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Golf Towel with Pocket

Never worry about an unsuccessful event again. With the Golf Towel with Pocket, you will be receiving the exposure and traffic you’ve always wanted!

Do you want maximum exposure on your brand? And are you not sure how to do so? Well, with the Golf Towel with Pocket, you can do just so. This towel is an ideal product for golfers who typically head to outings or play weekly. This product stands out from the rest with its unique features like the pocket on the front to hold accessories. This promotional product will be a perfect giveaway for a charity, memorial, best client award, anything! Keep in mind a business’s biggest hobby is golf, so why not provide them with a product they will use almost daily.

This product features four colors being, tan, green, black and blue. So, you decide what your company logo or emblem looks best on then well ensure it comes ready to clip on the golf bag. Furthermore, this towel has a pocket enclosure pouch that can hold all golf accessories so they’re right there to grab! Being made of 100% cotton, this will clean hands, clubs, golf balls and other accessories without damaging them. With the hook feature on top, this towel will clip right on to your golf bag. As well as, that will be a great opportunity to have people notice it. Even better your brand or logo will be fully embroidered so it will never fade or wear off. When done and the towels dirty just throw in the washer and watch it get fully restored!

Never worry about an unsuccessful event again. This product is a perfect marketing tool when it comes to the business world. With the amazing and unique features this towel contains, it will always have people asking, “where did you get that?”. Say hello to a popular attraction at events so you can walk away with the exposure you’ve been looking for!

USB and Type-C Swivel Flash Drive

With the USB and Type-C Swivel Flash Drive, sharing files from Mac’s to PC’s has never been easier! Your employees and clients will love this useful promo product.

In your normal work environment, it is important for employees to be able to share information with each other. File sharing through USB is great, however new Mac computers do not include USB drives. They include a newly popular type of port, Type-C. To solve this issue, give them the power of the swivel with these unique USB and Type-C Swivel Flash Drive.  Each swivel flash drive includes a keychain as well as free setup. Add your company logo in laser engraved or pad print imprinting for an effective promotional tool that they’re sure to appreciate. In today’s working environment, both of these ports on a swivel flash drive is necessary.

This durable flash drive in rubberized plastic features a rotating metal cap which can be customized with silkscreen imprinting. The top of the swivel cap includes a small protruding ring which so that it can be used to attach to key rings or hooks. These swivel flash drives range from 8GB to 64GB of storage, so you’ll have plenty of space for important documents and files. This promotional flash drive is available in over 20 different colors. A flash drive is a useful device for any client from students, to corporate professionals. Put your name or logo on this plastic and metal flash drive for a great way to promote any event.

Go with a promotional tool that’s perfect for storing files, meeting presentations, schoolwork and more. From sales documents, to Power Point presentations, to family photo backup, this drive is a great way to ensure that your valuable digital information is protected and easily sharable. Be sure to make your next promotional giveaway one that will be useful for employees and clients alike!

Wireless Phone Charging Pad

Whats a better way to increase brand awareness than involving a product that will charge a smart phone? With the Wireless Phone Charging Pad, it will do just that!

We know everyone is always busy on their phone and eventually they will lose batter. In addition, we are aware sometimes that charger isn’t near, or you don’t like all the cord clutter. With the Wireless Phone Charging Pad, you will get the best of both worlds. With your company’s logo or emblem right on the top, it will be a great brand awareness tool. Whether it’s an employee, client, or raffle give away, they will gladly accept this gift and love using it! The receiver of this product will likely remember who gave to them, which is perfect for your company.

Statistics show a very high rate of success behind promotional products. With your logo and emblem on the product it will showcase your brand. Ultimately, this will work as an advertisement purpose as well. This Charging Pad will work perfect for your mobile devices as its compatible with most. Just place your phone down on it and let the charging begin. Furthermore, on the top there is a brandable location to include your company emblem or logo. Likewise, the Wireless Phone Charging Pad comes in two color options; black or white, that will look good with your theme colors. The imprint can either be done in silkscreen or Full Color depending on what you like better!

The Wireless Phone Charging Pad will be a great give-a-way by any means. Everyone in the business world has a mobile device and they all need to be changed somehow. So why not grant them to a universal charging pad to ensure their devices are always ready to go! The recipient will be very happy to receive this promotional item as it will come in major handy. So, pick up your new, innovative product today and start awarding your coworkers and clients!

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a great way to increase brand recognition as well as, showing appreciation for employees & clients!

