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Student Planner

When going back to school, it important for students to stay organized. Donate branded planners to your local schools today for a great promotional opportunity!

Following the back-to-school trend, students are always in need of new supplies. Whether it’s writing utensils or notebooks, students could use assistance in obtaining the essentials they need. Some students in high school and college are surely in need of help with purchasing their school supplies. This is where you and your business could come in!

With the student planner, students will easily be able to track their assignments and stay organized from week to week. This student planner will be customized with your company or organizations name and logo on the front cover. Just choose from the selection of available colors for the covers and imprint. By purchasing an order of planers to give away on campuses in your area, you will be effectively branding you business for students to see every day. Students need to stay organized. That is a key to being successful in an educational setting. Knowing when assignments are due and when meetings are is very important to a student. There is no better way to remember these important details than by writing them in a student planner.

Help out your local schools and colleges today with these branded student planners. Maximize the way you advertise your business to students, faculty, and parents alike.

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Expandable Organizer

It’s back to school, and school supplies are in high demand! Brand your business and give to school kids in your area with this expandable organizer!

There are a few things that are essential to going back to school. Some new clothes, a new backpack, and supplies! Unfortunately, some school kids and their families aren’t able to afford all the supplies they need. Luckily, this is where you and your business can help! Give back to the kids in your local schools by gifting some branded expandable organizers with your company’s name and logo. This is a cheap and easy way to give back to the community and a great way to brand your business.

Also, these expandable organizers can not only be gifted to school kids, but can be used in professional settings as well. Additionally, they can be given out at trade shows and with promotional giveaways. In addition, these organizers have enough room to hold pens, pencils, notecards, notebooks, and a whole lot of papers! Finally, brand your company and give back to kids in your community today!

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Lunch Box and Container Combo

Back to school is right around the bend. Brand your company and give back to the community with the branded lunch box and container combo!

One of the most important things a kid needs for school is something to bring their lunch in. This lunch box and container combo is perfect for any child, both elementary and college, to use every day!

As a company, the best thing you can do is give back to your local communities. Giving to school children, both young and old, is a great way to boost the company’s image. Do something great for the community and for your business by gifting branded lunchboxes to local schools! Your logo and name will be displayed on the face of the lunch box for the entire lunchroom to see.

The lunch box is big enough to hold enough food to keep you going through the day. The provided container and utensils are also quite convenient. They have two compartments to keep food separated. Also, the lid is able to securely hold your utensils they never get lost! Available in a variety of colors, these lunch boxes will make many kids happy who may not have one as nice as this! Help your schools and your brand today!

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Customizable Backpack

Mid-August means that it’s almost time to go back to school. Brand your company with this customizable backpack!

While Summer vacations come to a close and the days become shorter, it’s time to start thinking about everything back-to-school. Whether in kindergarten or college, back-to-school requires lots of new school products.

Kids need a lot of different school supplies in order to prepare for the school year. However, there are many kids out there who’s families may not have the financial ability to provide everything their child needs for school. That is where your business comes in! A simple donation to local schools or charities of various branded backpacks would make lasting impressions on local families. Knowing that their child has a quality backpack that will last is a great way to show the charitable nature of your organization. Simply order a number of various colors, have your company logo and name applied to the bag, and gift them to local schools! This is a simple and inexpensive way to brand your company while assisting families everywhere.

The customizable backpacks come in 10 different colors and are made with a strong polyester material. With a big main compartment and smaller zipper pocket for pens and pencils, there is plenty of storage for books. The padded straps also prevent discomfort while wearing for long periods of time.

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Recyclable Tote Bag

One-time-use plastic bags become litter that can harm the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and get your company’s brand into the hands of shoppers with the recyclable tote bag!

Many people around the world are switching to sustainable and reusable products. This is because our use of one-time-use products is polluting the environment and hurting wildlife. For example, straws, drinking cups, bottles, and bags are all items that get disposed of daily. To help with this problem, and to have a great promotional product for your company, we have the recyclable tote bag! This tote bag comes in a forest green color. It is also made from all recycled materials. The bag is reusable for any shopping needs and can even be recycled if you desire.

Give these branded bags out at your next event! For trade shows, you can fill these bags with goodies for your potential clients and they make for great giveaway gifts. Also, you can give them away as a promotional offer for your next big promotion. Although the bag is light, it is surprisingly strong and can hold all your grocery needs. Additionally, this is a great promotional product as it features a prominent imprint area on an environmentally friendly bag! Finally, this bag is meant to be used over and over, and your brand will be displayed the same way!

