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Summer Social Media Offers

This Thursday is National Social Media Day and there is no better way to celebrate than engaging with your loyal audience through special summer social media offers. Social media has become so ingrained in our everyday lives. From personal posts to business pages, social media has vastly changed our lives. Honor the connections you’ve made with your social media accounts and create new impressions by offering one or more of the following social media offers!

Host a Sweepstakes

One of the best and most classic ways to give back to your audience and gain more traction on social media is by hosting sweepstakes. Take to your Instagram story and have contestants tag themselves in and repost your content for a chance to win some percent off of your product, membership, or services! The parameters of sweepstakes like this will guarantee organic leads to your page and further engagement with your current audience. 


 According to a study done by TailWind, 91% of Instagram posts that have more than 1,000 likes or comments are about contest posts. And social media accounts that run contests regularly grow 70% faster than those that don’t. So, to make the most of your giveaways, you have to make sure to keep your audience’s wants in mind. 

Offer your best products in a package for a free giveaway to one of your lucky followers. Make the requirements for entry fun, like sharing your post and telling about their favorite product of yours or how they use your services. And once you announce the winner, make sure to add a call to action for the rest of your audience to follow and engage with your accounts for more chances to win.

Ring in the summer with a fresh deal for your followers and see your analytics soar.

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Custom Camping Gear

June is national camping month! Take advantage of the nice weather and get outdoors with your loved ones this month. And make sure to load your family up for the great outdoors before you go with custom camping gear from Wenning Branding.


Light things up at the campsite with this brilliant lantern-style flashlight. This compact plastic flashlight has a collapsible feature that maximizes its portability (making it perfect for the hike to the campsite). Pull the handles to activate and create a loop to hang. Fully customizable with colors and printing options, this lantern is perfect for camping or any other outdoor event this season.


One of the biggest camping essentials you won’t want to leave home without is a high-quality cooler. This customizable cooler is just the right size for your camping needs. Its unique oval shape takes up minimum space and delivers maximum cooling performance. Choose from our color options and emblazon your name on the top to make your cooler the talk of the campground. It’s super tough yet 25% lighter than comparable coolers, which makes it perfect for any camping adventure.  

Deluxe Folding Chair

No matter how avid a hiker or camper you are, you will need to rest eventually. Take a seat by the fire with these super deluxe customizable folding chairs! These standard-sized captain chairs are made of a heavy-duty polyester sling and metal frame. Print your name on the back and choose from a half dozen colors to make your chair special.

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or camping in the backyard with your kids, these custom camping products are perfect for all of your outdoor needs.

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Stress Relief Products for Mental Health Awareness

One of the best cultural shifts we have seen in the past two years has been a greater focus on our mental health. Now, families, communities, and work environments are making space to accommodate the mental health challenges we all face. And though these products are not the answer for everyone, you can support your employees by creating a more welcoming environment with these customizable stress relief products for the office. 

Stress Balls

Help your employees get any stress out with these therapeutic stress balls. These are great for relieving mental tension in your body, increasing strength, and soothing the mind. Made from high-quality and pliable Polyfoam, this ball is a small, therapeutic option that will be welcome in any office — or at any expo show! Imprint it with your logo and company colors to create a clean and cohesive product everyone will love. 


One of the best products you can give your employees and clients is a versatile journal. Everyone will thank you when you offer the new, fully customizable Neoskin® hard-cover journal as a free bit of merch. Journaling has been proven to help alleviate stress and focus the mind. Give the gift that everyone will actually use. Imprint your logo front and center on the cover and spine and choose the right color to fit your brand aesthetic. 

Essential Oil Diffusers

If you are looking for the perfect product to add a calming atmosphere to your office, check out this essential oil diffuser. This diffuser is perfect for the office because it is powered by a USB cable. This means that it can be plugged in and used almost anywhere. Fill with an office favorite essential oil and watch the vibe get better.

Help your employees and clients take charge of their mental health with these fully customizable stress relief products from Wenning Branding.

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Social Media Plan Essentials

Social media is a fast-paced machine. Trends come and go before they can even reach mainstream audiences, and your audience will move on from you if you do not keep your social media current. Because of this and many other factors, you should be consistently looking to revamp your social media marketing plan. The following are three essential social media plan steps and inclusions that we suggest developing for your small business. 

