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Summer Social Media Offers

This Thursday is National Social Media Day and there is no better way to celebrate than engaging with your loyal audience through special summer social media offers. Social media has become so ingrained in our everyday lives. From personal posts to business pages, social media has vastly changed our lives. Honor the connections you’ve made with your social media accounts and create new impressions by offering one or more of the following social media offers!

Host a Sweepstakes

One of the best and most classic ways to give back to your audience and gain more traction on social media is by hosting sweepstakes. Take to your Instagram story and have contestants tag themselves in and repost your content for a chance to win some percent off of your product, membership, or services! The parameters of sweepstakes like this will guarantee organic leads to your page and further engagement with your current audience. 


 According to a study done by TailWind, 91% of Instagram posts that have more than 1,000 likes or comments are about contest posts. And social media accounts that run contests regularly grow 70% faster than those that don’t. So, to make the most of your giveaways, you have to make sure to keep your audience’s wants in mind. 

Offer your best products in a package for a free giveaway to one of your lucky followers. Make the requirements for entry fun, like sharing your post and telling about their favorite product of yours or how they use your services. And once you announce the winner, make sure to add a call to action for the rest of your audience to follow and engage with your accounts for more chances to win.

Ring in the summer with a fresh deal for your followers and see your analytics soar.

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Custom Camping Gear

June is national camping month! Take advantage of the nice weather and get outdoors with your loved ones this month. And make sure to load your family up for the great outdoors before you go with custom camping gear from Wenning Branding.


Light things up at the campsite with this brilliant lantern-style flashlight. This compact plastic flashlight has a collapsible feature that maximizes its portability (making it perfect for the hike to the campsite). Pull the handles to activate and create a loop to hang. Fully customizable with colors and printing options, this lantern is perfect for camping or any other outdoor event this season.


One of the biggest camping essentials you won’t want to leave home without is a high-quality cooler. This customizable cooler is just the right size for your camping needs. Its unique oval shape takes up minimum space and delivers maximum cooling performance. Choose from our color options and emblazon your name on the top to make your cooler the talk of the campground. It’s super tough yet 25% lighter than comparable coolers, which makes it perfect for any camping adventure.  

Deluxe Folding Chair

No matter how avid a hiker or camper you are, you will need to rest eventually. Take a seat by the fire with these super deluxe customizable folding chairs! These standard-sized captain chairs are made of a heavy-duty polyester sling and metal frame. Print your name on the back and choose from a half dozen colors to make your chair special.

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or camping in the backyard with your kids, these custom camping products are perfect for all of your outdoor needs.

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What We Can Do For You!

Do you have an idea for your brand that you are not quite sure how to execute? Let’s say you would like to invest in some branded merchandise for your business. More goes into that process than you might think!

From designing that perfect graphic to selecting fabric types and colors, you are going to have a lot on your hands with just this project alone. The process takes time, diligence, and patience. You know that if you are busy running your brand, you are likely to think that you do not have one more minute to spare on this.

We know you have enough on your plate as it is, so let us take care of your branded materials, just as we did for our client, Fusion Training Studio.

Branded Merchandise For Fusion Training Studio

Our client Fusion Training Studio came to us wanting new shirts for their gym. They gave us their logo and wanted us to design new shirts for them. We ended up with one design for guys, one for girls, and one that was unisex.

Our team was happy to take on this project. We ordered them and directly handled all of the manufacturing. These shirts are soft, breathable thin, and the printing is crisp and clear. The shirts sold out in no time!

What We Can Do For You

We like to handle a lot for our clients so that they don’t have to waste time worrying about the logistics of it all. If your business has an idea, we can create the design, order the shirts, and get them shipped out for you.  

We can do for you what we did for Fusion Training Studio and much, much more! If you are interested in taking your business to the next level with your branded merchandise, click here: https://wenningbranding.com/embroidery-and-screen-printing/

Safe Storage and Reliable Fulfillment

For any business, one of the first things you have to figure out is how you are going to store your products.  If you have an online business, you have the added respncibility of delivering your products reliably to your customers.  Both of these are multi-step, complicated processes that you must get right every time. If you don’t you risk ruining the relationships and trust that you have built with your customers. 

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a safe and reliable location to store all your products with Wenning Branding’s torage and Fulfillment Services!

The Importance of Reliability

Storage and fulfillment are two of the most critical parts of any business. You could have the best product on the market but you need your fulfillment services to be prompt and efficient too. Otherwise, the trust you have built between your consumers and your company will suffer. Having reliable and fast fulfillment services is essential to building a relationship with your consumer. 

