Pump Up Your Branding

Attention all gyms: this is YOUR time of year! With the new year comes resolutions, and one of the most common resolutions for Americans is to get in shape. But before your clients can pump iron at your gym, they need to know that you even exist. A new year is a perfect time to reevaluate your marketing plan and try something new. Pump up your branding strategy with Wenning Branding! 

Promotional Products and Custom Embroidery 

Nothing gets new clients in the door easier than free stuff. What impresses your clients enough for them to stay in high-quality free stuff tailored to them? So if you own a gym, promote yourself on items like towels, water bottles, and lanyards. Or, invest in our custom embroidery services for your most valued members to show your appreciation. The options are limitless when you promote your business with Wenning Branding.

Social Media Advertising

You’re probably already on social media. But is your current social media strategy working for you? Promote your new year’s deals, and free trial periods, and run contests with the help of Wenning Branding’s social media marketing experts. We know what trends and what flops and will use our years of experience to boost your engagement.

Web and Graphic Design

Pump up your branding by pumping up your web design. It is a major turn-off for potential clients when they visit your site and see its last update was in 2010. Bring your website into 2023 with the help of our expert graphic and web design team.

These are not even HALF of the amazing and reliable services we offer. Make your branding crystal clear with Wenning Branding. Check out our website for more small business marketing tips and high-quality, fully customizable branding products! https://wenningbranding.com

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WordPress Updates You Need to Know

November is here, and with it came new updates to your favorite social media platforms. But reading the long-winded update info is like reading through the terms and — nearly impossible! That’s why this month, we’re devoting our blogs to telling you all you need to know about the latest updates to the most popular social networking sites. This week’s feature: WordPress updates!

What’s Changed?

If you’re familiar with WordPress, you know how vital it is to always work with the new update to ensure your site is not exposed to hackers or cyber-attacks. WordPress 6.1 was launched on November 1st and with it came editor and design improvements, improved functionality, and increased style updates and options.

Editor and Design Improvements

One of the main new features is updates to the template editor. You can now browse, visualize and edit the structure of your WordPress site. Their goal with their template pattern update is to give blocking patterns a central role in page creation. There are now full site editing capabilities, expanded templates, and patterns that extend to all post types.

Improved Functionality

In addition to editing and design improvements, WordPress 6.1 has added support for Fluid typography. Fluid typography is the capacity of text to adapt to the viewport width when editing the code of your site. Utilizing Fluid typography when designing and building your website will help enhance its uniformity and make your communication clearer.

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Finish This Year Strong

Today marks the first business day of the 4th and final quarter of this year! We all want to finish this year strong. But, if you’re a newer small business owner, it can be hard to figure out where to start. That’s why this week, we are giving you our top three tips on how to make the most of the 4th quarter for your small business.

Time for Reflection

As with every quarter, now is the time to look back on your beginning of the year goals to see your progress. Reflect on your company’s successes and identify areas for improvement. Do the goals you set for your company back in January reflect what you aspire towards now? Use these questions to determine what to focus on for the last quarter of your year.

Plan for End-of-the-Year Appreciation

The holidays will be here before you know it. With the holiday season comes the perfect time for a display of affection towards your clients, customers, and employees. At the beginning of this quarter, take the time to plan your end-of-the-year appreciation display. Whether that is through a special event or passing out free company merchandise, everyone will feel appreciated. The holidays are already a busy and stressful time. Take one more thing off of your plate by planning ahead.

Deals and Discounts

Say goodbye to summer by offering discounts on your summer products before you roll out any fall features. Smart shoppers know that the end of the season sales are the best time to get your best products for next year. Whatever you decide your deal will be, your clients and customers will love the forethought and the savings.

Don’t let your year fizzle out. Finish this business year off with a bang!

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Summer Social Media Offers

This Thursday is National Social Media Day and there is no better way to celebrate than engaging with your loyal audience through special summer social media offers. Social media has become so ingrained in our everyday lives. From personal posts to business pages, social media has vastly changed our lives. Honor the connections you’ve made with your social media accounts and create new impressions by offering one or more of the following social media offers!

