How To Create A Hybrid Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are back in full swing! However, the past year and a half of event cancelations have resulted in an attendance dip. This drop could be due to anxiety over health and safety procedures or just because they do not want to make the trip to an expo show anymore.

Whatever the reason, it is going to take a lot to get your prospective clients engaged during this year’s trade shows. Just because in person attendance might be down, that does not mean you are limited. One of the best ways to get your clients engaged and interested is to create a hybrid trade show booth!

Creating Hybrid Trade Show Booths

A hybrid booth is when you feature engagement opportunities in person at your trade show as well as online! The key to setting up a successful hybrid booth is to strike a good balance between in-person and virtual experiences.

Get Organized

Your first step to creating a hybrid booth is to get your information in order. Make sure you have an organized and easy-to-use online catalog of services and products you offer. This will be a helpful and easy-to-reference resource for your potential customers and clients to reference.

Creating Engagement

Once you get your information organized, then you can begin developing your engagement opportunities. Have short informational videos available online that are also able to stream on monitors at the event. Live stream from your booth. Host a short webinar for your product or service for your in-person visitors and stream it on your social media accounts.

Get creative with your hybrid events and find the right ones that fit for your business!

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