Zippered Earbud Headphones

Blast your business to the world with this zippered earbud headphones kit. These are ideal for anyone from today’s college student to an active executive. The zippered earbuds come in a variety of colors to enjoy listening to your music in the car, at work, or in the gym! These earphones have the wires hidden inside a working zipper. Just unzip for use and zip back up to keep the wires tangle free. The zippered earbud headphone kit is perfect for people on the go who like to keep their items in great shape. The headphone kit comes with a leatherette packaging zipper case with a logo imprint to seal the deal!

Print your logo on the zippered pull ensuring your brand will be seen repeatedly. Compatible with smartphones, music players or anything with a 3.5mm connection these zippered earbuds measure 46” long. The compact earbuds will not tangle and make taking them on the go with you easy! Designed to fit perfectly within your ear, these headphones are more comfortable than any other ear-bud design and will remain snug and secure.

Add your company name or logo using one of our imprinting methods and turn up the volume on your next campaign!

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