WordPress Updates You Need to Know

November is here, and with it came new updates to your favorite social media platforms. But reading the long-winded update info is like reading through the terms and — nearly impossible! That’s why this month, we’re devoting our blogs to telling you all you need to know about the latest updates to the most popular social networking sites. This week’s feature: WordPress updates!

What’s Changed?

If you’re familiar with WordPress, you know how vital it is to always work with the new update to ensure your site is not exposed to hackers or cyber-attacks. WordPress 6.1 was launched on November 1st and with it came editor and design improvements, improved functionality, and increased style updates and options.

Editor and Design Improvements

One of the main new features is updates to the template editor. You can now browse, visualize and edit the structure of your WordPress site. Their goal with their template pattern update is to give blocking patterns a central role in page creation. There are now full site editing capabilities, expanded templates, and patterns that extend to all post types.

Improved Functionality

In addition to editing and design improvements, WordPress 6.1 has added support for Fluid typography. Fluid typography is the capacity of text to adapt to the viewport width when editing the code of your site. Utilizing Fluid typography when designing and building your website will help enhance its uniformity and make your communication clearer.

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