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New Years Resolutions? There’s a Box for That!

Happy New Year!

Celebrate the new year with your coworkers and peers by giving them gifts that they will love and use on the daily. Start off the new year on the best note with our customizable new years boxes! Here at Wenning Branding, we are introducing our new Holiday Box Fulfillment Service. We handle all purchasing, packing, and shipping for any of the items!

Gift giving has never been this easy! Below we have included some items that would be perfect for a New Year’s gift box!

speaker bottle

11 oz. Stainless BlueTUNES™ Speaker Bottle

No one wants to carry their, phone, headphones, and water bottle when going to the gym or on a nice walk. Our stainless BlueTUNES speaker bottle allows you to listen to your music on the go, hands free! This gift is perfect for everyone and it can be used at home or on the go

desk planner

Ruled Monthly Format Stitched to Cover Desk Planner

Start the new year off right by getting organized! Our monthly planners are the perfect way to plan your schedule and stay organized. This is the perfect size to fit in your purse or brief case for when you’re on the go. 

Each day features a ruled section with ample space for note-taking and appointment reminders. It also includes a three-year advance planning calendar, phone number list and area code map. Add your organizational or business name, design or message through our foil-stamping process to create a promotion that your customers and supporters will be certain to use.

wine opener

Wine Bottle Opener

New year’s is the time spend time with the people you care about. Show your employees that they are important to you with a wine bottle opener. This is the perfect size and won’t take up too much space, due to its perfect compact size! It can be customized to your liking using one of our imprint methods. Perfect for wineries, liquor stores, trade show giveaway and much more! Give the gift that your employees will actually use regularly and appreciate.

wine glasses

White Wine Glasses

This is the perfect gift to go with the wine bottle opener in the new year’s box! Everyone will love and use these glasses especially while family is still in town for the holidays. These glasses are high quality and will definitely be an employee favorite in their new year’s box!

From all of us here at Wenning Branding, we wish you a happy, healthy, and box-filled 2021! Cheers to a New Year!

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Our NEW Holiday Box Fulfillment Service!

What is the Holiday Box Fulfillment Service?

This year, your company is probably going through a lot of firsts. You might have had a holiday party scheduled, but with restrictions, celebrating with your employees is going to be more difficult than ever before. You know your employees deserve a form of appreciation, but what’s a boss to do? Consider using your budget for your holiday party on custom gift boxes for your staff! Here at Wenning Branding, we’re introducing our new Holiday Box Fulfillment Service. Gift giving has never been this easy!

What you do?

You select the gifts. Add a little smile to your employees this holiday season with customized gifts to show your appreciation! Give us a budget of where you want to be per box, and we can give you ideas and options that will fit within your range. From coasters to pullovers, or yoga mats to wireless speakers, we at Wenning Branding can fulfill any gift, in any box! You approve the design. We can brand your box with your logo, but why stop there? We can customize any box with the perfect design for your brand. The entire box is up for grabs, from the inside to the inserts! Part of the merriment of any unboxing experience is appreciating the overall look of the box, and we take that very seriously. Once approved, we take it from there. Our process is 100% customized to your brand with 0% effort by you!

What we do?

Think of us as Santa’s elves! We handle all purchasing for any of the items you select. Being a branding site, you can bet that we have access to the best bulk pricing around, which means more money in your pocket for hot cocoa! Once the products arrive at our facility, we take great care in handling each item and keeping a strict inventory to ensure your gifts end up in the proper hands. We hand-package each box, coordinate shipping, and facilitate the process in the quickest way possible so your gifts get into the hands of your employees as soon as you can say, “Break out the egg nog!” Here at Wenning Branding, our mission is to provide your company with a truly magical experience, all without you having to lift a finger. We pride ourselves in our efficient fulfillment system with a team who, frankly, kicks ass when it comes to all things branding. What are you waiting for? Send us your nice list today and let’s get the holidays started right.

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Top Trendy Promotional Items

Top Promotional Items

The Top Trendy Promotional Items continue to change everyday but we have found some that will continue over into 2020. These products are great for spreading brand awareness but also for gifts to give to employees and clients.

