Top Trendy Promotional Items

Top Promotional Items

The Top Trendy Promotional Items continue to change everyday but we have found some that will continue over into 2020. These products are great for spreading brand awareness but also for gifts to give to employees and clients.

This past year we have seen tons of trends come and go. However, we were able to decipher what trends will continue to be popular in 2020.  These promotional items are not only good for growing your company but to also spread brand awareness. These items can also be used for giveaways or gifts that can be given to your clients and coworkers. We will be giving you a variety of different options that we think every business should own and take advantage of having.

The first product that we will be discussing are paper straws. With social media going crazy about saving the turtles, we can all expect to see more paper straws with their brands logo on them.

Continuing with the eco-friendly theme, reusable bags will have also taken the country by storm. These bags not only can be easily customizable but are also serving a good cause. These won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

A newer trend that every person can appreciate are products that have marble print. The marble print gives a luxury look to products while still keeping the price relatively low. Items such as notebooks, phone cases and planners have become popular with this print.

Another cool texture or print that has become popular is cork. Cork print can be used for a variety of different promotional items such as bags and other eco-friendly products.

Stickers have been hot for some time now, especially with the younger decorators. Whether they are used for laptops, notebooks, or stainless-steel water bottles, stickers will remain popular.

With new technology always coming out, wireless charging capabilities have taken over. Say goodbye to wires, wireless charging is the way to go now. Easy to use and easy to grab your phone on the go.

Being around for centuries, leather has always been a premium material. Nothing is changing there, and leather will continue to be used for promotional items. Luggage, bags, journals and other everyday items will continue to use leather as their go to material.

Next on our list are for people that love the outdoors. Campfire mugs are perfect for everyone that loves to adventurous and need something to drink out of.  Easy to customize with your brand logo that will also last the person a long time.

Canvas backpacks is a product that everyone needs. These tend to be a higher quality than traditional backpacks and can be branded with a leather patch. If you’re carrying around a laptop or books a lot, you need one of these.

If you didn’t see our past post, then you need to check it out because we talked the Sherpa jackets. Sherpa jackets aren’t only like wearing a warm fuzzy blanket, but they are very stylish. With the cold weather here, this is a must.

All these products will be popular in 2020, so make sure you get yours now before it goes out of style. These are all great items to give to friends and family for the holidays. Also, take advantage of using these products to create more brand awareness in the new year.