With all the technology available today, customers’ expectations are at an all-time high. People want their shipments on time and as fast as possible. When shipping time-sensitive items, having your logistics down to a science is critical. That is why it is important to partner with a company like Wenning branding, so you no longer have to waste your time worrying about logistics since we will have it covered for you. 

We’ll Take Care of Everything

At Wenning Branding, we create a simple, satisfying storage and fulfillment experience for our clients. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a safe and reliable location to store all your products. We house all of your products in a secure place with accurate fulfillment services. So, give us your products and we will take care of the rest. Figuring out the logistics of storage and fulfillment on your own will take valuable time and attention away from other activities you have to do for your business. Find out how you can simplify your workload here! https://wenningbranding.com/storage-and-fulfillment/

Trusted and Reliable Online Store Fulfillment

These days, it’s more common to order what you need online than it is to run to the store. Between the pandemic and our growing daily dependence on the internet, brick-and-mortar stores are closing at a faster rate than ever. Online stores are taking over the market! With this influx of customers flocking to online stores, one of the most crucial business elements to have your fulfillment plan on point.

Why is Fulfillment So Important?

Have you ever heard from a friend: “Oh, don’t order from this website, the customer service was terrible!” or, “No, I didn’t get my product for WEEKS!” those are problems with shotty fulfillment plans. Fulfillment, especially if you are recently beginning your online store, is a long, arduous, and time-consuming process. You could have the best product, service, or monthly subscription box on the market today, but if your fulfillment services are lacking, you will still lose out in your customer relations. 

Don’t be the online store with terrible customer service!

This is Where We Come In!

With Wenning Branding’s online store fulfillment services, you can expect prompt, fast, and reliable delivery services every time. By outsourcing your fulfillment needs to us, we will handle all the tedious logistics for you. This way, you have the time to focus on more important things like expanding your business.

Store all your branding necessities and products in our safe and secure fulfillment centers. We will pick n’ pack membership fulfillment boxes and ship the products out to their customers. By housing all the products for your offices with us, you can be sure that they ship out to your newest employees, acquisitions, customers, and more quickly and efficiently.

With Wenning Branding’s Online Store and Fulfillment Center, your online store will get the peace of mind that comes from having reliable fulfillment services that you can trust.

For more information, click here: https://wenningbranding.com/online-store-and-fulfillment/ 

Tennis Ball Thrower

Want a great promotional product for your pet-related company? This exciting pet product, the tennis ball thrower, is perfect for that!

Does your arm ever hurt too much from playing fetch with your furry friend? And he or she is standing there waiting for another toss. With this great toy you will never let the pooch down again! Everyone knows the pain of throwing out your arm, and watching your happy pup get let down because fetch had to end early. This thrower gives an almost effortless motion to tossing the ball further than ever. As well as, the color you decide to choose for your product, will come equipped with a matching tennis ball.

This fun and exciting toy is a perfect product for pet centers, parks, fundraisers and many more. The thrower is made out of a flexible plastic to only create more whip for the tennis ball! Pull back and watch the ball launch and your pet go chasing! On the thrower you can put your custom logo on the arm, as well as pick between blue, red & yellow as the colors. If selected so, imprinting your logo on the tennis ball is an option as well. Next time you take your dog to the dog park, show off your new product as others will wish they had their own. The thrower is a little over a foot, while the tennis ball is the size of an average one. Making this essential tool very portable to bring anywhere.

Air Safe Toiletry Kit

The last thing you want when passing through airport security is to have to throw out your bottles of shampoo and toothpaste. Keep your personal care products safely secure and TSA safe with this air safe toiletry kit!

Whether it is for business, recreation, or vacation, about 48 percent of Americans take at least one flight each year. Thats almost half of Americans who need to pass through airport security on their way to their next destination. In order to make the tedious security process easier, you must make sure your products are up to TSA standards. For this reason, the air safe toiletry kit is perfect for anyone who frequently travels by air!

Branded with your company’s name and logo, this will make for a great giveaway gift to any employees or customers who travel. Your brand will be taking off each time someone boards their flight. People love to travel, however they also love to use their soap and care products from home. With this see through kit with included 3 oz bottles, your products will pass through security on your way to your destination. Make your brand stand out with this great promotional air travel kit!

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Travel Rain Coat

Don’t leave your employees and clients left to dry. By providing them with the Travel Rain Coat will ensure they never get wet!

