Get Sustainable With Your Branding!

How To Get Sustainable in Your Marketing Plan

Sustainability is one of the hottest trends in marketing today.  Tons of consumers are becoming more thoughtful about what they buy and use and its impact on the planet.  When thinking about what to market yourself or you company with, you want to keep in mind what your potential customers would use again and again.

Reuse is key here.  The more your customers are able to use the products you brand yourself on, the better they feel as ethical consumers.  Also, the more they uses our product, the more publicity your name or logo gets. 

This week’s featured products: Wheat Straw Cups and Mugs!

Wheat Straw Mug

This wheat travel mug, made of sustainable materials is great for hot beverages! Featuring a 50/50 coffee ground and plastic blend, this mug holds 17 ounces and a screw on lid for a secure hold on the go. 

Find out more about the Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Coffee Mug here

Wheat Straw Cup

This water bottle is made from 100% sustainable and renewable natural wheat straw fiber. Whether you’re drinking your water while traveling, sipping on a hot cup of tea at home, this water bottle is up to the task.

Find out more about the Plastic Wheat Straw Coffee Cup here!

Both of these versatile and sustainable cups are great ways to market yourself and your brand this summer.  Single use products are a thing of the past. Bring your marketing plan up to speed with these and other fully customizable sustainable products. 

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