This past year we have seen tons of trends come and go. However, we were able to decipher what trends will continue to be popular in 2020.  These promotional items are not only good for growing your company but to also spread brand awareness. These items can also be used for giveaways or gifts that can be given to your clients and coworkers. We will be giving you a variety of different options that we think every business should own and take advantage of having.

The first product that we will be discussing are paper straws. With social media going crazy about saving the turtles, we can all expect to see more paper straws with their brands logo on them.

Continuing with the eco-friendly theme, reusable bags will have also taken the country by storm. These bags not only can be easily customizable but are also serving a good cause. These won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

A newer trend that every person can appreciate are products that have marble print. The marble print gives a luxury look to products while still keeping the price relatively low. Items such as notebooks, phone cases and planners have become popular with this print.

Another cool texture or print that has become popular is cork. Cork print can be used for a variety of different promotional items such as bags and other eco-friendly products.

Stickers have been hot for some time now, especially with the younger decorators. Whether they are used for laptops, notebooks, or stainless-steel water bottles, stickers will remain popular.

With new technology always coming out, wireless charging capabilities have taken over. Say goodbye to wires, wireless charging is the way to go now. Easy to use and easy to grab your phone on the go.

Being around for centuries, leather has always been a premium material. Nothing is changing there, and leather will continue to be used for promotional items. Luggage, bags, journals and other everyday items will continue to use leather as their go to material.

Next on our list are for people that love the outdoors. Campfire mugs are perfect for everyone that loves to adventurous and need something to drink out of.  Easy to customize with your brand logo that will also last the person a long time.

Canvas backpacks is a product that everyone needs. These tend to be a higher quality than traditional backpacks and can be branded with a leather patch. If you’re carrying around a laptop or books a lot, you need one of these.

If you didn’t see our past post, then you need to check it out because we talked the Sherpa jackets. Sherpa jackets aren’t only like wearing a warm fuzzy blanket, but they are very stylish. With the cold weather here, this is a must.

All these products will be popular in 2020, so make sure you get yours now before it goes out of style. These are all great items to give to friends and family for the holidays. Also, take advantage of using these products to create more brand awareness in the new year.

The New Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa Jacket

This outerwear product is the most comfortable piece of clothing that you could ever think while still being stylish!

This brand new sherpa jacket is an absolute dream come true for the winter weather! Try and picture yourself wearing the coziest blanket while looking very stylish. The is one of the biggest trends of the winter season as they are seen everywhere you go. There is a reason for this! With the material being so soft, it provides an amazing comfortable jacket.

The jacket is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The plush fleece is not only soft on the exterior but is fully covered with it on the interior. The zip neck with a stand-up collar protects your neck and face from those harsh winds. Not only does it look comfortable, but this has been a very trendy piece of clothing this season. This jacket is great for casual, office, party, dating and every other outfit you may have on already.

Match anything you desire and comes in a variety of different colors. There are several colors such as black, grey, white, crème and much more. The jacket is for both men and women are provide a great look for anyone that puts it on. Stop setting with those bulky oversized winter jackets and get something that fits your style better. Personalize it however you would like and starting looking more stylish yet warm.

Keep yourself warm this winter with the brand-new  jacket. With it being such a hit this season, quit waiting around to get yourself one. These jackets are also great to give as gifts whether it is your family, friends or coworkers. You even have the ability to get your custom brand logo printed right on to the jacket to show off your brand.

Windshield Cover

Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow

Stop wasting so much time getting the snow off of your car make life easier with the Car Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow!

Don’t waste money on cheap covers that will eventually let you down. Buy a better-quality protector like this one that is made with premium materials. The easy to fit protector can fit on car you may drive it if is SUV, truck, van or sedan. You deserve the best for protecting your car, so don’t settle for anything less.

The custom-made windproof webbing straps easily attach to the sidemirrors and wheel structure. By having this so secure, you don’t have to worry it blowing away from your car.  The elastic straps were also added so that they won’t stretch or break no matter what the weather conditions are like. Another reason that this protector is better than the cheaper ones is that it won’t scratch your car. With the smooth texture of the protector, never worry about it damaging your car.

Why buy this? Winter is here and it will start to snow every day. Don’t spend any more time in the cold trying to clear off your windshield when you could just pull this off within seconds. No more defrosting and the best waterproof exterior protection you can find.

