Why Does Branding Exist?

People have many different meanings of the word “branding.” People don’t realize that a brand exists only in the mind of the customer. Branding is a marketing practice where a company creates a name, symbol, or design that makes a COMPANY identifiable. A brand is not a tangible object a company is!        


Customer’s Impression

Branding exists because a brand can make a memorable impression on consumers and allows customers and clients to know what to expect from a company. The brand is the total of all viewpoints a customer has about a company. Let’s take a deeper dive into the importance of branding.

Everything a company does affects how people view the company. Every interaction sends a message. It is the company’s job to make sure all messages support the brand’s strategy and image. Branding is critical to a business’s success since it changes how people perceive the company. When branding is done correctly, it will drive new business and increase brand awareness.


Branding Vision

Branding also can unite an audience. People become more committed to a brand if they believe they share the same goals and visions. A great example of this is Gatorade. Gatorade uses professional athletes to promote their products. Why do you think they do this? Children and teenagers are typically the people consuming Gatorade. When they see professional athletes drinking Gatorade, it changes the perception of being a sugar-filled drink to a drink that helps athletes refuel. It creates the vision of “If I drink Gatorade, I can become a professional athlete.” The brand Gatorade is seen as a sports drink that helps athletes perform better. While the company, Gatorade is honestly just another juice company.

As shown above, the way a company brands can create trust within the marketplace. If brands have a positive reception, it can increase a company’s business value by providing more leverage in the industry. Employees who work for companies with successful branding can see improvements in their pride, satisfaction, and work efficiency. Successful branding affects more than just the consumer. It can create a better workplace and create new opportunities in the industry.

How We Can Help


Proper branding makes a company’s product more than just a sum of its parts. People make decisions based on more than product features.  A brand’s purpose and goal can help them stand out. At Wenning Branding, we pride ourselves on making brands stand out. Whether it is through fulfillment boxes or social media campaigns, we can help with anything!

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