Key Ring Phone Stand and Cleaner

What is worse than having a dirty phone screen with finger prints all over it? At the same time have your phone stationed to on your desk to make the phone more visible while working.

The Key Ring Phone Stand and Cleaner is a perfect desk accessory in the office or at your home.  Provides perfect angles of view when using it for FaceTime and watching films.  Even being propped up on a desk will allow you to see any incoming emails, calls or text messages so you’ll never miss a thing.  Easily remove the phone from the dock with no effort at all and can easily be replaced on it.  Absolute must for anyone sitting at a desk doing their work to keep the phone out of your pocket.  Also, protects the phone from being knocked over and causing any damages that may occur.  Also being off of the surface, prevents any spillage to land on the phone keeping it protected.

The multi-function key ring has a convenient carabiner which can be attached to belts, bags and other loops easily.  The innovative design allows the carabiner to also as a portable phone stand wherever it goes.  The back is made with a soft screen cleaner so never worry about smudges again.  The small key ring is full of hidden features that is sure to impress.  When it is not being used as a stand, the phone fits perfectly inside acting as a case.  The case protects the phone inside from all angles allowing it to be safe wherever it goes.  It is a no brainer!

This is a perfect gift to giveaway or buy as a present for your co-workers to have.  Comes in a variety of different colors for full customization and has the ability to have your very own brand logo or name on it.  Show off your brand in style anywhere you go and catch the eyes of others wondering why they haven’t gotten one themselves.