Once the snow has piled up over the protector, simply unattached the straps from the car. After that, grab the corner of it and pull it off of the windshield. Think of how much time this will save you in the mornings after it snowed all last night. No need for the snow scrapper anymore when you got this handy protector. We got you covered!

Don’t forget to put your custom brand logo on the protector to show off your brand. Great gift to give to your employees or as a gift to your family members. Everyone needs one of these in their lives to fight back against the cold snowy winter.

Grooming Set

Grooming Set

Looking for the perfect gift to give your employees or family? This grooming set is perfect, everyone needs a kit like this one.

The high-quality stainless-steel items are guaranteed to last you for a very long time. This kit for grooming comes with fully functioning items that can be found in a professional manicure kit. Great for traveling when you’re on the go or even at home where it can come in handy. With all the different tools that are in there, never forget to cut those fingernails or trim up that beard again.

There are over 10 different tools that can be used for manicures, hair, beards and much more. This set includes three nail clippers and trimmers of different sizes. It also comes with multi-purpose scissors, one razor for shaving, one cuticle trimmer and much more.  It has everything you could possibly need conveniently in one bag.

All these tools can be held securely in the portable and protective synthetic leather case. Made of premium leather will keep all your utensils safe while having a very stylish look to it as well. This is a great gift to give to your co-workers since the holidays are coming up. The perfect set can also be great for any friends and family that may need one for when they travel around. Everyone needs a kit like this so get one today for them or for yourself.

The leather travel case can also be customized anyway that you would like. Get your brand logo custom printed right on the case to show of your company. Since your co-workers are traveling, get them this to show off which can result in extra brand awareness. With all the different colors it comes in, personalize it anyway you would like. What are you waiting for? Get your Grooming Set today and stay looking good!

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The Branded Softshell Jacket

Branded Softshell Jacket

It’s getting cold out, get your employees a Branded Softshell Jacket to stay warm this winter! Have your employees working hard in style this season!

The latest in innovative branded softshell jackets, this is a great transitional jacket or the go-to zip up to layer over a casual woven or tee. It can even put over a hoodie if the weather is still too cold for you! Don’t ever have to worry about the weather again and always be prepared with this great jacket.

This men’s waterproof rain jacket features the signature fabric for ultimate protection and comfort for users. While being waterproof, the wicking fabric makes it breathable and durable. The jacket features a softshell exterior and a mesh lining that allows the most comfort possible.  Don’t forget about the zippered pockets to keep all of your valuables safe.

The jacket is made of nylon which is perfect against fighting off any type of weather you may face.  The branded softshell jacket has a timeless, versatile fit that anyone could appreciate. Made of durable materials will guarantee that this jacket will last the user a very long time along with always looking sharp. The adjustable cuffs and hem also allow you to customize the way you wear the jacket depending on the weather. Never be caught off guard or be cold again with this magnificent jacket.

Have your co-workers not only looking good but comfortable. Perfect for showing off your brand in a stylish way creating brand awareness. There is a large variety of different colors to select from and personalize it every step of the way. Don’t forget to put your custom brand logo on it anyway you would like. What are you waiting for? Get your branded softshell jackets now before it gets any colder outside.

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Blanket Tumbler Set

Blanket Tumbler Set

The winter cold has finally hit so it’s time to start preparing! Cozy up these next couple months with the new Blanket Tumbler Set when you’re relaxing at home!

On a cold winter day, there is nothing better than curling up in a nice cozy blanket. Whether is just relaxing on the couch taking a quick power nap, you need a good quality blanket. The Blanket Tumbler Set comes with one blanket that is big enough for two people to fit under. It also comes with two insulated tumblers for any beverage you desire.

The super-soft microfleece blanket is 50’ X 60”, which is perfect for anyone.  Made with lighter weight style, offers versatility and comfort whenever you need to warm back up. The all-over fleece texture is also ideal for an extra layer for a bed or occasionally on the sofa.  Even though the blanket is light, it is strong. 100% no pill, premium polyester for softness, insulation and durability. It is even easy to wash; the blanket can be thrown in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Stay warm this winter with the Blanket Tumbler Set.