Host a Sweepstakes

One of the best and most classic ways to give back to your audience and gain more traction on social media is by hosting sweepstakes. Take to your Instagram story and have contestants tag themselves in and repost your content for a chance to win some percent off of your product, membership, or services! The parameters of sweepstakes like this will guarantee organic leads to your page and further engagement with your current audience. 


 According to a study done by TailWind, 91% of Instagram posts that have more than 1,000 likes or comments are about contest posts. And social media accounts that run contests regularly grow 70% faster than those that don’t. So, to make the most of your giveaways, you have to make sure to keep your audience’s wants in mind. 

Offer your best products in a package for a free giveaway to one of your lucky followers. Make the requirements for entry fun, like sharing your post and telling about their favorite product of yours or how they use your services. And once you announce the winner, make sure to add a call to action for the rest of your audience to follow and engage with your accounts for more chances to win.

Ring in the summer with a fresh deal for your followers and see your analytics soar.

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Social Media Plan Essentials

Social media is a fast-paced machine. Trends come and go before they can even reach mainstream audiences, and your audience will move on from you if you do not keep your social media current. Because of this and many other factors, you should be consistently looking to revamp your social media marketing plan. The following are three essential social media plan steps and inclusions that we suggest developing for your small business. 

Keyword Monitoring

Research and compile a list of keywords in relation to your business and brand. You will use this list to tag and promote your business and monitor those keywords to keep updated on the latest industry trends. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your social media current. 


If you are unfamiliar with the term, Micro-Influencers are online personalities with more than 1,000 followers but less than 100,000 followers. Micro-Influencers are everywhere, in every industry niche, and tapping into this market is great for localizing your user-generated content and putting a face to your brand. Make sure to do your research to find the perfect small online creator to partner with. 

A Crisis Plan

Whatever your opinion on “cancel culture” is, it’s here to stay. If you are on social media, you run the risk of being “canceled.” Mistakes happen, and everyone is human, but in this case, it is better to be safe than very, very sorry. 

Develop a plan to put in place in the event of a social media fumble. That could be developing a plan for public response, hiring a publicist for your brand, or bringing in a trained crisis professional.  

For more social media tips for small businesses, check back here every Monday for our latest blog and take a look at our website for great and fully customizable products!

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High-Quality Active Gear for Spring and Summer

The weather is finally getting nicer. There is no better time than spring to freshen up your branded promotional items. Soon, everyone will be out and enjoying the sun with their favorite sports and outdoor activities. From adult sports leagues to hiking with friends, these active gear products are the perfect additions to your clients’ spring and summer gear.

Customize Your Own Hat

This six-panel structured twill hat is the perfect active gear staple for this season. It’s made out of 100% cotton twill with a low-profile design and matching hook and loop closure. This hat is the perfect product to hand out at your next expo show!

Your clients can wear this on a casual day out with friends or when they hit the links on their favorite course. These would make for great promotional products to hand out to your employees, staff, and clients. This fully customizable hat will fit your brand’s colors, and our design will make sure that your logo is front and center!

Advance Your Inventory with a Hiking Backpack 

Help your clients hit the trails this spring and summer with a branded hiking backpack. This adventurous backpack features multi-exterior pockets with padded back and shoulder straps. With our long-lasting embroidery, you can feature your logo prominently. Perfect for hiking, camping, or simply running around to all of the countless activities of the seasons. Your clients will appreciate getting such high-quality branded products. 

Refresh Your Clients with a New Water Bottle

Rejuvenate your next marketing campaign with the help of this custom water bottle! Our 25 oz. the bottle features a Tritan™ body with a screw-on PP lid and silicone band. It’s FDA compliant, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. Choose from an assortment of lid colors and take advantage of our customization process and create a logoed giveaway that everyone will put to use!

Make your brand a season staple with these functional and stylish everyday essentials. 

Take a look at our website for more fully customizable products!

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Freshen Up Your Marketing Plan This Spring 

Springtime is here, and there is no better time than now to get some spring cleaning done, especially with your marketing plan! You should always be looking for new ways to revamp your marketing strategy and try to stay ahead of the trends. However, this is time-consuming. And if you run a small business, researching, and developing your marketing plan can fall by the wayside in favor of more pressing matters. That’s why this week, we are giving you all our tips and tricks that you need to freshen up your marketing plan this spring!

