How To Utilize Video Properly

Are You Utilizing Video Properly?

Is your online marketing plan stuck in static images and text posts?  Do you have videos already in your arsenal but aren’t satisfied with how they look?  This is a major hurdle to jump if your company doesn’t already have an in house video editor.  Figuring out the language of videos and what types of videos work best on which medium is a full time job in and of itself.  A more convenient way to reinvigorate your marketing plan with well made videos is to go through our tried and trusted video editing service Videotter! 

But why do you even need videos in your marketing plan? Why aren’t static images and texts enough.


Why Utilize Videos Anyways?

Human’s eyes are naturally more attracted to movement.  So, biologically, video captures your potential customers eyes better than static images.  The more attention grabbing the video,  the more engagement your brand gets overall!

“But I Already Have Static Ads, Why Should I Add Videos?”

You might be thinking to yourself that sure, you get it video is important.  But is it really THAT much better than regular images?  Statistically, video posts are more likely to increase engagement and clicks than static images or text. So unless you want your online engagement to flat line, get with videos!

So, now that you know how video’s will transform your marketing and social media presence, where do you go from here?  Editing videos is hard.  Trying to make engaging video content takes a lot of skill and time to master.  So save yourself your valuable time (and the head ache of teaching yourself new software) and sign up for our video editing service Videotter!

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