Pump Up Your Branding

Attention all gyms: this is YOUR time of year! With the new year comes resolutions, and one of the most common resolutions for Americans is to get in shape. But before your clients can pump iron at your gym, they need to know that you even exist. A new year is a perfect time to reevaluate your marketing plan and try something new. Pump up your branding strategy with Wenning Branding! 

Promotional Products and Custom Embroidery 

Nothing gets new clients in the door easier than free stuff. What impresses your clients enough for them to stay in high-quality free stuff tailored to them? So if you own a gym, promote yourself on items like towels, water bottles, and lanyards. Or, invest in our custom embroidery services for your most valued members to show your appreciation. The options are limitless when you promote your business with Wenning Branding.

Social Media Advertising

You’re probably already on social media. But is your current social media strategy working for you? Promote your new year’s deals, and free trial periods, and run contests with the help of Wenning Branding’s social media marketing experts. We know what trends and what flops and will use our years of experience to boost your engagement.

Web and Graphic Design

Pump up your branding by pumping up your web design. It is a major turn-off for potential clients when they visit your site and see its last update was in 2010. Bring your website into 2023 with the help of our expert graphic and web design team.

These are not even HALF of the amazing and reliable services we offer. Make your branding crystal clear with Wenning Branding. Check out our website for more small business marketing tips and high-quality, fully customizable branding products! https://wenningbranding.com

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Bag It Up! Which Option Is Right For You?

You, your family, and friends can never have too many bags to carry throughout your day. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

With school starting back up or if you’re planning your next trip, or even if you’re just on the go, everyone could use a bag to carry their belongings; especially their PPE products. Each bag has different options and features for you and your loved ones. We are here to help and offer you a variety of bag types to accommodate your needs.


Waterproof Bag

This is a perfect bag for those rainy days. Our 2.64 gallon waterproof bag can be carried right by your side. Our waterproof bag is tough and durable and keeps all valuables or products inside from getting wet. Our bag is also customizable for a direct print method for logo or graphics and available in different colors.


Drawstring Bag

You can never go wrong with having a drawstring bag to hold different necessities throughout your day. Dependable and easy to carry. Our non-woven 80 gram drawstring bag features water-resistant polypropylene coating. Our drawstring bags are the perfect size for everyone and can fit into many different spaces. Drawstring bags come in different option of colors and include one color imprint.


Canvas Tote

On those hot days, you just want that nice cool drink of water and be able to keep your necessities in one bag. Our water resistant canvas tote is perfect for you. The water resistant canvas tote bags are able to be branded with a logo using the direct print method and it comes in many different colors to choose from.

Multi Pocket

You can never have too many compartments in one bag. Our multi pocket tote is functional for daily use and looks great when you, family or friends carry it around. It features multiple compartments on the front and has a main zippered compartment to store larger and bulkier items. On the side, there are small zippered pockets to store items such as hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes or your face mask when you are not using it. An open pocket inside for easy access and a mesh pocket that can hold water bottles throughout your day.

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