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E-Flute Tuck Box

The E-Flute Tuck Box is a great item to have for your promotional packaging and giveaways. Be sure to have banded packaging that stands out!

Get your brand in customers’ hands with this creative packaging! This E-Flute Tuck Box is a great packaging for promotional giveaways, product packaging, and any packaging uses for your company. Also, these fully custom boxes are prefect for not only gifts, but retail products, mailers, and even trade shows. Once sealed, these high quality items are ready for shipping, giving a little extra exposure during the transit process.

Furthermore, the simple one piece fold-and-tuck construction allows for a full coverage four color process imprint of your logo, company name or advertising message on the exterior. The boxes have a white interior, and front tabs that close securely for extra security. This item ships flat and unassembled to save on freight and storage space. Be sure to not go unnoticed; these E-Flute Tuck Boxes are a great way to stand out. Remember, keep your brand in peoples’ hands with fully custom e-flute tuck boxes!

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Scoop-it Food Bowl

Give a promotional item that will be useful for any pet owner. The branded Scoop-it Bowl is a perfect promotion for pets and the people who love them!

Need something to help your brand stand out from the rest? The Scoop-It bowl is a smart combination scoop and bowl. This contemporary take on the classic food bowl features an opening you can slide your hand into for convenient handling. This allows you to use the bowl as its own scooper! Scoop the for into the bowl by holding the handle, then simply set it down for your pet to eat.

This medium bowl helps prevent spills and is ideal for cats and small dogs. The bowl is also available in a smaller size for smaller dogs, puppies, kittens and cats. A perfect promotion for pets and the people who love them. The bowl are available in a wide range of colors. Your order can contain up to 4 assorted colors at no additional charge. For your next promotional giveaway and custom pet product, try the scoop-it food bowl!

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Customizable Pet Leash

Walk your pup down the street with our customizable Pet Leash. Our thick polyester dog leash is durable and can handle those tough tugs from your dog.

Do you need a promotional product that will gain recognition for your company? Want a promo product that will be useful for pet owners? Our branded pet leash is great for that! Don’t promote your company with cheap toys or other low-quality pet products. Try this pet leash instead! This leash is a durable and useful product that can be used every day by pet owners. Also, made from a strong polyester material, this pet leash will stay durable and keep your dog secured while out on walks. Your company name and logo will be printed along the entire length of the leash or maximum brand exposure.

Keep it simple by choosing from either white or black as the leash color. Then, your company name and logo can be printed in any colors that you desire, ensuring that it truly stands out.

The next time your clients or potential customers are out on a walk with their dog, make sure your company is proudly displayed. Additionally, this product is great for company giveaways, employee gifts, and even to sell in your pet shop. In conclusion, stand out from your competition by getting your company a customizable pet leash today!

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Dog Water Bottle

Gain exposure through branding your company with a great pet product. Brand your company and keep your dog hydrated with this dog water bottle!

Sit, roll over, and stay hydrated! Branding your company with this high tech pet product is a great way to gain exposure! Get people interested in your company while out on a walk with their dogs. The portable pet water bottle is made of high quality food grade material. Furthermore, the water container is BPA free and FDA approved to ensure that your dog is safe.

The bottle is also very easy to use and can be operated with one hand. Simply press the water key to fill the drinking bowl lid with water and release to stop the flow. Additionally, there is no worry about getting water everywhere with simple use and a no-leak top.

Increase your brand exposure with this product! Finally, customizable with your company name and logo, this is perfect for promotional giveaways and trade shows.

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Dog Sunglasses

Keeping your dog’s eye protected is something most pet owners don’t often think of. Brand your company and have a great promotional pet product with these dog sunglasses!

Humans aren’t the only ones who need to protect their eyes! This product is perfect for dog kennels, dog parks, or beaches! Promotional products can often be boring. Stand out with your branding efforts with this unique and fun pet product. These dog sunglasses are plastic and have an elastic stretch band on the back that will fit all dogs. There is a foldable feature in-between the two lenses that allows the sunglasses to collapse and be put away easily. There is a foam inside barrier that will promise comfort for your furry friend. Additionally, there are multiple different vivid colors to make your furry friend stand out and look as good as possible. You can add your brand or logo on the side of the glasses to have company exposure when taking Fido out for a walk in the park or a day on the beach.

Never let your dog be exposed to harmful sunlight directly to their eyes again.  We often forget that our dogs can be harmed from UV rays, and if you spend a lot of time outdoors with your pet, these are essential.

