Are You Ready for the Holidays?

The holiday season is just around the corner. Before you know it, the biggest shopping days of the year will be here! Is your small business ready to take full advantage of the shopping holidays this year? 

We’ve compiled a list of important dates to remember and tips on how to maximize your bandwidth so you can get as much traffic to your company as possible. Get your business ready for the holiday season with these tips from Wenning Branding.

Important Dates to Remember

Just because some of these dates have in-person or online connotations does not mean you have to limit your sales to one or the other. 

  • 11/25/22 Black Friday – Black Friday has become a tradition in America, just like Thanksgiving. Everyone has their Black Friday plans, so be sure to advertise your business’s holiday deals in advance.
  • 11/26/22 Small Business Saturday – While relatively newer, Small Business Saturday is a phenomenon that swept the nation. After the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, families make it a tradition to shop local.
  • 11/28/22 Cyber Monday – Cyber Monday allows shoppers to enjoy their holiday weekend while shopping for the best deals from the comfort of their homes. Make sure your website is ready for increased site traffic.

Do You Have the Bandwidth?

Do you have the bandwidth to support the upcoming online shopping season? As the weather grows colder, people will spend more money online rather than in person. Make sure your website can handle increased traffic and purchases and update and expand your customer service plan. Look at your web design and analytics to make sure your company doesn’t miss out on any sales due to an outdated webpage. 

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