How To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Trade Show

One way to enhance your trade show game is to incorporate social media into your plan! But, if you’re just starting out or if you’re unfamiliar with how to effectively use social media that can seem overwhelming. That’s why this week, we’re breaking down the best ways to incorporate social media into your trade show from start to finish!

Incorporate Social Media Before The Event

Firstly, you should be consistently utilizing social media before the event. Combining social media ads along with your usual marketing plan will help you to reach a wider audience. And you don’t have to stop at simple awareness ads. Posting about a crazy, cool offer a week or two before will get people interested in you and keep your brand fresh in their heads.

What To Do While You’re There

Next, you should be utilizing social media during the event. Always remember that with social media, consistency is key! Posting and updating live during your trade show keeps people in the know. This will help raise awareness about your booth and giveaways. It will also get your information out there to people who weren’t able to make it.

Have fun with it and engage with your visitors! Have a custom geo-filter on Snapchat, which you can buy for a small area and get people to post on a snap map or local snap story, which everyone can see. A great idea is to make it a contest or game somehow about getting people to take a pic of something with the filter and win a prize!

What To Do After

Then afterward, all ways do follow up! Retarget ads with a limited offer (X% off if you book/buy in the next two weeks, the more you buy, the better the deal is, etc.). That combined with a good performance at the show will get people to stick with you and your brand. Get creative and have fun, and your visitors will remember your booth.

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