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past and move forward based off that. If there is a method or strategy that is not working, don’t waste your time. Your team’s time and energy are very valuable so don’t waste it on redoing the same things that aren’t working out. This spring, try some new avenues or media to see if they have a more noticeable and desirable effect.

Take Advantage of Spring Holidays

If you are feeling like you are in a rut when it comes to your social media marketing campaigns, there is no better time than spring to add some pep back into your plan. Make note of every spring holiday, and trust us, there are a lot of them, and generate posts around them. Have Easter giveaways, a St. Patrick’s Day sweepstakes, or even a sale for Earth Day. These holidays are great options for inspiration if you are running out of ideas for your social media accounts.

Refresh Your Website

Chances are you have been looking at your same company website for a long time. Get your website out of that same old style this spring. Customers can instantly tell from a quick Google search if a website is old and neglected or not. This is never a good reflection on your company. Make a great first impression by updating your images, reformatting your spreads, and making sure that all external and internal links are up to date.

These tips are a great way to start revamping your marketing plan and making room for improvement.

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Upgrade Your Online Video Content with Wenning Branding

The world of social media is rapidly changing every day. Gone are the days of engaging your audience with a bunch of images. We have been online for too long and need something else to grab our attention! Statistically, static images do not receive as much engagement as videos. That means these days: video content is king in online marketing. 

Why Do You Need Video Content?

Having high-quality and eye-catching visual content is a vital component to the success of any advertising or marketing campaign. In every industry, video content is the way to bolster your online advertising game.

Studies have shown that people in any target audience group are more likely to engage with video content than static advertisements. Clients can tell when you have been using the same video content for years. It is easy for a video to look outdated and they will not engage anyone. 

But what do you do if you have no experience with video production? 

That’s Where We Come In!

Video production can be costly and takes time and resources to get right. That is why you should leave it to the professionals! With all of our years of experience, we at Wenning Branding know a thing or two about what makes a great and engaging video. 

Our team of professional video editors has experience in creating and marketing videos for a wide array of different types of businesses. We know what it takes to engage customers and clients from the first second they scroll to your video. 

There is no better way to organically increase your brand awareness than posting exciting and engaging videos that display your products or services. Find out how to upgrade your media presence online and boost your engagement with fun and unique videos from Wenning Branding! 

Advance Your Marketing With Our Direct Mail and Fulfillment

When people begin the process of developing their marketing strategy, the first element they think of is the internet these days. We jump headfirst into getting ahead of the trends before even taking the time to set up a good foundation. Before you worry about increasing your engagement or boosting your SEO, figure out who your target audience is. Where are they the most likely to get their news and advertisements?

Why Direct Mail?

Did you know that according to the US Small Business Administration, a recent study has found that direct mail campaigns generate purchases 5x larger than email campaigns? There’s been such a focus on internet marketing that people often overlook direct mail. Make your business stand out and reach your customers where they are with Wenning Branding’s Direct Mail and Fulfillment Services. 

There is so much content online that the market is becoming over-saturated. Consumers have been desensitized from advertisements they see while scrolling on their phones. However, getting something in the mail is sure to get anyone’s attention these days! Don’t get your message lost in all of the online noise and advertise the old-fashioned way! 

How Can We Help?

We will take care of all of your marketing and fulfillment needs. Don’t waste your company’s valuable time and energy by worrying about fulfillment. That’s where we come in! Our team will take on navigating through all of the hassles of fulfillment for you. By having our fast and reliable fulfillment services, you will build lasting, trustworthy relationships with your consumers. Give us your direct mailing needs, and our team of experts will handle all of the logistics.

Learn more about how you can reach many customers with Direct Mail Services From Wenning Branding! 

Click here to learn more: https://wenningbranding.com/direct-mail-and-fulfillment/

Revamp Your Social Media Advertising Plan

The internet is a fast-paced place that is constantly changing and, you must keep up with the times! But if you are not well-versed in internet analytics and algorithms, internet marketing feels overwhelming and impossible!

Why do you need professional help?

Online advertising is a vastly different world than traditional media. Ads that do well in print or on TV do not do the same numbers when applied to social media. There are complex rules you have to follow and, succeeding requires many different elements of each post to work in tandem with each other. If you aren’t already well versed in the fundamentals, it will take you a long time to even get started.

