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Sanitizer Stations for School

Monday, August 31, 2020

Hand hygiene is a must for students going back to school face-to-face during the pandemic. Sanitizer stations are important to avoid getting yourself or others sick and to kill the spread of germs. The use of sanitizer is a quick and easy way to clean hands effectively.

Foam or Gel

Not sure whether to purchase foam or gel hand sanitizer? Each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is ultimately up to the schools’ preference. Both types of sanitizers are 99% effective to kill germs when students cover all surfaces on their hands. Gel sanitizer is known to drip off the hands when applying while foam sanitizer doesn’t. This can be a better option for students of all ages even though foam sanitizer may be more expensive than gel. The decision comes down to what works best for each school district.

Wall Mounted or Self-Standing

Wall mounted and self-standing sanitizer stations feature a touch-free design for students to easily use. Each sanitizer stations can be refilled with either foam or gel hand sanitizer. Both models can be installed throughout schools at the entrances, classrooms, cafeteria, library, gymnasium, playground and much more. To view and purchase our sanitizer station models, click here.

Keeping Students Healthy

School is more than sitting in reading, math and history classes. School offers more of an influence on students’ health and happiness. Throughout the school day, students develop social and emotional skills while learning their educational lessons. For students to go back to face-to-face class interactions, school health guidelines need to be followed. Online learning is hard for some students, especially younger kids. It is important to keep students safe and healthy to get back into the classrooms.

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