Keep Students Safe with Desk Shields

Desk Shield Cover

Keep Students Safe with Desk Shields

Monday September 14, 2020

This school year may look a little different from previous years. During this time, it is important to keep students and staff safe and healthy when learning or teaching in the classrooms. Our variety of desk shields can maintain social distancing, effectively reduce risks and protect the health of students and staff throughout the school day.

Our Desk Shields

Our desk shields come in different styles and sizes to protect students while attending each school day. Both our clear School Countertop Desk Shield and our white and clear Corrugated Desk Shield D5 are made up of acrylic plastic. Our clear PPE Anti-Spray Table Top Divider is made up of acrylic. We even offer some custom design options on different desk shields to represent school pride! 

Common Uses

Each of our desk shields are great for all schools and can be placed in areas such as classrooms, desktops, countertops, and tables. Our desk shields help maintain social distance and separation between students when sitting in class or eating in the cafeteria. With the clear acrylic or acrylic plastic, students are able to still interact with other classmates and teachers while maintaining social distancing. At the end of the school day, each shield can easily be disinfected with sprays or wipes.

Our Family of PPE Products

We have everything you need to keep students and staff safe and healthy during each school day throughout the school year. For products to clean desk shields, we offer pack of disinfecting alcohol wipes and spray bottles of sanitizer. Other PPE products include liquid and gel hand sanitizer, face shields, disposable shoe covers, pack of alcohol prep pads, pack of latex disposable gloves and many different options of disposable and reusable face masks. To purchase any PPE products, click here.

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