Do you frequently have people running in and out of the office for you?  Does it affect their travel when it’s raining outside? Well, if so, a perfect promotional product for that case would be the Travel Rain Coat. Between the comfort, style and sleek design, this coat is a top-notch jacket for keeping you dry when it’s raining out! As well as, this will be a great chance to expose your brand and show off a great item. Start turning heads, getting questions, then leads by purchasing this item today!

The Travel Rain Coat is a sleek, critically seam sealed jacket with a waterproof, breathable coating and water repellent finish. Mother Nature does not stand a chance with the latest jacket in water protection. This modernized rain jacket is designed with a detachable snap off hood featuring an eye-catching graphic drawcord. Furthermore, more additions like the interior storm flap with rain gutter, velcro closure and dropped back hem. The Ansel carries all you need with an additional interior pocket with velcro closure and a secondary mesh stowable pocket.With an easily brandable chest and back location, your company logo or emblem has never looked better before. You can either choose an option to embroider your brand, or have it imprinted onto the jacket. Likewise, blue or black options of the jacket make it available to compliment company colors!

We all have traveling employees and clients, so why make them suffer if it rains on their trips? This is a perfect way to increase exposure on your company, as well as create some mobile advertising. This jacket it a perfect product for events, raffles, charities, or anything along those lines. So, purchase your Travel Rain Coat today and you won’t regret it!

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Travel Comfort Set

Long trips have become much more comfortable with this branded 3-piece Travel Comfort kit! Keep your clients and employees comfortable on their next big trip.

It’s important to remember the essentials when traveling. This means proper clothing, hygiene supplies, electronics, and even a good book. However, an often big oversight when going on long trips is comfort while on your journey! Your clients and employees will be cozy from point A to point B with this branded three piece Travel Comfort Kit!

Any traveler will be thrilled to receive this three-piece pillow and blanket set! Prepare for your next plane, train or car journey with a pillow, fleece blanket and an eye mask with hook-and-loop strap. The pillow and blanket are made from 100% polyester ultra-soft fleece fabric, and the pillow is filled with polyester microbeads for extra comfort. It also unzips to convert into a neck pillow to maximize your on-flight comfort.

Customized with your brand, your customers and clients will love this travel comfort set for their next trip. Practically any logo and name will look great with these comfortable items because of their gray base color. Gifting these branded travel comfort kits to employees who travel often will be a great way to spread your brand awareness. This promotional item is great for airlines, hotels, resorts, travel agencies and much more! Bring your branded travel comfort set no matter where life is taking you and your clients.

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Travel Care Kit

It’s hard out there when you’re on the road, so we developed a kit that will make you feel right at home. Our Travel Care Kit will ensure that your traveling is made easy and clean!

Do you have frequently traveling employees? Do you have clients coming back and forth to your office? Well, if so then they need the Travel Care Kit. Clients and co-workers are always on the go, providing them with this kit is an essential must have. We understand the difficulties of being on the go, so that’s why we want to help you ease the process. What better way to produce employee and client interactions than providing them with a care kit to travel with? This will help prove your band and give your company exposure all over the world!

The Travel Care Kit comes complete with all of the amenities that you need to feel comfortable, no matter where you are. Contents include an eye mask, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, nail file with keyring, earplugs, first aid kit, mints, chap balm and a portable tissue pack. The set-up charge includes an imprint on each item and a full-color label on the bag. This kit is perfect if you’re just trying to relax, by using the eye mask, or clean up with the hand sanitizer. With multiple options of items inside, you’ll be surprised how much comes with the pack!

Never let employees and clients travel solo again! Provide them with this kit so next time they go, they will have every day amenities on the go. These items are a perfect give away at events, trade shows, raffle give offs, charity fun-raisers, anything. This is one way to give your brand exposure and let your logo speak for its self. Having it on all of these travel items will advertise your brand everywhere the gift receiver takes it.


On-the-Go Yoga Mat

Your company’s branding has never been so flexible! Find your zen and stretch your promotional efforts with this branded On-the-Go Yoga Mat!

Breathe in, breathe out, and have peace of mind knowing you have a successful promo product to offer! Show off your brand at the gym, local park, or yoga studio. Everyone needs a little bit of Zen in their lives. With the On-the-Go Yoga Mat, you will be encouraging your customers to enter the healthy life style. As well as, it will be promoting the company right there on the mat! Doing yoga, stretching, it doesn’t matter. With the on-the-go feature, this will serve as an advertising opportunity for your business! Whether it’s a giveaway to clients, or a raffle prize, this will be a great promotional product to share you brand!