Everyone is aware of the sunny days where not only you, but your dog wants to get outside and enjoy the weather. Well, first you grab your sunglasses and head out. But wait! Don’t forget about your dogs. Humans aren’t the only ones who need to protect their eyes. This product is perfect for dog parks, beaches, and any time your furry friend is out in the sun.

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Tennis Ball Thrower

Want a great promotional product for your pet-related company? This exciting pet product, the tennis ball thrower, is perfect for that!

Does your arm ever hurt too much from playing fetch with your furry friend? And he or she is standing there waiting for another toss. With this great toy you will never let the pooch down again! Everyone knows the pain of throwing out your arm, and watching your happy pup get let down because fetch had to end early. This thrower gives an almost effortless motion to tossing the ball further than ever. As well as, the color you decide to choose for your product, will come equipped with a matching tennis ball.

This fun and exciting toy is a perfect product for pet centers, parks, fundraisers and many more. The thrower is made out of a flexible plastic to only create more whip for the tennis ball! Pull back and watch the ball launch and your pet go chasing! On the thrower you can put your custom logo on the arm, as well as pick between blue, red & yellow as the colors. If selected so, imprinting your logo on the tennis ball is an option as well. Next time you take your dog to the dog park, show off your new product as others will wish they had their own. The thrower is a little over a foot, while the tennis ball is the size of an average one. Making this essential tool very portable to bring anywhere.

Air Safe Toiletry Kit

The last thing you want when passing through airport security is to have to throw out your bottles of shampoo and toothpaste. Keep your personal care products safely secure and TSA safe with this air safe toiletry kit!

Whether it is for business, recreation, or vacation, about 48 percent of Americans take at least one flight each year. Thats almost half of Americans who need to pass through airport security on their way to their next destination. In order to make the tedious security process easier, you must make sure your products are up to TSA standards. For this reason, the air safe toiletry kit is perfect for anyone who frequently travels by air!

Branded with your company’s name and logo, this will make for a great giveaway gift to any employees or customers who travel. Your brand will be taking off each time someone boards their flight. People love to travel, however they also love to use their soap and care products from home. With this see through kit with included 3 oz bottles, your products will pass through security on your way to your destination. Make your brand stand out with this great promotional air travel kit!

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International USB Wall Charger

What’s a better way than showing off your company’s brand than taking it international? With the International USB Wall Charger, you can do just so!

Are your employees and clients either vacationing or work-related travels to different countries? It can be stressful for the extensive hours spent on flights and other bits and pieces. So, therefore your electronics may be low on batter from spending time on them. With the International USB Wall Charger, you will be accessible to charge your perishable devises anywhere with the interchangeable plug and the multiple USB slots. With the traveling case that’s included in this package, you will easily be able to keep your different ports organized! What better way to gain company recognition than sending your brand international! Introduce your customers and clients to not only charging multiple devices at once, but never worrying about your plug or outlet not fitting in the wall.

The International Charger allows you to power up to 4 USB devices simultaneously. Ultra-compact & travel-friendly: Worldwide voltage compatibility(100V-240V/ac) and EU, UK, AUS changeable plug provided ideal for international travel. Built-in overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection functions ensure a safe and reliable charging process. Constructed with fireproof ABS material. Input: 100V-240V/ac Durable casing with over-heating, high-current, and voltage-surge protection for 100% safe charging. Each individual port automatically adjusts to your mobile device to give you safe, blazing fast charging speeds. RoHS compliant FCC certified CE mark Includes microfiber travel pouch.

Are you planning an upcoming event, tradeshow, charity fundraiser, raffle, or something along those lines? With the International USB Wall Charger, will be a perfect product to include. Increase your brand exposure now internationally when providing employees or clients with this product. Don’t leave customers and clients devices left to die when they are in a foreign country. Purchase the International USB Wal Charger today to avoid that issue permanently.

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Travel Rain Coat

Don’t leave your employees and clients left to dry. By providing them with the Travel Rain Coat will ensure they never get wet!

Do you frequently have people running in and out of the office for you?  Does it affect their travel when it’s raining outside? Well, if so, a perfect promotional product for that case would be the Travel Rain Coat. Between the comfort, style and sleek design, this coat is a top-notch jacket for keeping you dry when it’s raining out! As well as, this will be a great chance to expose your brand and show off a great item. Start turning heads, getting questions, then leads by purchasing this item today!

