Bag Toss Game

Bag Toss Game

Never fear the lack of entertainment at your next company event. The Bag Toss Game is just perfect for that. This product was created to accompany guests for hours and encourage engagement!

Are you ever at an outing where you feel like there’s nothing to do but eat and drink? Is your company party or corporate event in need of some fun? The Bag Toss Game is an ideal fit for scenarios just like that. There are fully customizable options that let you design them to your specifications. These can sport any company logo, or emblem that you desire to have as an official presentation for those in attendance.

This customizable game is perfect for all of your company’s summer-time needs. Step up the game at your corporate outings, summer cookouts, promotional events and much more! Likewise, this game will provide fun for hours where ever it best suits the occasion.

The 2 plywood Bag Toss Game decks come in smaller sizes (24”X32”), making them more portable to bring anywhere. As long as there is enough space, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. A 2X4 frame leg allows for an easy set up. Just unfold the legs and the decks are ready to go! Furthermore, the product options include the setup, the graphic design on the deck and the color options (Black or White). In addition, a clear-coat finish is applied to ensure that your custom printed images won’t be damaged. This set comes complete with the two plywood decks, a frame and leg for both and finally instructions, although not included are the 6×6 canvas tossing bags. Purchasing those with your toss game will ensure that the game set up is complete!

By encouraging engagement between the guests, you wouldn’t want to do it any other way. With The Bag Toss Game and Canvas Tossing Bags, you will entertain your guests and then everyone will have a good time.