Everyone loves to listen to music, including your customers and employees. No matter if it’s country, hip-hop, or classical, there is always a need for music on the go. Or, are you sick of changing the batteries in your headset? Well, with the Wireless Bluetooth headphone set you won’t need to worry about any of those things. Step up the game when promoting your company by giving away these headphones. Between the quality, appearance and durability they will have employees and clients asking for them. By including your company’s logo or emblem, the visuals will be showing off your company at all times!

Not only are these headphones portable, but the charging case is as well. Take these anywhere and always have them charged. There is up to a 30-foot range for these headphones so if you happen to step away from your phone you will not lose connection! Including a standard USB charging cable, you will be able to charge your power base practically anywhere. With a brandable charging port, it will put on quit the display when plugging in your headphones. Built out of a tough plastic, they will be durable and withstand the loud noise they produce.

When attempting to reach new, or current clients, there is no better way than proving a gift. These ear buds are a perfect gift for such that. Grab employee and client’s attention quick as these powerful headphones will suit their needs. Perfect for listening to music, podcasts and even taking calls! These are the future, so stay up to date and grab your pair of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. An ideal way to hand them out would be at a promotional event or as a curtsey gift. Especially targeting an audience that is interested in them, they will be sure to love the product.

USB Power Bank

Make sure your employees aren’t caught dead with an uncharged phone. Keep their energy up while on-the-go with the USB Power Bank!

Let’s face it; It’s hard to get by today without electronic devices on-the-go. From cell phones to wireless headphones, it’s important to keep your devices charged. Don’t get caught dead with an uncharged device! Keep the energy flowing with a portable USB Power Bank to keep on-the-go. So, for your next promotional product, consider this portable and lightweight USB Power Bank!

Start a powerful branding effort by offering this promotional product to your customers and employees!  It features a 2600 mAh battery to keep your typical smart phone charged for twice as long. In addition, this portable charger comes packaged with it’s own USB cable to charge at home. Additionally, this product is available in a variety of colors to choose from. It also has an aluminum outer casing. Select which color is best for your brand and have it imprinted with your company name or logo.

Also, this promotional portable charger is the perfect giveaway for employees and loyal customers. Additionally, it can be handed out at a trade shows and conferences to further spread your branding. These portable electronic device chargers can be sold as souvenirs in any gift shop or market!

In any case, be sure to stay charged while on the go! Altogether, your clients, employees and trade show attendees are going to love this stylish yet cost-friendly portable phone charger! Keep them powered up and energized for your next big promotional product offering!

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Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

Want to give your employees or customers something useful that is branded with your company’s logo? With their own Wooden Bluetooth Speaker, their next day outdoors will be full of good music!

Do your customers and employees love your brand? Do they also want something fun, tech related and highly useful?  With the Wooden Bluetooth Speaker, you can brand for your business and they can play their music wirelessly and not have to worry about a cord cluster. On the beach, by the pool, or just relaxing in the sun, your name and logo will be blasting tunes for hours.

The Wooden Bluetooth has many features to rave about, so where do we start? Well, first decide how you want to raffle off this charm. It is perfect for birthdays, holidays, or well raffles. With an engraved logo destination on the front, your employees will always remember who gifted them this speaker! With its spectacular portability features, you will never fear running into a time where you can’t make this an essential item to pack. A battery life of three hours with max volume enabled, you will be able to supply the party with good background noise. Furthermore, a 33-foot bluetooth range, you can be anywhere at your party, or whatever the event is and still be playing music!

What’s a better way to compliment an event, outing or party rather than playing music?  Well, without your Wooden Bluetooth Speaker this wouldn’t be possible. This is a great opportunity to gift your employees with an appreciation gift, being this speaker. Giving you and your audience a crystal-clear sound quality, as well as, a very loud sound, your event will be one to remember. So, grab your phone, connect to the speaker and trot around as you have over 30 feet of range and have fun!

Kangaroo Hidden Pocket Beach Towel

Are your employees taking any trips to the beach or spending a day at the pool? Keep your belongings safe and secure with your own branded Kangaroo Hidden Pocket Beach Towel!

Are your summer days becoming long and boring? Do you feel like you need to get away and relax? It’s time to get going on your next summer vacation to the beach! When packing up your belongings, it’s important to remember the essentials. This means sun-screen, bathing suits, sandals, and sunglasses. However, the one thing that you, or any of your employees, really shouldn’t leave without is a beach towel with a built-in secret pocket branded with your company’s logo!

