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Our custom signs can help promote your business’ guidelines to keep guests and employees safe and let the general public know you are reopen for business.

Monday July 6, 2020

Social distancing and CDC guidelines are the new ways customers are able to come to your business safely. Every county and state have different guidelines they have to follow. This is an easy way to inform your customers before coming into shop around.

Custom Business Signage

Signs can include phrases like “Practice Social Distancing” or “Before Entering, Please Read The Following Guidelines” your business is following. These informal signs can help your business keep your employees and customers safe and healthy. In order for businesses to stay open, guidelines need to be followed and these different types of signage are a way to make that happen.

Product Descriptions of Signage

Product Descriptions

We have many different types of signage available to help promote your business’ guidelines or availability. We have the Custom “Practice Social Distancing” Floor Stickers, the Whirlwind Outdoor Sidewalk Sign, the Straight Feather Flag and the Navigator Outdoor Portable Sign Stand. Each of these signs can include “Practice Social Distancing”  or specific CDC guidelines your business is following.

Our “Custom Practice Social Distancing“ Floor Stickers can be applied six feet apart to give your customers a visual reminder of how far away they should be from each other. These floor stickers can be customized with your business logo, personalized text and color.

Our Whirlwind Outdoor Sidewalk Sign is an eco-friendly display choice and offers the maximum weather resistant features. This sign offers single or double sided customized graphic options.

Our Straight Feather Flag can achieve high visibility for outside your business that are available in three sizes and can be secured with either X-Stand base or a Ground-Stake base. The custom printed flag comes double sided.

Our Navigator Outdoor Portable Sign Stand is a standing display for outside of your business. This sign comes in three pieces and very easy to set up and install.  The custom printed adhesive vinyl is digitally printed and can be single or double sided.

Common Uses of Signage

Common Uses of Signage

  • Inform specific guidelines to customers
  • Advertise if business is open to public
  • Apply social distancing with specific distances throughout business

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