Aroma Putty rebranded to show how it can help kids who had their schools, activities, or summer camps shuttered with stress relief and focus. It can cater to parents by having more adult scents like rosemary, rose flower, and mint. 

Crazy Aaron

How has Aroma Putty Grown 

Shockingly, Aroma Putty has been able to grow during these challenging times. Small companies that sell Aroma Putty have been able to connect with retailers that they would not have been able to in the past. In the past, there were large conferences held so that companies could sell their product to retailers. Some smaller companies may not have been able to afford the travel needed to attend the Conferences. Now that everything is online, it provides the companies the opportunity to meet the retailers virtually. 

A company that has been using these challenging times to its advantage is Crazy Aarons. They have been sending samples to potential buyers, and packages are delivered straight to potential customer’s homes. They do this because it grants an opportunity to get the toy in a child or adult’s hand at a low price. It has worked because when the putty reaches potential customers, they fall in love with it and see all the potential benefits mentioned above. 

Putty 3

Product Highlight: Crayola Relaxation Aroma Putty 

Crayola’s Aroma Putty use is as a fidgeting and relaxation gift. By squishing and stretching the putty, it releases the soothing scents. The scents from the putty; simultaneously invigorating and calming your senses. The putty helps to satisfy the need to knead or fidget. Besides providing aromatherapy, why else is this product a good purchase? The putty is also safe, non-toxic, and doesn’t leave residue on hands. The product is good to keep in mind if you are buying the putty for young kids. The putty also comes in a reusable and portable package. Lastly, the putty comes in many different scents. Some of those scents are lavender, frankincense, clove, coconut, tea tree, chamomile, lemongrass, orange, spiced apple, eucalyptus, peppermint, and cinnamon. 

Aroma Putty has become such a success because it is more than just a toy. It has been able to provide health benefits to people everywhere, no matter the age. Will aroma putty be successful in the long run, or is it just a trend that will die out? I am not sure, but if I had to guess, I think it will stick around for a while!

Employee Appreciation? There’s a Box for That!

Your employees are the heart of your business and they are a key factor in making sure each day runs smoothly. Show your employees that you care with our employee appreciation boxes! Here at Wenning Branding, we are introducing our new Gift Box Fulfillment Service. We handle all purchasing for any of the items!

Gift giving has never been this easy! Below we have included some items that would be perfect for an employee appreciation box!

Yeti Tumbler

Branded YETI Rambler Tumbler

Yeti is known for their high quality and long-lasting tumblers. These mugs are perfect for coffee enthusiasts, tea lovers, and those who just want to stay hydrated. Give your employees a gift they would not only use every day but appreciate. Take care of your employees by giving them a high quality company YETI tumbler.

French Press Travel Bottle

French Press Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Bottle

Skip the long Starbucks line with this French press coffee bottle. You can hit that snooze button with this gift and make your coffee on the go! It only takes 4 simple steps to make your freshly brewed coffee and run out the door! Your employees won’t have to worry about running late or skipping the coffee they need in the morning.

Nike Crew

Nike Club Fleece Crew

Just do it, with our branded Nike fleece crewnecks. This fleece lined crewneck is perfect for the winter time or for wearing something comfortable in the office. Everyone knows and loves Nike; give your employees a sweatshirt they will always choose first when the weather is a little brisk out.

Tile Tracker

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery

This is the gift your employees didn’t know they needed. This Tile Mate can be attached to anything that can easily be lost or misplaced. Tile Mates are perfect to give to all of your employees. Even employees with the best memories could use this to help keep their things in place and with them at all times!

New Years Resolutions? There’s a Box for That!

Happy New Year!

Celebrate the new year with your coworkers and peers by giving them gifts that they will love and use on the daily. Start off the new year on the best note with our customizable new years boxes! Here at Wenning Branding, we are introducing our new Holiday Box Fulfillment Service. We handle all purchasing, packing, and shipping for any of the items!

Gift giving has never been this easy! Below we have included some items that would be perfect for a New Year’s gift box!

speaker bottle

11 oz. Stainless BlueTUNES™ Speaker Bottle

No one wants to carry their, phone, headphones, and water bottle when going to the gym or on a nice walk. Our stainless BlueTUNES speaker bottle allows you to listen to your music on the go, hands free! This gift is perfect for everyone and it can be used at home or on the go

desk planner

Ruled Monthly Format Stitched to Cover Desk Planner

Start the new year off right by getting organized! Our monthly planners are the perfect way to plan your schedule and stay organized. This is the perfect size to fit in your purse or brief case for when you’re on the go. 

Each day features a ruled section with ample space for note-taking and appointment reminders. It also includes a three-year advance planning calendar, phone number list and area code map. Add your organizational or business name, design or message through our foil-stamping process to create a promotion that your customers and supporters will be certain to use.

wine opener

Wine Bottle Opener

New year’s is the time spend time with the people you care about. Show your employees that they are important to you with a wine bottle opener. This is the perfect size and won’t take up too much space, due to its perfect compact size! It can be customized to your liking using one of our imprint methods. Perfect for wineries, liquor stores, trade show giveaway and much more! Give the gift that your employees will actually use regularly and appreciate.

wine glasses

White Wine Glasses

This is the perfect gift to go with the wine bottle opener in the new year’s box! Everyone will love and use these glasses especially while family is still in town for the holidays. These glasses are high quality and will definitely be an employee favorite in their new year’s box!

From all of us here at Wenning Branding, we wish you a happy, healthy, and box-filled 2021! Cheers to a New Year!

For more information about our fulfillment services, check out this page: https://wenningbranding.com/our-new-holiday-box-fulfillment-service/

Christmas Gift for the Staff? There’s a Box for That!