The hidden pocket feature of this towel is invisible to the naked eye, and that’s a good thing. The Kangaroo Hidden Pocket Beach Towel features your company’s name and logo printed on the front. In addition, the back corner of the towel contains the zippered hidden pocket. The hidden pocket keeps your items secure and free from water damage. It is water-resistant and highly protective! Keeping your essentials such as your phone, wallet, keys, and glasses hidden and secured has never been this easy.

Your company’s employees will love this as a gift before their next vacation! It can also be sold or gifted to customers to take along on their next beach trip. Not to mention, your logo will be displayed proudly out on the sand for everyone on the beach to see! In addition, you can take this towel anywhere else you desire. A picnic in the park, a day at the pool, or maybe even an outdoor concert; Your employees and customers will love this branded gift and your image will be everywhere.

For your next promotional product, pick the Kangaroo Hidden Pocket Beach Towel. Highly useful and versatile, your company logo will be traveling from beach to beach. Your employees and your customers will never want to come home from vacation! Stay dry and keep your belongings safe with this branded beach towel.

Patriotic Inflatable Ball

Want your logo bouncing around the beach or the pool? The Patriotic Inflatable Ball is perfect for that and will keep the summer fun going all day long!

 With today marking our nations Independence Day, make sure to rock your red, white and blue. The first way to make this possible is by grabbing your Patriotic Inflatable Ball. This ball comes preset in our nation’s colors, while still managing to throw your companies brand or logo on it. No matter where life is taking you this 4thof July, you should include your Patriotic Inflatable Ball. Obviously, it’s perfect for going to the beach, but will also work at events, tailgates and many more. In addition, with this ball bouncing around back and forth, your brand will be seen by many making this a perfect way to brand your company.

Red, white and blue, everyone knows what those colors symbolize. So, why not spread the cheer by throwing an inflatable ball around where everyone can have a good time. With this product being 16”, it will be seen from anywhere! On top of being large and outstanding, you are free to top it off with your company’s logo. Being made of the highest quality plastic, you won’t need to fear letting this thing bounce around all day. Blow up, easily deflate, the Patriotic Inflatable Ball will be a perfect product to gift for your employees.

Going to the beach? Bring your ball! Spending a day in he park and want to have some fun? Bring your ball! No matter where your employees and customers go this summer, make sure they have some portable fun to go along with them.  This will provide the guests with fun, as well as, some insight on the logo that is on the front of the ball. Even better when you’re celebrating the Fourth of July, the patriotic colors on the ball will help endorse the festivities!

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Deluxe Flip Flops

Summer is here, don’t stress not having the proper shoes for the warm weather! With the Deluxe Flip Flops you’ll always be ready for what the day may bring you.

The summer months are finally upon us! The weather is hot, the sun is out, and the beach is beckoning. It’s important to have the perfect attire, especially footwear, for the beach, the pool, and even just lounging in the backyard. With that being said, you can never go wrong with gifting your employees a pair of flip flops branded with your company logo! They will rave about these Flip Flops and may even want to where them to work.

Whether on the boardwalk or just chilling at home, these Deluxe Flip Flops will keep your feet cool and comfortable. Available in various colors, you’ll have many options to choose from to compliment your company’s colors. In addition, you can clearly display your company’s logo and name on the straps of the flip flops. These stylish flip flops will come packaged in a mesh travel bag, available in any color you may desire. Also, make sure to get a couple different sizes so your customers and employees will be able to fit into them!

In addition, you can sell these branded Deluxe Flip Flops as promotional items to your customers. Furthermore, they are also great to give away as customer or employee appreciation gifts. Make the people you work with and work for happy with these great summer gifts.

Branding you company has never been so fun yet so simple. Your employees and customers will love how stylish and comfortable these flip flops are. These branded Deluxe Flip Flops will be the perfect gift to give to your employees before they go on their vacations! When summer time is finally here, remind your employees, or friends to get outside. Never let your feet get too hot again! With the Deluxe Flip flops, they promise style and comfort. In addition, the best of all, your logo or emblem will be right there to show everyone!

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Torino Tumbler

No matter where life is taking you this summer, you now have a travel buddy. With the Torino Tumbler you will never fear your drinks getting warm or cold again!

Are you going on a long ride, or heading out into the warm sun all day long? Well, now you have one less worry; your drink getting cold, or hot. With our Torino Tumbler, your hot, or cold drink will not let the temperatures escape! Everyone knows that summer time means one thing, long days and on the go. So, why perish your morning pick me up, or hydration? What’s a better way to send out a promotional product, with something you can bring anywhere? Never fear the warm weather this summer, cold or hot, your Torino Tumbler is here!