Be a big help to your health-conscious customers with this On-the-Go Yoga Mat! It’s made of PVC and measures 68″ L x 24″ W with a thickness of approximately 1/8″. Clean it with a damp cloth and easily roll it up for storage inside of the polyester and mesh carrying case and take it to and from class. The pouch comes with an adjustable 28″ strap for easy carrying and features a drawstring closure. You can only add your custom logo to the carrier, but it’s a great way to gain some exposure. Make this a way to surprise your clients!

From trade show products, company give always and charity fund raisers, this product will never be a bad gift! This gift is a good way to encourage a healthy life style. Furthermore, this will always come into use, to whereas this is a perfect gift for all types of people. When it comes to promotional opportunities, this is an ideal one. Prove your brand by throwing it on the On-the-Go Yoga Mat. People will be curious as to who gave you it. Then as a result your company will be getting the exposure you hoped for!

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Teardrop Flag Banner

Never stress not standing out from the rest again! With the Teardrop Flag Banner, you look professional as well as, more than prepared at your events!

Are you preparing for an upcoming event? Do you need a good tool to have you stand out from the rest? Well, with the Teardrop Flag Banner, you will do just that. Whether its indoor, or outdoor, these banners will be a perfect advertising opportunity.  What is a better way to show that you are prepared for an event than having a flag with your companies’ logo or emblem on it? There’s not many, so with this product you will have eyes drawn to your table in no time. Grab your Teardrop Flag Banner, stick in the ground or flat base and let people know who you are!

The Teardrop Flag Banner is made of warp knitting material. It’s a commonly shaped flag that can be used in a wide range of applications. They are quick and easy to set up as this comes with sectional poles that ease the process. Then, when finished, take down, and transport. An ideal for indoor & outdoor advertising. Suitable for events, exhibitions, trade shows and festivals and are a popular choice for car showrooms and forecourts, as well as petrol station promotions. As well as, 4 heights available as well as an optional carry bag available for easy storage and transportation. Furthermore, full color custom printed options available as well.

We all know that every company wants to stand out from the rest and attract as many people to their event as possible. When considering this wish, you want to make sure you take the proper steps when leading in to do so. Having the ideal gear and setup is a step you do want to take. Whereas the Teardrop Flag Banner is a must have when preparing for your event, then eventually having it waving in the air calling over all customers.

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2-in-1 Ball Marker

With this promotional 2-in-1 ball marker and divot tool, your golf-loving clients and employees will be taking your brand with them on the course!

With over 30 million golfers that recorded a round last year, it’s clear that people love to play golf in their time off. The 2-in-1 Divot Tool & Ball Marker is great for corporate gifts, employee appreciation, or charity auction packages. In addition, these items are the perfect giveaway gifts for any company or organization that may hold annual charity golf outings and tournaments.

Do you ever hit that perfect shot onto the green, but there is a dreaded divot on your putt line? Or do you ever get down to your ball and realize that you don’t have a ball marker? Well, with this item, you get the best of both worlds where you’ll never be shy of looking like a professional on the greens! Just clip and wear on your golf pants and that way you’ll never have to borrow your buddies’ tool again.

With a heavy-duty nickel or brass frame, you need to not fear how hard the greens are with your divot tool being durable to withstand any conditions. With a Backside Clip on the Divot Tool, just hook it on to your golf pants and go! In addition, the 2-in-1 Divot Tool & Ball Marker is offered in 4 different enamel colors. Likewise, easy access to the Ball Marker by simply pressing in the bottom edge of the marker and it will release from the clip. Print your company logo right on the ball marker to enhance the presentation when using this tool. This is the perfect gift for people who love to golf and will give incentive to get out there and play.

For all of the golf lovers in your company or organization, the 2-in-1 Divot Tool & Ball Marker will make for the perfect promo item to anyone on the green!

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Cooling Neck Wrap

Whether at the gym, running, biking, or just out on a hot day, stay cool while promoting your brand with a promotional Cooling Neck Wrap!

For your next promotional effort, get active! Snap on a fully customizable Cooling Neck Wrap around your neck to keep cool anywhere it’s hot. With full digital color printing, your company’s logo will be clearly presented to stand out at the gym or on the go! Just soak in water for 20 minutes and you are ready to go. No refrigeration or ice is required to stay cool. The only thing needed is science! For instance, the non-toxic polymers sewn inside will keep you cool all day through the process of evaporation. Additionally, the towel is reusable and long-lasting.