The Blanket Tumbler set also comes with two high quality tumblers. Made of lead-free stainless steel, they are rust and scratch resistant. You also don’t have to worry about them leaving that leftover bad metallic taste in your mouth. The wine tumbler is light weight and is easy to carry around. Durability is one of the main focuses with these tumblers so that they never break and are easily reusable. They are also powder coated exterior to protect them against dents and scratches as well. Get cozy with your blanket and pour yourself a nice beverage with this new set.

Don’t forget to get your custom brand logo on the two new items. These will make perfect gifts for your co-workers for Christmas! What are you waiting for? Get your sets today!

Sophisticant Art Glass Award

Sophisticated Plaque and Trophy

With the year coming to an end shortly, it is important to award your employees for their efforts.  The Sophisticant Art Glass Award can be the perfect way to show it!

Employee recognition plaques give endless opportunities for rewards, appreciation, and a simple thank you.  They play an important role to give employees proper recognition because of their hard work and dedication.  Show employees how much you respect and admire their work ethic. Don’t miss out on this eye-pleasing piece, so look at the Shaking Hands Award and the Vanguard Plaque! Whether you’re recognizing the employee of the month or awarding someone upon their retirement.

The Sophisticant Art Glass Award will be sure to leave any recipient feeling appreciated. Say Thank You by presenting this beautifully hand developed piece. Its tall, sleek oval shape contributes to its elegance, while the gorgeous rainbow swirls completes the overall look. The art glass award can be used for any type of achievement to be given to your employees. This is truly an amazing piece of art that will make the other employees work harder to get on for themselves.

Give your employees an award that is memorable so that all your employees aspire to get one day. Stay away from the classic awards and go with a more unique look that will catch everyone’s attention. Get them custom branded with your brand logo and the names of the lucky winners. Check out the other new Employee Appreciation Plaques and Trophies in the link.

Wireless Phone Charging Desk Organizer

Wireless Phone Charging Desk Organizer

Christmas is only 58 days away, so it’s time to start looking into gifts for your employees! Keep your workers tidy and organized with the new Wireless Phone Charging Desk Organizer!

Send a message to your employees to keep their work area neat and functional.  The organizer was designed to clear up desk space but still have all the necessities right in front of you. The Wireless Phone Charging Desk Organizer is stylish and very functional for any daily activities.  Made of premium leather, the wireless charging organizer has a classy business feel to it.  The leather is featured with white stitching along the edges to make it more durable.

The organizer has a pen holder, two accessory compartments and a 100-page notepad slot.   There compartments are for items such as tacks, paperclips or other small items you don’t want to misplace. It also has a spot just for your phone that allows wireless charging right away!  There is an integrated cut out to run your charging cord through it keeping a clean look. The cord is hidden away so that there is still the clean appearance for your desk. Wireless charging brings the greatest form of charging experience that avoids those ugly wires and cable disconnection. This charging port is compatible with any  phones whether it is Galaxy or Apple. Who wouldn’t want this for their desk or for everyday use?

Stop waiting around and looking for the perfect gift for your employees when it is right in front of you.  The leather comes in a couple different colors along with the stitching. Customize is however you want with the countless amount of options. Also, don’t forget to put your custom brand logo on it or any type of writing.  Christmas is right around the corner and the shipping process takes time.

4 In 1 USB Charging Cable


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4 In 1 USB Charging Cable

4 In 1 USB Charging Cable

Keep your devices charged, wherever you go with the new 4 in 1 USB charging cable. Never worry again about electronics running out of juice!

Are you looking for a new product to keep all your devices fully charged all the time? The 4-in-1 USB Charging Cable port is perfect for everyone!  Keeping your devices charged throughout the day is something that a lot of people overlook.  Stop messing around with four different cables when you could have it all in one!

Handy carabiner-style hook allows it to attach to mobile device carrying devices. Also, designed with aluminum alloy connector with bylon braided shell for more flexibility and reliability.  The cable is guaranteed to last a long time with no issues.  Loop it to laptop cases, backpacks, duffels, book bags, and so much more.  The device is so small that you won’t even realize it’s there.

The up-to-date cable charges at 2.5A maximum charging speed with a tinned copper wire.  Provides a safe charge and high transfer abilities.  Perfect for charging four different digital devices all at the same time. Better to use power sources with 2A current or over when you charge several devices. Perfect for people that are traveling a lot and need a quick way to charge up their device.