Keyword Monitoring

Research and compile a list of keywords in relation to your business and brand. You will use this list to tag and promote your business and monitor those keywords to keep updated on the latest industry trends. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your social media current. 


If you are unfamiliar with the term, Micro-Influencers are online personalities with more than 1,000 followers but less than 100,000 followers. Micro-Influencers are everywhere, in every industry niche, and tapping into this market is great for localizing your user-generated content and putting a face to your brand. Make sure to do your research to find the perfect small online creator to partner with. 

A Crisis Plan

Whatever your opinion on “cancel culture” is, it’s here to stay. If you are on social media, you run the risk of being “canceled.” Mistakes happen, and everyone is human, but in this case, it is better to be safe than very, very sorry. 

Develop a plan to put in place in the event of a social media fumble. That could be developing a plan for public response, hiring a publicist for your brand, or bringing in a trained crisis professional.  

For more social media tips for small businesses, check back here every Monday for our latest blog and take a look at our website for great and fully customizable products!

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Custom Group Event Apparel

Memorial Day is fast approaching! That means family reunions, company picnics, community events, and much more. And the best part about group pinics is all of the cool merch. Make sure that you’re group has all the swag they need for the long weekend with these fantastic and fully customizable products from Wenning Branding.

Shirts For Everyone

Our Next Level Tee is the perfect addition to your Memorial Day celebrations. Made from a ring-spun, cotton/poly blend, this top will be perfect whether you guests are out grilling or playing games. The unique style and feel of this garment will have your participants comfortable through all of the day’s events. 

Custom Crewnecks 

In this city, the days are hot and the nights are cool. Layer up when the celebrations go late into the night with these custom EcoSmart Unisex Crewneck Sweaters. Choose from all kinds of colors and fits and remember to add your group, company, or family name to our long-lasting embroidery. With these custom crew necks, all of your participants have a functional and fashionable keepsake they can use for seasons to come!

Color-Changing Wrist Bands

Give everyone at your function a cool keepsake with these Color-Changing Wristbands. These UV color-changing wristbands will get everyone at your memorial day party talking. They are sensitive to UltraViolet rays and will change color when it’s time for you to reapply sunscreen! The UV levels will turn the original frost color into purple when it’s time to take a break in the shade. Customize with your group, company, or family name!

Get these cool and functional custom shirts, hoodies, and color-changing wristbands only at Wenning Branding.

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Summer Social Media Marketing Tips  

Summer is just around the corner! Whether they are catching some sun on the beach or traveling to new and fun destinations, your clients will be on their phones. Take advantage of all that screen time with these summer social media marketing tips! 

Utilize TikTok and Instagram

If you have not gotten on TikTok yet, you are missing out on a huge pool of potential leads. 90% of TikTok users are on the app daily, so do not overlook its importance and potential impact when developing your social media plan — especially if you want to target people 25 and younger.

Instagram is breaking through the internet noise and is steadily on its way to being the king of all social media platforms. More people are using Instagram than ever before. Facebook is steadily losing more of its credibility and its users, so follow the tide and roll with it. Make sure that you post consistently and strategically this summer to get the most amount of traction. 

Get Into Social Commerce

With the changing of the seasons comes a new season to shop. Social media is always evolving, and the latest feature on many major social media apps is social commerce. Social commerce refers to the fact that you can buy services, subscriptions, products, and more directly on many major social media apps. So list your products on Instagram’s social commerce function and take advantage of that feature to boost your sales!

Podcast Advertisements

Podcasts are the new radio show, and what better way to market your business than a podcast advertisement! With summer comes road trips and long plane rides. Your customers will pass the time with podcasts, so make sure they hear about all your great summer sales while they do!

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High-Quality Active Gear for Spring and Summer

The weather is finally getting nicer. There is no better time than spring to freshen up your branded promotional items. Soon, everyone will be out and enjoying the sun with their favorite sports and outdoor activities. From adult sports leagues to hiking with friends, these active gear products are the perfect additions to your clients’ spring and summer gear.

Customize Your Own Hat

This six-panel structured twill hat is the perfect active gear staple for this season. It’s made out of 100% cotton twill with a low-profile design and matching hook and loop closure. This hat is the perfect product to hand out at your next expo show!

Your clients can wear this on a casual day out with friends or when they hit the links on their favorite course. These would make for great promotional products to hand out to your employees, staff, and clients. This fully customizable hat will fit your brand’s colors, and our design will make sure that your logo is front and center!