Looking for a Christmas themed gift to share with your employees? Celebrating your employees is going to be more difficult than ever before but we have found a solution. Here at Wenning Branding, we are introducing our new Holiday Box Fulfillment Service. Think of us as Santa’s elves! We handle all purchasing, packing, and shipping for all of the items!

Gift giving has never been this easy! Below we have included some items that would be perfect for an employee Christmas gift box!

Sherpa Blanket Gift

Blank Oversized Mink Sherpa Blanket

Cozy up with this customizable mink Sherpa blanket Christmas day morning. We offer embroidered imprinting options that are available to showcase your brand logo or message.

Many colors are available including black, camel, grey, navy, red, royal blue and cocoa. Sit back and relax and snuggle up with this comfy, cozy blanket!

Yeti Tumbler Gift

YETI Rambler 14oz Mug

Take that cozy feeling on the go this winter! These high quality Yeti Mugs can be branded with your logo and you can select from any of their sleek, modern colors. Enjoy these ramble mugs by the campfire or cuddled up on your favorite couch. These to-go treats are sure to leave a refined impression on your friends and co-workers.

Fleece Striped Sweatshirt

Burnside Printed Stripes Fleece Sweatshirt

Who said comfort can’t be stylish as well? These attention-grabbing sweatshirts feature a stitched V-neck, matching hood with black drawcord, front pouch pocket with top mini zipper pocket and ribbed cuffs and bottom band. Available in your choice of bold colors and your choice of size, this awesome item will be your new fashion favorite!

texting gloves gift

Texting Gloves

Whether its snow or cold temperatures, gloves are a necessity during these times. Our unique texting gloves offer many features including total control of touchscreen devices while keeping your hands warm from cold temperatures. Easily direct print your brand’s logo and choose from either black, blue, green or red color. 

Hanukkah Gift Shopping? There’s a Box for that!

Looking for the perfect Hanukkah gift for your employees?

Celebrating with your staff might be a little more difficult this year, but gift giving doesn’t have to be! Here at Wenning Branding, we are rolling out our new Gift Box Fulfillment Service! You just tell us the items and approve the box design. We purchase, pack, and handle all the shipping! It’s the most effortless solution to all your gift giving needs.

Check out these beautiful Hanukkah gift options for your custom box!

Hanukkah Lip Balm Star of David

Your brand will be the star of the show for this practical promotional gift! These Star of David-Themed Lip Balms make a perfect addition to your custom gift box! This 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ balm ball contains natural beeswax lip balm with a peppermint flavor. The container is adorned with prints of the Star of David. It’s the perfect item for Hanukkah celebrations, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, or any other other celebration in honor of the Jewish faith. Add a custom imprint of your company’s name, logo, and/or special message to the balm! 

hanukkah champagne

Hanukkah Chocolate Champagne Bottle

What better way to celebrate the holiday than with chocolate! This milk chocolate treat is shaped into a champagne bottle and decked out for Hanukkah! The hollow chocolate bottle weighs 12 ounces and is certified Kosher Dairy. Our Stock Collection features favorite designs that are always in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Add this to your gift boxes for the chocolate lovers in your office!

hanukkah frame

Easel Theme Frame Gift

Captured memories can live safely in this stylish Hanukkah-themed frame! This decorated frame is great for holiday parties and events. Choose from our selection of stock themes or if you don’t see a theme you need let us know and we will create one for you! This frame makes a perfect addition to your custom box to show your employees what the holidays are all about. 

New Hire? There’s a Fulfillment Service for that!

Want to give a gift to welcome your new hires within your company? 

Look no further!  We have put together an example box that you can give to your new hired employees to welcome them on board! 

UV Sanitizer Phone Clock
UV Sanitizer Phone Clock

UV Sanitizer Desk Clock with Wireless Charging

From phones to keys to different supplies, this UV Sanitizer Desk Clock with Wireless Charging can sanitize anything! Employees are able to use on their desk in the office to sanitize items, wireless charging, check the time of day and temperature and set an alarm. It uses UV-C light technology without chemicals or mercury for sanitation to kill 99% of microorganisms tested. Easily clean your daily used items to stay safe and healthy throughout the working day. 

Desk Planner
Desk Planner

Ruled Monthly Format Stitched to Cover Desk Planner

Help your new employees stay organized with our customizable planner. Add your brand’s logo or message with our foil-stamping process! Our planner is printed in the USA on recycled paper from 15% post-consumer material. Each panner has stitched binding, and a Morocco leatherette cover. Inside are 32 pages covering 14-month span, December-January and include eight monthly calendar blocks per spread with screened weekends.

Cotton Reusable Mask
Cotton Reusable Mask

Cotton Reusable Mask

Masks are the new fashion in today’s world. Why not have a mask with your logo on it to spread brand awareness? Varying in colors from black, charcoal, lime, navy, orange, purple, red, royal blue, white, forest green, maroon, natural, light blue, heather grey, lavender, pink and teal. Wearing this is a great way to limit the spread of bacteria whether from you to others or others to you. Make your brand more recognizable!

Fleece Zip Hoody
Fleece Zip Hoody

M-CYPRESS Fleece Zip Hoody

Customize this fleece zip up hoodie with your brand’s logo for your new hired employees. Every new hire needs a branded zip up to wear in the office or out shopping. This zip up includes rib knit cuffs with thumb exits, a rib knit hem, and even an interior phone pocket and headphone cord port. Each zip up comes in color options of white, red, royal blue, navy, purple, forest green, heather dark charcoal, black, maroon and heather grey. Any color to complete the look of your brand!