This product is also quite versatile. The cooling wrap is great for keeping cool around your neck. However, it is also quite handy as a cooling head band! Wrap it around your forehead to keep your head cool while out on a run!

Between going to the gym or jogging on a hot day, your company will get lots of new attention. Your active employees and customers will get lots of use out of this promo product. For this reason alone, your promotional efforts will reach as far as they decide to bike, run, and travel! Get active with your promo products today!

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Golf Towel with Pocket

Never worry about an unsuccessful event again. With the Golf Towel with Pocket, you will be receiving the exposure and traffic you’ve always wanted!

Do you want maximum exposure on your brand? And are you not sure how to do so? Well, with the Golf Towel with Pocket, you can do just so. This towel is an ideal product for golfers who typically head to outings or play weekly. This product stands out from the rest with its unique features like the pocket on the front to hold accessories. This promotional product will be a perfect giveaway for a charity, memorial, best client award, anything! Keep in mind a business’s biggest hobby is golf, so why not provide them with a product they will use almost daily.

This product features four colors being, tan, green, black and blue. So, you decide what your company logo or emblem looks best on then well ensure it comes ready to clip on the golf bag. Furthermore, this towel has a pocket enclosure pouch that can hold all golf accessories so they’re right there to grab! Being made of 100% cotton, this will clean hands, clubs, golf balls and other accessories without damaging them. With the hook feature on top, this towel will clip right on to your golf bag. As well as, that will be a great opportunity to have people notice it. Even better your brand or logo will be fully embroidered so it will never fade or wear off. When done and the towels dirty just throw in the washer and watch it get fully restored!

Never worry about an unsuccessful event again. This product is a perfect marketing tool when it comes to the business world. With the amazing and unique features this towel contains, it will always have people asking, “where did you get that?”. Say hello to a popular attraction at events so you can walk away with the exposure you’ve been looking for!

USB and Type-C Swivel Flash Drive

With the USB and Type-C Swivel Flash Drive, sharing files from Mac’s to PC’s has never been easier! Your employees and clients will love this useful promo product.

In your normal work environment, it is important for employees to be able to share information with each other. File sharing through USB is great, however new Mac computers do not include USB drives. They include a newly popular type of port, Type-C. To solve this issue, give them the power of the swivel with these unique USB and Type-C Swivel Flash Drive.  Each swivel flash drive includes a keychain as well as free setup. Add your company logo in laser engraved or pad print imprinting for an effective promotional tool that they’re sure to appreciate. In today’s working environment, both of these ports on a swivel flash drive is necessary.

This durable flash drive in rubberized plastic features a rotating metal cap which can be customized with silkscreen imprinting. The top of the swivel cap includes a small protruding ring which so that it can be used to attach to key rings or hooks. These swivel flash drives range from 8GB to 64GB of storage, so you’ll have plenty of space for important documents and files. This promotional flash drive is available in over 20 different colors. A flash drive is a useful device for any client from students, to corporate professionals. Put your name or logo on this plastic and metal flash drive for a great way to promote any event.

Go with a promotional tool that’s perfect for storing files, meeting presentations, schoolwork and more. From sales documents, to Power Point presentations, to family photo backup, this drive is a great way to ensure that your valuable digital information is protected and easily sharable. Be sure to make your next promotional giveaway one that will be useful for employees and clients alike!

Wireless Phone Charging Pad

Whats a better way to increase brand awareness than involving a product that will charge a smart phone? With the Wireless Phone Charging Pad, it will do just that!

We know everyone is always busy on their phone and eventually they will lose batter. In addition, we are aware sometimes that charger isn’t near, or you don’t like all the cord clutter. With the Wireless Phone Charging Pad, you will get the best of both worlds. With your company’s logo or emblem right on the top, it will be a great brand awareness tool. Whether it’s an employee, client, or raffle give away, they will gladly accept this gift and love using it! The receiver of this product will likely remember who gave to them, which is perfect for your company.

Statistics show a very high rate of success behind promotional products. With your logo and emblem on the product it will showcase your brand. Ultimately, this will work as an advertisement purpose as well. This Charging Pad will work perfect for your mobile devices as its compatible with most. Just place your phone down on it and let the charging begin. Furthermore, on the top there is a brandable location to include your company emblem or logo. Likewise, the Wireless Phone Charging Pad comes in two color options; black or white, that will look good with your theme colors. The imprint can either be done in silkscreen or Full Color depending on what you like better!