Advance Your Inventory with a Hiking Backpack 

Help your clients hit the trails this spring and summer with a branded hiking backpack. This adventurous backpack features multi-exterior pockets with padded back and shoulder straps. With our long-lasting embroidery, you can feature your logo prominently. Perfect for hiking, camping, or simply running around to all of the countless activities of the seasons. Your clients will appreciate getting such high-quality branded products. 

Refresh Your Clients with a New Water Bottle

Rejuvenate your next marketing campaign with the help of this custom water bottle! Our 25 oz. the bottle features a Tritan™ body with a screw-on PP lid and silicone band. It’s FDA compliant, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. Choose from an assortment of lid colors and take advantage of our customization process and create a logoed giveaway that everyone will put to use!

Make your brand a season staple with these functional and stylish everyday essentials. 

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Freshen Up Your Marketing Plan This Spring 

Springtime is here, and there is no better time than now to get some spring cleaning done, especially with your marketing plan! You should always be looking for new ways to revamp your marketing strategy and try to stay ahead of the trends. However, this is time-consuming. And if you run a small business, researching, and developing your marketing plan can fall by the wayside in favor of more pressing matters. That’s why this week, we are giving you all our tips and tricks that you need to freshen up your marketing plan this spring!

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past and move forward based off that. If there is a method or strategy that is not working, don’t waste your time. Your team’s time and energy are very valuable so don’t waste it on redoing the same things that aren’t working out. This spring, try some new avenues or media to see if they have a more noticeable and desirable effect.

Take Advantage of Spring Holidays

If you are feeling like you are in a rut when it comes to your social media marketing campaigns, there is no better time than spring to add some pep back into your plan. Make note of every spring holiday, and trust us, there are a lot of them, and generate posts around them. Have Easter giveaways, a St. Patrick’s Day sweepstakes, or even a sale for Earth Day. These holidays are great options for inspiration if you are running out of ideas for your social media accounts.

Refresh Your Website

Chances are you have been looking at your same company website for a long time. Get your website out of that same old style this spring. Customers can instantly tell from a quick Google search if a website is old and neglected or not. This is never a good reflection on your company. Make a great first impression by updating your images, reformatting your spreads, and making sure that all external and internal links are up to date.

These tips are a great way to start revamping your marketing plan and making room for improvement.

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Golf Towels: Hit the Links in Style 

While we might be having a gloomy and rainy spring so far. But never fear because the sun is sure to come out tomorrow and you will want to be ready to go when it does. You are going to want to avoid the mad scramble at aloof your local sporting supply stores the minute the sun comes out. Get ahead of the crowds and grab your golf towels from Wenning Branding. Hitting the links has never been more stylish!

Spice Up Your Gear

Make sure you are the most stylish golfer this season with these new personal golf towels from Wenning Branding. It’s a new year and a new season. Freshen up your gear with a personalized towel. Personalizing your things will give you a put-together and clean look for an afternoon at the club. These also will make the perfect gift for that golf-loving person in your life.

Brand and Advertise Your Golf on Your Golf Towels

Pun intended! If you are looking for the perfect product to brand yourself on this golf season, look no further. Your members will love these golf towels for their practicality and style. Fully customizable, embroider your club’s name on them for a neat and long-lasting finish.

Hit The Links With Your Friends

If you have golf buddies, a golf fiend in your life, or if you’re looking for groomsmen gifts, your boys will love these towels. Individualize them with everyone in the group’s names or embroider an inside joke. The options are limitless when you buy from Wenning Branding!

Click the link below to order your fully customized, long-lasting golf towels today!


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Shop BranditQuick on Etsy

Have you ever been looking through our online shop and wondered where you can find individual versions of our amazing products? Have you ever needed some custom branded items fast but did not have time to wait for traditional shipping times? Well then, do we have some great news for you. Wenning Brading’s trusted, high-quality branded apparel and professional embroidery services are now available on Etsy!


Our new Etsy store, BranditQuick, has everything you need in one convenient place. Wenning Branding has what you need to make a great impression on your customers and clients. No matter what your business or industry, we have just the thing you need for your next expo show. Our custom embroidery service will give your branded apparel a soft, classic finish that will last for years. Nothing is more impressive and makes more of a lasting impression than high-quality branded apparel. 