This is where we come in!

There are many different avenues when it comes to social media advertising. Our experienced professionals work with every major social media platform and can optimize ad spending so that you can get the best results. 

Our Team will sit down with you and go over your exact goals and what you need to build on to increase business. We strategize a plan to ensure that we are setting you up for success! We can make custom videos or graphics for your ads and create content on a recurring basis to boost your SEO.

We will give you a detailed Analysis Report each month to show where your ads are getting the most traffic. From those numbers and tons of research, we formulate the best plan for you to get the best ROI.

Are you lost in the Social Media World? Are you sitting there scratching your head at terms like SEO? We can help you with all of your questions! Find out how Wenning Branding can take your social media presence to the next level HERE: https://wenningbranding.com/social-media-advertising/.

Upgrade Your Graphic and Web Design!

You might have the best deals on the market or the best new product around, but if your graphics and copy are outdated, no one is going to pay attention to you. Having a solid foundation of well-crafted graphic design and copy for everything you put out is imperative to your brand’s success. Allow us to become your go-to design team!

Graphic Design

Investing in quality graphic design is essential to creating a unified and easily recognizable brand. At Wenning Branding, our well-trained, experienced professionals will immerse themselves in your company to get a feel for industry standers and your own brand’s personal aesthetic. Then they will give you the website of your dreams that will make you stand out from the crowd. Having a top-tier creative design in your media is just as, if not more, important to your brand image as the content your write. 


If your brand’s copy needs a facelift, we’ve got you covered! We can help give you the extra edge you need on your competition to keep your brand fresh and recognizable. Our team of professional copywriters will ensure your ad copy gets noticed and received properly. We will ensure our script fits your exact target audience.

Web Design

You might be thinking: how hard can designing your own website really be? Modern and responsive web design services that will set the tone for your online presence are complicated to build, so leave it to the professionals!

Here at Wenning Branding, our team of graphic designers and web services ensure that your company’s website and related social media pages are eye-catching. Our graphic designers will give a facelift to your brand and make it fresh and easily recognizable to your clients. Elevate your website to the next level with Wenning Branding’s graphic design and web design services and you’ll be amazed at the reception!

Click here to find out more about Wenning Branding’s top of line Website and Graphic Design Services: https://wenningbranding.com/website-graphic-design/

Take Charge During the Christmas Shopping Season

We have two weeks until Christmas! That means businesses everywhere are about to get a stream of last-minute shopping orders. While more orders and new customers are always welcome, this time of year can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses. So what is the best way to not only deal with the holiday rush but take advantage of it to benefit your business?

Promotions For Early Shoppers

The best way to get shoppers in the door and on your website is through deals! Think outside of the box! If you want to break up the crowds, offer promotions that run only for the week before Christmas. That way, you will be able to set out specific deals for early-bird shoppers.  This is a great way to ensure that you do not overwhelm your business the week of Christmas. BOGO deals and percents off individual services or whole shopping carts are perfect for this time of year!


With a higher volume of orders, the closer we get to the holidays, there is always a concern about fulfillment. Make sure to keep your inventory stocked up for the season and well managed. This means getting the logistics of your delivery service and your customer relations department are in order and ready for the rush.

Use Your Social Media Platforms

A great way to incorporate the previous tips into your holiday plan is to include them on your social media platforms. Advertise your promotions on your profiles. Issue updates on your fulfillment process. Your social media accounts are a great resource so use them!

To effectively take advantage of the holiday shopping season, you need to get your business ahead of the rush and keep organized all the way through it. 

What To Do After Black Friday

This year’s biggest weekend for holiday shopping is in the books! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are over, and now it is back to business as usual. If you followed our tips all this month, you have a solid set of new clients and have reached many new customers. But you might be asking yourself: now what do you do? 

Follow Up Communication

The key to building lasting relationships with the clients and customers that you got this weekend is to follow up with them! Keep in regular contact with them. There are tons of ways to go about this. Take the emails that you gathered and put together and put out an email blast. Follow up with the people that have ordered from you or booked your service directly with information on timelines or just a quick “thank you.” Get active on social media with daily posts! Whichever method you choose, make sure to show your appreciation to your clientele. 

