Trade Show | Mood Straw

Trade Show | Mood Straw

Trade Show Ideas

Going to a Trade Show? Need ideas on what to give away? Here at Wenning Branding, we offer TONS of products and ideas to help make sure your brand stands apart from the others. This blog is here to help you figure out how to market yourself by using you logo on different products.




When thinking about how to market yourself at a trade show, take into consideration what people use. What is something you consumers use every day? A drink or beverage should be one of the first things to pop into your mind!

For instance, your consumers are going to drink water, pop, tea and more all the time. With the growing trend in reusable straws, why not take this opportunity to market your company? Marketing your company on practical and current items will keep your name on their mind, and this will make sure consumers see your logo everywhere they go. Therefore, every time the user pulls out their reusable straw when they’re out to eat, at work, or anywhere else, you are getting your business out there!


This week, we are recommending The Mood Straw to give out at your next trade show!

The Product

The Mood Straw measures to be 9 inches long and comes in several stunning colors.  The cool things about this is that these colors will change with the temperature of the drink.  Customize your Mood Straw by picking your own colors as well as add your logo!

The Mood Straw is also reusable! With the growing hesitance to use single use plastic, like regular straws, the Mood Straw will set you apart from the competition.

This allows the buyer to be creative and mindful in how they market their brand.

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