Make Your Visitors Feel Special!

To your visitors, trade shows can seem like seas of endless tables and booths. And you are right in the middle of that mix, trying to get their attention. Whether you are a veteran in the tradeshow world or just starting out, the hardest part is always: How do I make my booth stand out and stick in my visitor’s minds?

Make Your Visitors Feel Special

The key to making a lasting impression on your visitors is to make them feel special. Our resident trade show expert, Eric Wenning, has a foolproof method to get people not only invested in your booth but to keep them coming back: VIP Lanyards!

At his booth, Eric often gave out a “VIP Lanyard” to visitors who stopped and talked at his booth. Then at the end of the day, he randomly picked someone who still wore it to feature in a small clip and gave them a prize!

This technique has many different benefits. First of all, it makes your guests feel special and welcomed by your organization with a unique gift and incentive to wear the lanyard all day. Also, it’s free marketing! You will catch the eye of other guests who have not seen your booth. The exclusivity of the badges will make them want to find out where everyone is getting them.

It also will slightly intimidate the competition, since guests go to their booths already wearing your branded merch. Not many other businesses do lanyards like this. So, it’s a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Layer On The Prizes

Once your visitors return to your booth, it’s time to layer on the prizes! This is a perfect opportunity to have some fun with your branded items. Maybe you give your branded pen out to everyone who stops by but only those who come back with their VIP passes can get one of your more special branded items. Or if you really want to stand out, do what Eric did and hand out Amazon gift cards.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you stand out at your next trade show and leave a great first impression!

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