Focus On Fulfillment

This year has seen some of the most struggles, especially for small businesses, in terms of fulfillment ability. More and more people prefer ordering their holiday gifts and booking services online. But there are worker shortages and limited supply runs. This season there is a higher demand than there are supplies to fill it. 

So, focus your efforts on your fulfillment process. Delays are bound to happen, and there is only so much you can do about it. Make sure that you are setting realistic expectations for your company from the beginning. When issues come up that are out of your control, the best course of action is to communicate with your clientele. This will give your customers and clients more confidence in your capabilities.

The Bottom Line

The best way to build relationships with new clients that you connected with over this weekend is by communicating, fulfilling promises effectively, and setting reasonable expectations.

How To Deal With Holiday Hiccups

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are all just around the corner. Take advantage of the increase in shoppers by promoting a seasonal deal!

Top 3 Small Business Saturday Promotion Ideas

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are all just around the corner. Take advantage of the increase in shoppers by promoting a seasonal deal!

Create Your Marketing Plan for the Holiday Season

This whole month, we are going over our best tips and tricks to help your small business make the most of this holiday season.

How To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Trade Show

One way to enhance your trade show game is to incorporate social media into your plan! But, if you’re just starting out or if you’re unfamiliar with how to effectively use social media that can seem overwhelming. That’s why this week, we’re breaking down the best ways to incorporate social media into your trade show from start to finish!

Incorporate Social Media Before The Event

Firstly, you should be consistently utilizing social media before the event. Combining social media ads along with your usual marketing plan will help you to reach a wider audience. And you don’t have to stop at simple awareness ads. Posting about a crazy, cool offer a week or two before will get people interested in you and keep your brand fresh in their heads.

What To Do While You’re There

Next, you should be utilizing social media during the event. Always remember that with social media, consistency is key! Posting and updating live during your trade show keeps people in the know. This will help raise awareness about your booth and giveaways. It will also get your information out there to people who weren’t able to make it.

Have fun with it and engage with your visitors! Have a custom geo-filter on Snapchat, which you can buy for a small area and get people to post on a snap map or local snap story, which everyone can see. A great idea is to make it a contest or game somehow about getting people to take a pic of something with the filter and win a prize!

What To Do After

Then afterward, all ways do follow up! Retarget ads with a limited offer (X% off if you book/buy in the next two weeks, the more you buy, the better the deal is, etc.). That combined with a good performance at the show will get people to stick with you and your brand. Get creative and have fun, and your visitors will remember your booth.

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How To Utilize Video Properly

Are You Utilizing Video Properly?

Is your online marketing plan stuck in static images and text posts?  Do you have videos already in your arsenal but aren’t satisfied with how they look?  This is a major hurdle to jump if your company doesn’t already have an in house video editor.  Figuring out the language of videos and what types of videos work best on which medium is a full time job in and of itself.  A more convenient way to reinvigorate your marketing plan with well made videos is to go through our tried and trusted video editing service Videotter! 

But why do you even need videos in your marketing plan? Why aren’t static images and texts enough.


Why Utilize Videos Anyways?

Human’s eyes are naturally more attracted to movement.  So, biologically, video captures your potential customers eyes better than static images.  The more attention grabbing the video,  the more engagement your brand gets overall!

“But I Already Have Static Ads, Why Should I Add Videos?”

You might be thinking to yourself that sure, you get it video is important.  But is it really THAT much better than regular images?  Statistically, video posts are more likely to increase engagement and clicks than static images or text. So unless you want your online engagement to flat line, get with videos!

So, now that you know how video’s will transform your marketing and social media presence, where do you go from here?  Editing videos is hard.  Trying to make engaging video content takes a lot of skill and time to master.  So save yourself your valuable time (and the head ache of teaching yourself new software) and sign up for our video editing service Videotter!

Find out more about how you can transform your online presence at www.videotter.com

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How to Build a Digital Presence

What does digital presence mean? In simple terms, it is to show your business online. Your digital presence matters whenever any person searches for your business. It can be the difference of whether you make a sale or not. Without further ado, here are some of the top ways to help build your companies digital presence.