The Travel Rain Coat is a sleek, critically seam sealed jacket with a waterproof, breathable coating and water repellent finish. Mother Nature does not stand a chance with the latest jacket in water protection. This modernized rain jacket is designed with a detachable snap off hood featuring an eye-catching graphic drawcord. Furthermore, more additions like the interior storm flap with rain gutter, velcro closure and dropped back hem. The Ansel carries all you need with an additional interior pocket with velcro closure and a secondary mesh stowable pocket.With an easily brandable chest and back location, your company logo or emblem has never looked better before. You can either choose an option to embroider your brand, or have it imprinted onto the jacket. Likewise, blue or black options of the jacket make it available to compliment company colors!

We all have traveling employees and clients, so why make them suffer if it rains on their trips? This is a perfect way to increase exposure on your company, as well as create some mobile advertising. This jacket it a perfect product for events, raffles, charities, or anything along those lines. So, purchase your Travel Rain Coat today and you won’t regret it!

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Travel Comfort Set

Long trips have become much more comfortable with this branded 3-piece Travel Comfort kit! Keep your clients and employees comfortable on their next big trip.

It’s important to remember the essentials when traveling. This means proper clothing, hygiene supplies, electronics, and even a good book. However, an often big oversight when going on long trips is comfort while on your journey! Your clients and employees will be cozy from point A to point B with this branded three piece Travel Comfort Kit!

Any traveler will be thrilled to receive this three-piece pillow and blanket set! Prepare for your next plane, train or car journey with a pillow, fleece blanket and an eye mask with hook-and-loop strap. The pillow and blanket are made from 100% polyester ultra-soft fleece fabric, and the pillow is filled with polyester microbeads for extra comfort. It also unzips to convert into a neck pillow to maximize your on-flight comfort.

Customized with your brand, your customers and clients will love this travel comfort set for their next trip. Practically any logo and name will look great with these comfortable items because of their gray base color. Gifting these branded travel comfort kits to employees who travel often will be a great way to spread your brand awareness. This promotional item is great for airlines, hotels, resorts, travel agencies and much more! Bring your branded travel comfort set no matter where life is taking you and your clients.

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Travel Care Kit

It’s hard out there when you’re on the road, so we developed a kit that will make you feel right at home. Our Travel Care Kit will ensure that your traveling is made easy and clean!

Do you have frequently traveling employees? Do you have clients coming back and forth to your office? Well, if so then they need the Travel Care Kit. Clients and co-workers are always on the go, providing them with this kit is an essential must have. We understand the difficulties of being on the go, so that’s why we want to help you ease the process. What better way to produce employee and client interactions than providing them with a care kit to travel with? This will help prove your band and give your company exposure all over the world!

The Travel Care Kit comes complete with all of the amenities that you need to feel comfortable, no matter where you are. Contents include an eye mask, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, nail file with keyring, earplugs, first aid kit, mints, chap balm and a portable tissue pack. The set-up charge includes an imprint on each item and a full-color label on the bag. This kit is perfect if you’re just trying to relax, by using the eye mask, or clean up with the hand sanitizer. With multiple options of items inside, you’ll be surprised how much comes with the pack!

Never let employees and clients travel solo again! Provide them with this kit so next time they go, they will have every day amenities on the go. These items are a perfect give away at events, trade shows, raffle give offs, charity fun-raisers, anything. This is one way to give your brand exposure and let your logo speak for its self. Having it on all of these travel items will advertise your brand everywhere the gift receiver takes it.


On-the-Go Yoga Mat

Your company’s branding has never been so flexible! Find your zen and stretch your promotional efforts with this branded On-the-Go Yoga Mat!

Breathe in, breathe out, and have peace of mind knowing you have a successful promo product to offer! Show off your brand at the gym, local park, or yoga studio. Everyone needs a little bit of Zen in their lives. With the On-the-Go Yoga Mat, you will be encouraging your customers to enter the healthy life style. As well as, it will be promoting the company right there on the mat! Doing yoga, stretching, it doesn’t matter. With the on-the-go feature, this will serve as an advertising opportunity for your business! Whether it’s a giveaway to clients, or a raffle prize, this will be a great promotional product to share you brand!

Be a big help to your health-conscious customers with this On-the-Go Yoga Mat! It’s made of PVC and measures 68″ L x 24″ W with a thickness of approximately 1/8″. Clean it with a damp cloth and easily roll it up for storage inside of the polyester and mesh carrying case and take it to and from class. The pouch comes with an adjustable 28″ strap for easy carrying and features a drawstring closure. You can only add your custom logo to the carrier, but it’s a great way to gain some exposure. Make this a way to surprise your clients!