Do you prefer warm or cold brew coffee? Likewise, I’m also guessing you like ice in your water. In like manner, no matter the temperature outside all of those things will stay the temperature you want them to with the Torino Tumbler. Its design and specifications have allowed this bottle to withstand heat, or cold to function how you want it to. What color does you company’s brand look best on, black, green, red, royal blue, or silver? Doesn’t matter, select a color and have your logo or emblem places right on the front of the tumbler! In addition, this product is made out of a stainless steel-plastic where its tough and durable, yet lightweight.

This product is perfect for promotional events, or raffle give-a-ways. Not to mention, the extremely sleek design and durability it will make people want to have an excuse to get more coffee! In the light of  your logo or emblem on it, it will always be showing off your company. Furthermore, once that cup is out and about, it will serve as free advertising for you. People will be asking you where you got the cup from, or how they can get it. Select your color, add your imprint and show your employees the new cool cup they have. Head out in the heat, enjoy your summer day and never worry about ruining a hot or cold drink again!

Light Up Mini Fan

Don’t ever let a warm day keep you too hot again. Grab a Light Up Mini Fan to keep you cool all day long.

A warm beach day? A long walk in the park? Doesn’t matter, the Light Up Mini Fan will be there to keep you cooled off. Likewise, the mini aspect of the product will ensure it’s never a too big to bring anywhere! This product will have people asking to borrow it, which will lead to free advertising. It will even light up the night with a LED lights to attract eyes even more. The Light Up Mini Fan is an ideal product for any events, but even better, people will wish they were as “cool” as you are!

The Light Up Mini Fan is only four in a half inches long, by one inch. Therefore, making it able to be stored in your pocket. Black, blue, white, red, what do you like best? Well, any of these colors can be selected for the color of your fan. Figure out what works best with your company’s color scheme. Right slab in the middle, is a perfect location for your emblem or logo as well! So, now when everyone uses your mini fan, right on the handle will be the logo for all to see. Made out of plastic, it will never get too heavy to hold for extensive amounts of time.

Be the coolest person, literally, at your next event! The Light Up Mini Fan is a perfect promotional product for the portability and display. First, you can bring it anywhere which will always be flashing your company logo or emblem. In addition, by having the light up fan and different color handles, that ultimately will give it a display to turn any head. Again, bringing it to the beach, on a walk, or anywhere else, this product won’t be shy of impressing people. Furthermore, it will always be a perfect promotional product for your employees!

Sunglasses and Sunscreen Combo

Planning on sunny day activities this summer? Stay protected from the rays with this sunglasses and sunscreen combo!

This past Friday, June 21st, marked the Summer Solstice! Yes, the longest day of the year with the most sunshine. So, with that being said, we know you’ll want to be out enjoying the sun for the weeks to come. Getting yourself a pair of Sunglasses and Sunscreen will help to keep your skin and eyes protected. In addition to having fun in the sun, this bundle is essential to keeping the harmful UV rays from ruining your day. Throw on your shades, clip on your sunscreen and keep the dangers of the sun away!

The Sunglasses are a perfect addition to any summer outfit you are wearing. Also, you can throw your company emblem on both arms of the Sunglasses. With your branded sunglasses being made of plastic, they are very durable and lightweight. This only makes it easier for you to carry them around. Having people notice the cool, modern design and the company logo will help brand your company this summer!

Furthermore, the Sunscreen has an SPF of 30 which blocks more than 97% of sun contact. The side of the sunscreen bottle is perfect for your company logo. This bottle of Sunscreen comes with a carabiner clip that allows you to clip it to your backpack, pants, or whatever else you choose. The sun block comes in a smaller bottle, giving you 1 ounce of lotion, making this a portable, yet vital accessory to have with you.

The Sunglasses and Sunscreen go together to make this the perfect summertime bundle. As a matter of fact, this branded combo is perfect for a day at the beach, picnic at the park, out on the water, or any sunny day activities you have in store. By rocking both of these products on your day out, not only will you look cool and keep away harmful rays, but it is also a great opportunity to market your brand.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is a perfect accessory to have in your office. Cut the cords and join the future!

In a perfect world, there is a mouse pad that has the capabilities of charging your phone… Well, I guess that makes our world perfect! The Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is here to save the day! A larger size mouse pad that gives you enough space to use your mouse and have your phone charging at the same time! Never worry about the clutter of cords again, this is a great opportunity to clean up your office and to start to go cordless. Always keep your phone charged, while keeping it by your side. Once you go wireless, you’ll never go back!

The Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is an ideal fit for work offices, home offices, even coffee shops! With the wireless feature on the pad, it is easy to bring around to work anywhere!  The best part is, you’ll never have to bring your phone charger anywhere. The mouse pad works with all iPhone models 8 and above, Samsung and Nexus phones.

The top of the mouse pad is perfect for branding. On the middle of the mouse pad there is an opening to place your company’s logo or emblem. This is a great opportunity to share your brand and get free advertising! The mouse pad is about 9 by 12, ensuring you have enough space for everything. In addition, the emblem imprint size is 2 inches, by 2 inches making it fairly noticeable when around.

With the quickly advancing products in the tech world, stay ahead of the game and get your Wireless Charing Mouse Pad. Furthermore, eliminate time of having to get up and find an outlet for your phone. Keep your company cool and up to date with the charging mouse pad. As you can see, this product is a great accessory for branding your company!

Pop Up Tent

Conventional tents are a hassle to assemble. Easily stay in the shade or camp with ease with the Pop-Up Tent!

Everyone knows that the worst part about going tenting is the initial set-up. It requires a lot of time and gets pretty confusing. Sometimes it can be a real struggle putting together your tent. Well, how would you like to hear about a tent that requires no tools, and little setup time? Not to mention, with the Pop-Up Tent you will never have to worry about those issues again. Just take the tent out of the bag and watch it pop-up in seconds!

With the frame being made out of an elastic metal, it gives it an easy fold up to pack up and go, while still leaving it as a high-quality product. Above all, making this a perfect fit for all types of occasions from the camp ground to the beach, this product is a must have for your family’s summer travels!

This is a perfect product to throw your company logo on the side. given that, the Pop-Up Tent is perfect for summer giveaways, for resale with your logo, or for employee appreciation gifts!

You can get the Pop-Up Tent in colors such as Blue, Green and purple. In addition, you can get your emblem imprint in colors black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

The Pop-Up Tent will make the perfect sun shade on your beach trip. The material of the tent keeps harmful UV rays away with its UV protected coating. Carrying this tent anywhere is a breeze with the included carrying case. Keeping the tent stable is simple. Use the provided ground stakes to keep the corners of the tent secured.

Summertime is about spending your free time outside enjoying the weather. Your possibilities this summer are practically endless, and so are the uses of this product! Being able to Pop-Up your tent anywhere and on-the-go will add to your summertime adventures. Pop it up anywhere and enjoy your summer!

Bag Toss Game

Never fear the lack of entertainment at your next company event. The Bag Toss Game is just perfect for that. This product was created to accompany guests for hours and encourage engagement!

Are you ever at an outing where you feel like there’s nothing to do but eat and drink? Is your company party or corporate event in need of some fun? The Bag Toss Game is an ideal fit for scenarios just like that. There are fully customizable options that let you design them to your specifications. These can sport any company logo, or emblem that you desire to have as an official presentation for those in attendance.

This customizable game is perfect for all of your company’s summer-time needs. Step up the game at your corporate outings, summer cookouts, promotional events and much more! Likewise, this game will provide fun for hours where ever it best suits the occasion.

The 2 plywood Bag Toss Game decks come in smaller sizes (24”X32”), making them more portable to bring anywhere. As long as there is enough space, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. A 2X4 frame leg allows for an easy set up. Just unfold the legs and the decks are ready to go! Furthermore, the product options include the setup, the graphic design on the deck and the color options (Black or White). In addition, a clear-coat finish is applied to ensure that your custom printed images won’t be damaged. This set comes complete with the two plywood decks, a frame and leg for both and finally instructions, although not included are the 6×6 canvas tossing bags. Purchasing those with your toss game will ensure that the game set up is complete!

By encouraging engagement between the guests, you wouldn’t want to do it any other way. With The Bag Toss Game and Canvas Tossing Bags, you will entertain your guests and then everyone will have a good time.

Silicon Smart Wallet

Placing your logo on any cell phone is prime marketing real estate! Use this silicon smart wallet to attach your brand to the back of ANY cell phone while keeping things like ID, credit cards and business cards safe without the need to carry an additional wallet. This promotional marketing product is a great giveaway at any corporate event or to build clientele at a tradeshow! When it comes to marketing products you want to keep it simple or ensure that the item is useful. I think this silicon smart wallet provides both details for your customers. Contact us today at (412) 324-8333 to get a quote on a full color silicon smart wallet with your company name and logo on it! Don’t let this eye catching advertising tool get away from you!