All You Need In One Place

We specialize in getting you your custom embroidery fast. We can provide for individual orders and have a variety of fonts and thread colors to choose from. So, no matter what you need, we have it! From travel bags to beach towels, from full-length aprons to monogrammed baby bibs, we have it all. 

Adding branded apparel to your marketing plan’s arsenal is a great way to make your brand easily distinguishable to your consumers. Get the benefit of natural and organic advertising when your customers wear your apparel!

Our products are perfect for any branded promotional products and made of the highest quality, so they are sure to wow your clients and customers!

Find your next branded products and get them fast when you visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/BranditQuick.

Take a look at our website!


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What We Can Do For You!

Do you have an idea for your brand that you are not quite sure how to execute? Let’s say you would like to invest in some branded merchandise for your business. More goes into that process than you might think!

From designing that perfect graphic to selecting fabric types and colors, you are going to have a lot on your hands with just this project alone. The process takes time, diligence, and patience. You know that if you are busy running your brand, you are likely to think that you do not have one more minute to spare on this.

We know you have enough on your plate as it is, so let us take care of your branded materials, just as we did for our client, Fusion Training Studio.

Branded Merchandise For Fusion Training Studio

Our client Fusion Training Studio came to us wanting new shirts for their gym. They gave us their logo and wanted us to design new shirts for them. We ended up with one design for guys, one for girls, and one that was unisex.

Our team was happy to take on this project. We ordered them and directly handled all of the manufacturing. These shirts are soft, breathable thin, and the printing is crisp and clear. The shirts sold out in no time!

What We Can Do For You

We like to handle a lot for our clients so that they don’t have to waste time worrying about the logistics of it all. If your business has an idea, we can create the design, order the shirts, and get them shipped out for you.  

We can do for you what we did for Fusion Training Studio and much, much more! If you are interested in taking your business to the next level with your branded merchandise, click here: https://wenningbranding.com/embroidery-and-screen-printing/

Safe Storage and Reliable Fulfillment

For any business, one of the first things you have to figure out is how you are going to store your products.  If you have an online business, you have the added respncibility of delivering your products reliably to your customers.  Both of these are multi-step, complicated processes that you must get right every time. If you don’t you risk ruining the relationships and trust that you have built with your customers. 

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a safe and reliable location to store all your products with Wenning Branding’s torage and Fulfillment Services!

The Importance of Reliability

Storage and fulfillment are two of the most critical parts of any business. You could have the best product on the market but you need your fulfillment services to be prompt and efficient too. Otherwise, the trust you have built between your consumers and your company will suffer. Having reliable and fast fulfillment services is essential to building a relationship with your consumer. 

With all the technology available today, customers’ expectations are at an all-time high. People want their shipments on time and as fast as possible. When shipping time-sensitive items, having your logistics down to a science is critical. That is why it is important to partner with a company like Wenning branding, so you no longer have to waste your time worrying about logistics since we will have it covered for you. 

We’ll Take Care of Everything

At Wenning Branding, we create a simple, satisfying storage and fulfillment experience for our clients. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a safe and reliable location to store all your products. We house all of your products in a secure place with accurate fulfillment services. So, give us your products and we will take care of the rest. Figuring out the logistics of storage and fulfillment on your own will take valuable time and attention away from other activities you have to do for your business. Find out how you can simplify your workload here! https://wenningbranding.com/storage-and-fulfillment/

Trusted and Reliable Online Store Fulfillment

These days, it’s more common to order what you need online than it is to run to the store. Between the pandemic and our growing daily dependence on the internet, brick-and-mortar stores are closing at a faster rate than ever. Online stores are taking over the market! With this influx of customers flocking to online stores, one of the most crucial business elements to have your fulfillment plan on point.

Why is Fulfillment So Important?

Have you ever heard from a friend: “Oh, don’t order from this website, the customer service was terrible!” or, “No, I didn’t get my product for WEEKS!” those are problems with shotty fulfillment plans. Fulfillment, especially if you are recently beginning your online store, is a long, arduous, and time-consuming process. You could have the best product, service, or monthly subscription box on the market today, but if your fulfillment services are lacking, you will still lose out in your customer relations. 

Don’t be the online store with terrible customer service!

This is Where We Come In!