The Wireless Phone Charging Pad will be a great give-a-way by any means. Everyone in the business world has a mobile device and they all need to be changed somehow. So why not grant them to a universal charging pad to ensure their devices are always ready to go! The recipient will be very happy to receive this promotional item as it will come in major handy. So, pick up your new, innovative product today and start awarding your coworkers and clients!

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a great way to increase brand recognition as well as, showing appreciation for employees & clients!

Everyone loves to listen to music, including your customers and employees. No matter if it’s country, hip-hop, or classical, there is always a need for music on the go. Or, are you sick of changing the batteries in your headset? Well, with the Wireless Bluetooth headphone set you won’t need to worry about any of those things. Step up the game when promoting your company by giving away these headphones. Between the quality, appearance and durability they will have employees and clients asking for them. By including your company’s logo or emblem, the visuals will be showing off your company at all times!

Not only are these headphones portable, but the charging case is as well. Take these anywhere and always have them charged. There is up to a 30-foot range for these headphones so if you happen to step away from your phone you will not lose connection! Including a standard USB charging cable, you will be able to charge your power base practically anywhere. With a brandable charging port, it will put on quit the display when plugging in your headphones. Built out of a tough plastic, they will be durable and withstand the loud noise they produce.

When attempting to reach new, or current clients, there is no better way than proving a gift. These ear buds are a perfect gift for such that. Grab employee and client’s attention quick as these powerful headphones will suit their needs. Perfect for listening to music, podcasts and even taking calls! These are the future, so stay up to date and grab your pair of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. An ideal way to hand them out would be at a promotional event or as a curtsey gift. Especially targeting an audience that is interested in them, they will be sure to love the product.

USB Power Bank

Make sure your employees aren’t caught dead with an uncharged phone. Keep their energy up while on-the-go with the USB Power Bank!

Let’s face it; It’s hard to get by today without electronic devices on-the-go. From cell phones to wireless headphones, it’s important to keep your devices charged. Don’t get caught dead with an uncharged device! Keep the energy flowing with a portable USB Power Bank to keep on-the-go. So, for your next promotional product, consider this portable and lightweight USB Power Bank!

Start a powerful branding effort by offering this promotional product to your customers and employees!  It features a 2600 mAh battery to keep your typical smart phone charged for twice as long. In addition, this portable charger comes packaged with it’s own USB cable to charge at home. Additionally, this product is available in a variety of colors to choose from. It also has an aluminum outer casing. Select which color is best for your brand and have it imprinted with your company name or logo.

Also, this promotional portable charger is the perfect giveaway for employees and loyal customers. Additionally, it can be handed out at a trade shows and conferences to further spread your branding. These portable electronic device chargers can be sold as souvenirs in any gift shop or market!

In any case, be sure to stay charged while on the go! Altogether, your clients, employees and trade show attendees are going to love this stylish yet cost-friendly portable phone charger! Keep them powered up and energized for your next big promotional product offering!

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Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

Want to give your employees or customers something useful that is branded with your company’s logo? With their own Wooden Bluetooth Speaker, their next day outdoors will be full of good music!

Do your customers and employees love your brand? Do they also want something fun, tech related and highly useful?  With the Wooden Bluetooth Speaker, you can brand for your business and they can play their music wirelessly and not have to worry about a cord cluster. On the beach, by the pool, or just relaxing in the sun, your name and logo will be blasting tunes for hours.

The Wooden Bluetooth has many features to rave about, so where do we start? Well, first decide how you want to raffle off this charm. It is perfect for birthdays, holidays, or well raffles. With an engraved logo destination on the front, your employees will always remember who gifted them this speaker! With its spectacular portability features, you will never fear running into a time where you can’t make this an essential item to pack. A battery life of three hours with max volume enabled, you will be able to supply the party with good background noise. Furthermore, a 33-foot bluetooth range, you can be anywhere at your party, or whatever the event is and still be playing music!

What’s a better way to compliment an event, outing or party rather than playing music?  Well, without your Wooden Bluetooth Speaker this wouldn’t be possible. This is a great opportunity to gift your employees with an appreciation gift, being this speaker. Giving you and your audience a crystal-clear sound quality, as well as, a very loud sound, your event will be one to remember. So, grab your phone, connect to the speaker and trot around as you have over 30 feet of range and have fun!