Attention Grabbing Trade Show Tips

Attention Grabbing Trade Show Tips

After a year of being out of commission, trade shows are back and better than ever! But a year off has made all of us a little rusty in terms of our trade show tricks. It’s hard enough getting back to regular social functions, let alone selling and pitching yourself and your brand to strangers. Have no fear! The experts at Wenning Branding are here to help with tips and tricks on how to break the ice with potential clients and hold their attention to get them interested in your brand.

Break The Ice in a Creative Way!

The number one tool that you should be sharpening before you get to your trade show is your opener. This is the beginning of the crucial first impression. So, make it memorable!

For example, our leading expert on trade show tactics, Eric Wenning, has a signature opener for new clients. He would hand prospects a pamphlet and say: “Can you throw this out for me?” This funny one-liner caught their attention and made them feel comfortable enough to approach your booth.

Turn Your Brochure Into a Game!

Once you get people to your booth, you obviously want to keep them there. Try living up your materials! For example: turn your brochure into a game! With every booth handing out their own pamphlets, people are loaded up with so much stuff that they don’t even look at all of it. By putting a game on your brochure, people will be interested in your content and others will flock to see the fun booth with the game. It’s a great way to get people to look closely at your content in a memorable way.

Keep your mind on being creative. Get unique with your opening lines and your brochure. Tailor them to your specific company or brand and have fun with it! The more fun you’re having the more fun your potential clients will have. So get creative!

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