With Wenning Branding’s online store fulfillment services, you can expect prompt, fast, and reliable delivery services every time. By outsourcing your fulfillment needs to us, we will handle all the tedious logistics for you. This way, you have the time to focus on more important things like expanding your business.

Store all your branding necessities and products in our safe and secure fulfillment centers. We will pick n’ pack membership fulfillment boxes and ship the products out to their customers. By housing all the products for your offices with us, you can be sure that they ship out to your newest employees, acquisitions, customers, and more quickly and efficiently.

With Wenning Branding’s Online Store and Fulfillment Center, your online store will get the peace of mind that comes from having reliable fulfillment services that you can trust.

For more information, click here: https://wenningbranding.com/online-store-and-fulfillment/ 

Turn Heads with Trade Show Products From Wenning Branding

Picture this: you set up your same old trade show booth with your same old branded pens and informational pamphlets. Prospective clients take one look at your outdated setup and pass right by you. Your display is everything when trying to entice new clients at expo shows. Go above and beyond all of your competition at your next trade show with an updated booth from Wenning Branding!

The importance of a good setup

Expo shows in all industries are crowded places. So everything about your booth, from the displays to the flooring, needs to turn heads. Having an eye-catching trade show display is key to pulling in new prospects. Your display is the first thing potential customers and clients will see. Make sure that the first impression is a good one.

Clients can tell when a company has been using the same booth and materials since they were founded, and it’s a turn-off! If you put as much effort and pride into how you market your business as you do when providing your service, clients will be more likely to stop by your booth.  

How can we help?

We are here to help you stand out at your next tradeshow with a custom-made booth. We will help you tailor your booth to make sure you stop traffic. Whether you need a new simple banner sign or you’re looking to overhaul your whole display, we’ve got you covered.

Just some of the materials we offer include Banner Stands, Exhibit Kits, Multi-Media Displays, PPE Products, and much, much more! You know that your brand has something unique and special to offer, so make sure those traits are reflected in your display.  

Follow the link below to find out how Wenning Branding can make you stand out and turn heads at your next tradeshow! 


Upgrade Your Branded Apparel With Wenning Branding

Having branded apparel and promotional products is essential to your marketing plan. First impressions are everything, and you do not want to ruin it with shotty branded apparel. Creating a unified, professionally crafted look is the key to making your brand easily distinguishable to your customers. 

To upgrade your business’s branded apparel, look no further than Wenning Branding! Between our vibrant silk screening to first-rate embroidery, you can be sure that your brand will be front and center in the office and at expo shows! 


One of the most common goals of any marketing plan is to increase your brand awareness. Our embroidery service is sure to get your brand noticed. Having that kind of exposure is priceless. 

If you are looking for that long-lasting look, we recommend embroidered apparel. It is a great look for your brand when you have high-quality gear. We offer jackets, shirts, hats, blankets, and more that have that soft and clean finish from our embroidery. Make sure what you give out and dress your employees in is a reflection of your business’s style and commitment to excellence.


If you want a sleek and cool look for your business, we recommend our silk-screening service for all of your branding needs. Whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, bags, or hats, we have the equipment to give you the right look for your business. Bring some new vibrance to your brand with silk-screened apparel and promotional materials. 

Create a unified look in your office, increase your brand awareness, and give your customers something they will wear and use for years to come! From professional uniforms to branded apparel for employees, get the best branding for your money with Wenning Branding.

For more information about our top of the line embroidery and silk-screening services, CLICK HERE: https://wenningbranding.com/embroidery-and-screen-printing/ 

Everything You Need To Know About Membership Boxes

Clearly, the appeal for branded promotional products is prominent for any company. Branded promotional products in custom printed boxes gifted to your staff or members is what we call fulfillment.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, fulfillment impacts your company. What people don’t tend to know is all of the little things that go on in the background and why it costs a pretty penny to have fulfillment done correctly.

Fulfillment Costs

Behind the Scenes

When it’s time to buy new brakes for your car, you know from experience that you’ll have to pay for not only the brake pads, but you’ll also need to pay for the labor. You pay Joe the Mechanic to put your brakes on for you because Joe has the expertise.

There are MANY moving pieces that go into successfully completing fulfillment orders. There are also many necessary fees that go into the promotion boxes, like receiving fees. This covers the labor that goes into getting the items, unpacking and then organizing the material. There’s also the pick and pack fee which covers the labor involved in packing the boxes.