Create an Online Website

            If you don’t already have a website, then stop reading this and make one. Seriously, stop reading this. You need a website if you are to succeed as a business in today’s society. It doesn’t matter what your company does. You could be a gym or a retailer. You need a website to provide potential consumers with information about your company. From experience, if I look up a company and they don’t have a website, I lose a lot of trust in the company. Again, you need a website to succeed.

Start Using Social Media

            Behind having a website, this is the second most important way to help build your digital presence. By being involved on social media, you can interact with your customers and expand your reach. Social media allows your company to increase its authority. You can constantly provide your audience with relevant content. Some of the best social media websites to get involved with are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest. These are the most popular and will help your company grow.

Participate on Online Question-Answer Sites

            Websites like Quora, Stack Exchange, and Yahoo Answers are some of the most popular question-answer websites. These are great ways to interact with consumers and get your voice out there. It also provides credibility to your company. If you can help consumers answer questions, they will be more likely to use your company.

How to build a digital presence

Start Advertising Digitally

            Digital advertising is a new movement in society. Every social media company now sells advertisements that can target specific audiences. You can’t control who TV advertisements and billboards ads reach, which puts your company at a disadvantage. Social media advertisements can also reach so many more people due to how many people use these platforms. Some of the best social media advertisement platforms are Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads. Other digital media websites that are insanely popular are Google ads and Bing ads.

            In conclusion, your digital presence is more important today than ever before. I only began to touch the surface on ways to build your digital presence. There are many other ways, but I believe these are the most important ways to consider. Here at Wenning Branding, we help companies build their digital presence. If you need professional advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Barstool Sports Emergence

            By now, whether it is through our previous blogs or your knowledge, you are probably aware of Barstool Sports. Barstool was not always the powerhouse they are today. The point of this blog is to teach you about Barstool’s history and show you how they became a cult favorite over the last few years.

Barstool’s History


            Barstool started in the basement of Dave Portnoy’s parents’ house in Milton, Massachusetts. Barstool originally was a hardcore sport, gambling, and fantasy football newspaper. The first issue released on August 27, 2003, and Portnoy had homeless people hand the papers out in public transport stations in Boston. In 2007, barstoolsports.com opened to the public, and the brand started to take off. People started talking about Barstool more, and they continued to grow through word-of-mouth. People loved the content and would share it with their friends. Growing in popularity helped them move to the next stage of their business in 2010, where they would host parties at Universities around the country.

           From 2010-2015 nothing major was happening at Barstool. They were growing their social media presence tremendously while still hosting parties and running their website. In 2016, Barstool company changed. Portnoy relocated the company to New York City. He then sold a 51% stake of the company to The Chernin Group. After this, Barstool Sports hired Ericka Nardini to become the new CEO. This move helped the company convert to a more lifestyle feel while including what the company was founded upon, sports and gambling. In August of 2020, Barstool sold 36% of the company to Penn National Gaming. The value of Barstool was 450 million dollars at the time of the sale. Now in March of 2021, Barstool is valued closer to 4.5 billion dollars. The increase in value is because Barstool owns a sportsbook now. Dave Portnoy has made many people very wealthy, and it is exciting to see where he will take the company in the future.

What Makes Barstool Successful

Pardon My Take

            Barstool has been so successful because it has found a way to target all demographics. They want to make people laugh and have done so by making everything they talk about satirical. They have done a great job of this through their social media pages, podcasts, and unique clothing line. One of the creative things they have done to gain popularity is One Bite Everyone knows the Rules, a series hosted by Portnoy. He goes around the country trying the best-recommended pizzas and rating them. His rating has become the gold standard when considering good pizza. If the pizza has a rating is above a 7, that means that it is GOOD. Barstool also hosts a ton of popular podcasts. Some of the most well-known podcasts are Chicks in the Office, Call Her Daddy, Pardon my Take, and Bussin with the Boys. The podcasts cover everything from sports to dating advice, which helps them connect with such a vast audience. They also have made the term “Saturdays are for the boys” extremely popular and profitable. This term has also had spin-offs like “Saturdays are for the girls.” Essentially, they created a mainstream and profitable meme. Besides all of this, they also host Rough and Rowdy, which are amateur boxing matches. They have even gotten involved in stocks and investment advice over the pandemic. Barstool has had great success because of the wide variety of industries they involve themselves in. Their portfolio has helped them create their cult following, which will help them be even more successful.