From trade show products, company give always and charity fund raisers, this product will never be a bad gift! This gift is a good way to encourage a healthy life style. Furthermore, this will always come into use, to whereas this is a perfect gift for all types of people. When it comes to promotional opportunities, this is an ideal one. Prove your brand by throwing it on the On-the-Go Yoga Mat. People will be curious as to who gave you it. Then as a result your company will be getting the exposure you hoped for!

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Teardrop Flag Banner

Never stress not standing out from the rest again! With the Teardrop Flag Banner, you look professional as well as, more than prepared at your events!

Are you preparing for an upcoming event? Do you need a good tool to have you stand out from the rest? Well, with the Teardrop Flag Banner, you will do just that. Whether its indoor, or outdoor, these banners will be a perfect advertising opportunity.  What is a better way to show that you are prepared for an event than having a flag with your companies’ logo or emblem on it? There’s not many, so with this product you will have eyes drawn to your table in no time. Grab your Teardrop Flag Banner, stick in the ground or flat base and let people know who you are!

The Teardrop Flag Banner is made of warp knitting material. It’s a commonly shaped flag that can be used in a wide range of applications. They are quick and easy to set up as this comes with sectional poles that ease the process. Then, when finished, take down, and transport. An ideal for indoor & outdoor advertising. Suitable for events, exhibitions, trade shows and festivals and are a popular choice for car showrooms and forecourts, as well as petrol station promotions. As well as, 4 heights available as well as an optional carry bag available for easy storage and transportation. Furthermore, full color custom printed options available as well.

We all know that every company wants to stand out from the rest and attract as many people to their event as possible. When considering this wish, you want to make sure you take the proper steps when leading in to do so. Having the ideal gear and setup is a step you do want to take. Whereas the Teardrop Flag Banner is a must have when preparing for your event, then eventually having it waving in the air calling over all customers.

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2-in-1 Ball Marker

With this promotional 2-in-1 ball marker and divot tool, your golf-loving clients and employees will be taking your brand with them on the course!

With over 30 million golfers that recorded a round last year, it’s clear that people love to play golf in their time off. The 2-in-1 Divot Tool & Ball Marker is great for corporate gifts, employee appreciation, or charity auction packages. In addition, these items are the perfect giveaway gifts for any company or organization that may hold annual charity golf outings and tournaments.

Do you ever hit that perfect shot onto the green, but there is a dreaded divot on your putt line? Or do you ever get down to your ball and realize that you don’t have a ball marker? Well, with this item, you get the best of both worlds where you’ll never be shy of looking like a professional on the greens! Just clip and wear on your golf pants and that way you’ll never have to borrow your buddies’ tool again.

With a heavy-duty nickel or brass frame, you need to not fear how hard the greens are with your divot tool being durable to withstand any conditions. With a Backside Clip on the Divot Tool, just hook it on to your golf pants and go! In addition, the 2-in-1 Divot Tool & Ball Marker is offered in 4 different enamel colors. Likewise, easy access to the Ball Marker by simply pressing in the bottom edge of the marker and it will release from the clip. Print your company logo right on the ball marker to enhance the presentation when using this tool. This is the perfect gift for people who love to golf and will give incentive to get out there and play.

For all of the golf lovers in your company or organization, the 2-in-1 Divot Tool & Ball Marker will make for the perfect promo item to anyone on the green!

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Cooling Neck Wrap

Whether at the gym, running, biking, or just out on a hot day, stay cool while promoting your brand with a promotional Cooling Neck Wrap!

For your next promotional effort, get active! Snap on a fully customizable Cooling Neck Wrap around your neck to keep cool anywhere it’s hot. With full digital color printing, your company’s logo will be clearly presented to stand out at the gym or on the go! Just soak in water for 20 minutes and you are ready to go. No refrigeration or ice is required to stay cool. The only thing needed is science! For instance, the non-toxic polymers sewn inside will keep you cool all day through the process of evaporation. Additionally, the towel is reusable and long-lasting.

This product is also quite versatile. The cooling wrap is great for keeping cool around your neck. However, it is also quite handy as a cooling head band! Wrap it around your forehead to keep your head cool while out on a run!

Between going to the gym or jogging on a hot day, your company will get lots of new attention. Your active employees and customers will get lots of use out of this promo product. For this reason alone, your promotional efforts will reach as far as they decide to bike, run, and travel! Get active with your promo products today!

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