On top of this, there is still even more that goes into fulfillment! Some of these things include accounting for inventory storage and forecasting, kitting and bundling products, shipping the orders, and handling returns. If and when you see a large setup fee, this is why! You pay for the products. You pay for the service. You pay for the expertise so that you don’t have to lift a finger!

Amazon Fulfillment

Expectation vs. Reality

With Amazon taking over the world, people MAY have become spoiled. We assume that everything we buy will be at our doorstep within 2 days. We expect the same fast delivery speed for everything we order. We spend more money on product A vs product B just because it includes “free” shipping. This is called the Amazon Effect.

In reality, the average “click-to-door” time for non-Amazon companies is about 5 days. Amazon provides a great convenience, but we have to understand that they are making an enormous profit because not only do they sell products, but they sell convenience.

Membership Boxes

Who is Fulfillment Perfect For?

Fulfillment boxes can sometimes be considered “pricey.” If you plan on investing in them, you have to be all in! You may want to plan to spend upwards of $500 a month, depending on the size and reoccurrence of orders. If you are a company like a gym or a dance studio, who relies on new members in order to stay in business then fulfillment boxes could be perfect for you!

Consider the general budget for your company. Does your company have an events budget? Was your event cancelled due to COVID? If so, you may be in the perfect position to treat your staff or members with custom gift boxes!

Fulfillment Boxes

Where Does That Leave Me?

If all of this sounds overwhelming and you are not sure if you want to dive into the world of fulfillment, there are many smaller things you can do to treat your clients, staff, members and even prospects all while staying within your budget.

  • You can run giveaways via social media advertising that give away items such as pens, blender bottles, rally towels, and tote bags. All of these items would have your logo on it so not only are you making clients happy you are now advertising your company to other potential leads!
  • You could also giveaway these promotional items to clients when they visit your business.
  • Invest in branded tote bags instead of boxes to set yourself apart from the competition, while still staying in your budget.
Fulfillment Box

Fulfillment can add a ton of value to your company. Whether it is showing your customers that you appreciate them or advertising to potential new clients the possibilities are endless! If you choose to work with Wenning Branding for your future fulfillment needs it will allow you to focus on the things that keep your company running, while we work on the things to keep your company growing!

Fill out the form below and let us know how Wenning Branding can help with your fulfillment need!

Top Trendy Promotional Items

Top Promotional Items

The Top Trendy Promotional Items continue to change everyday but we have found some that will continue over into 2020. These products are great for spreading brand awareness but also for gifts to give to employees and clients.

This past year we have seen tons of trends come and go. However, we were able to decipher what trends will continue to be popular in 2020.  These promotional items are not only good for growing your company but to also spread brand awareness. These items can also be used for giveaways or gifts that can be given to your clients and coworkers. We will be giving you a variety of different options that we think every business should own and take advantage of having.

The first product that we will be discussing are paper straws. With social media going crazy about saving the turtles, we can all expect to see more paper straws with their brands logo on them.

Continuing with the eco-friendly theme, reusable bags will have also taken the country by storm. These bags not only can be easily customizable but are also serving a good cause. These won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

A newer trend that every person can appreciate are products that have marble print. The marble print gives a luxury look to products while still keeping the price relatively low. Items such as notebooks, phone cases and planners have become popular with this print.

Another cool texture or print that has become popular is cork. Cork print can be used for a variety of different promotional items such as bags and other eco-friendly products.

Stickers have been hot for some time now, especially with the younger decorators. Whether they are used for laptops, notebooks, or stainless-steel water bottles, stickers will remain popular.

With new technology always coming out, wireless charging capabilities have taken over. Say goodbye to wires, wireless charging is the way to go now. Easy to use and easy to grab your phone on the go.

Being around for centuries, leather has always been a premium material. Nothing is changing there, and leather will continue to be used for promotional items. Luggage, bags, journals and other everyday items will continue to use leather as their go to material.

Next on our list are for people that love the outdoors. Campfire mugs are perfect for everyone that loves to adventurous and need something to drink out of.  Easy to customize with your brand logo that will also last the person a long time.

Canvas backpacks is a product that everyone needs. These tend to be a higher quality than traditional backpacks and can be branded with a leather patch. If you’re carrying around a laptop or books a lot, you need one of these.

If you didn’t see our past post, then you need to check it out because we talked the Sherpa jackets. Sherpa jackets aren’t only like wearing a warm fuzzy blanket, but they are very stylish. With the cold weather here, this is a must.

All these products will be popular in 2020, so make sure you get yours now before it goes out of style. These are all great items to give to friends and family for the holidays. Also, take advantage of using these products to create more brand awareness in the new year.

The New Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa Jacket

This outerwear product is the most comfortable piece of clothing that you could ever think while still being stylish!

This brand new sherpa jacket is an absolute dream come true for the winter weather! Try and picture yourself wearing the coziest blanket while looking very stylish. The is one of the biggest trends of the winter season as they are seen everywhere you go. There is a reason for this! With the material being so soft, it provides an amazing comfortable jacket.

The jacket is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The plush fleece is not only soft on the exterior but is fully covered with it on the interior. The zip neck with a stand-up collar protects your neck and face from those harsh winds. Not only does it look comfortable, but this has been a very trendy piece of clothing this season. This jacket is great for casual, office, party, dating and every other outfit you may have on already.

Match anything you desire and comes in a variety of different colors. There are several colors such as black, grey, white, crème and much more. The jacket is for both men and women are provide a great look for anyone that puts it on. Stop setting with those bulky oversized winter jackets and get something that fits your style better. Personalize it however you would like and starting looking more stylish yet warm.

Keep yourself warm this winter with the brand-new  jacket. With it being such a hit this season, quit waiting around to get yourself one. These jackets are also great to give as gifts whether it is your family, friends or coworkers. You even have the ability to get your custom brand logo printed right on to the jacket to show off your brand.

Windshield Cover

Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow

Stop wasting so much time getting the snow off of your car make life easier with the Car Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow!

Don’t waste money on cheap covers that will eventually let you down. Buy a better-quality protector like this one that is made with premium materials. The easy to fit protector can fit on car you may drive it if is SUV, truck, van or sedan. You deserve the best for protecting your car, so don’t settle for anything less.

The custom-made windproof webbing straps easily attach to the sidemirrors and wheel structure. By having this so secure, you don’t have to worry it blowing away from your car.  The elastic straps were also added so that they won’t stretch or break no matter what the weather conditions are like. Another reason that this protector is better than the cheaper ones is that it won’t scratch your car. With the smooth texture of the protector, never worry about it damaging your car.

Why buy this? Winter is here and it will start to snow every day. Don’t spend any more time in the cold trying to clear off your windshield when you could just pull this off within seconds. No more defrosting and the best waterproof exterior protection you can find.

Once the snow has piled up over the protector, simply unattached the straps from the car. After that, grab the corner of it and pull it off of the windshield. Think of how much time this will save you in the mornings after it snowed all last night. No need for the snow scrapper anymore when you got this handy protector. We got you covered!

Don’t forget to put your custom brand logo on the protector to show off your brand. Great gift to give to your employees or as a gift to your family members. Everyone needs one of these in their lives to fight back against the cold snowy winter.

Grooming Set

Grooming Set

Looking for the perfect gift to give your employees or family? This grooming set is perfect, everyone needs a kit like this one.

The high-quality stainless-steel items are guaranteed to last you for a very long time. This kit for grooming comes with fully functioning items that can be found in a professional manicure kit. Great for traveling when you’re on the go or even at home where it can come in handy. With all the different tools that are in there, never forget to cut those fingernails or trim up that beard again.

There are over 10 different tools that can be used for manicures, hair, beards and much more. This set includes three nail clippers and trimmers of different sizes. It also comes with multi-purpose scissors, one razor for shaving, one cuticle trimmer and much more.  It has everything you could possibly need conveniently in one bag.

All these tools can be held securely in the portable and protective synthetic leather case. Made of premium leather will keep all your utensils safe while having a very stylish look to it as well. This is a great gift to give to your co-workers since the holidays are coming up. The perfect set can also be great for any friends and family that may need one for when they travel around. Everyone needs a kit like this so get one today for them or for yourself.

The leather travel case can also be customized anyway that you would like. Get your brand logo custom printed right on the case to show of your company. Since your co-workers are traveling, get them this to show off which can result in extra brand awareness. With all the different colors it comes in, personalize it anyway you would like. What are you waiting for? Get your Grooming Set today and stay looking good!

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