Personalize it any way that you would like! The 4-in-1 Charging Cable comes in several different colors.  Don’t forget to get your custom brand logo on it or any lettering that meets your needs. Perfect to give away to your co-workers or even raffle off at corporate events.  What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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PopMirror for Cell Phone

PopMirror for Cell Phone

Always have a mirror on you with the new PopMirror that attaches right onto a cellphone. Provides extra grip while holding it and also has two fully functioning mirrors in it.

The PopMirror has great style while having a great function.  This PopMrror is swappable and close it flat to fit in your pocket or twist in a 90-degree angle.  Swap out the top to a new poptop to allow wireless charging effortlessly. Never forget to bring a mirror with you ever again.

The PopMirror was designed to reflect you.  Always have your best face forward with the new dual-purpose phone accessory. Comes with a swivel top mirror providing the standard reflection and easily collapsing flat. The base mirror offers 2x magnification for closer looks and a standard mirror on top.  Designed for people that need to fix their makeup or just want to check their hair quickly.  The mirrors is used for anything you’d like.

It will also help with a better grip on the phone to prevent future accidents resulting in a broken phone. Simply put your fingers around it while using the phone for a comfortable yet secure grip.  Never fear again about dropping your phone or it slipping out of your hand because it is perfect for everyday use wherever you go.

Sticks onto any phone surface with ease with the sticky backside.  Just peel back the protective sheet and apply it onto the phone and that’s it!  Once it is securely there, don’t worry about it coming off easily.  The PopMirror when extended out can and can also act as a phone stand for any flat table surface.  This is great for at work at your desk or on a table to watch your favorite television shows.

Don’t forget to customize it however you want with the multiple color options.  You can even have your brand logo printed onto it to display your brand.  The customization is endless and leaves you to make all the awesome choices.  Perfect for an employee gift or given away at an event.

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Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Even though summer is over, the sun is still up! Listen to your favorite tunes in style with the new Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses!

Have you ever had sunglasses playing your favorite soundtrack? The new sunglasses collection features two silhouettes with yes, built in speakers.  The immersive audio experience that has never been done before.

With a quick glance they look like regular sunglasses but there’s a hidden secret. The miniaturized electronics is the new hidden template in your everyday sunglasses. Made of metal hinges, nylon rims and the great quality that will last a life time.  Lenses were also designed to be scratch and shatter proof just in case you drop them. The Bose frames are forged from quality materials that are as modern as the concept of it.

With the state if the art personal listening experiences is embedded into the classic design.  Looks classic but sounds brand new.  You hear a rich immersive sound while others will practically hear nothing at all. Having such a unique design, the custom speakers are directed right at you and away from others.

The most important part of the frames is how you feel when you wear them. Having the classic silhouettes will be suitable for anyone that wears sunglasses on a daily basis.  Enjoy the great sounding speakers but also be able to keep in touch with what’s going on around you.  You get the best of both worlds with these great sunglasses.

The sunglasses come in a variety of different colors and are able to be customized to your preference. Don’t forget to put that brand logo on them to show off how innovative your brand is.  Perfect as a gift to your employees or raffle at any corporate events.  Who wouldn’t want to listen to their playlist in such a creative way?

Silicone Phone Holder for Bicycle

Bring a cellphone on every biking trip by attaching it to the handle bars allowing the screen to be free so you can easily scroll, tap, and navigate through apps.

The Silicone Phone Holder is tailored to fit any modern-day smart phone with ease. Made of premium silicone, unlike the plastic ones, this one won’t break on you.  It holds the phone tightly with the silicone bands around the edges of the smart phone for those bumpy rides. This also allows the phone to stay in a set position so there is no shaking involved. The design was created to be water proof along with resistance to dirt. Easy to wipe clean and go on with that bike ride.

Being so flexible, the cradle clamp absorbs all the shock along with protecting the phone surface from scratches. Also, the phone holder gives you the ability to adjust the phone to any angle that will fit your preference.  Never miss an important notification and keep track of those miles easier by always having a view of the screen. Out of the way and hands free, how could it get any easier than that?

Simply attach the phone holder within seconds to the handle bars for quick access when on the go. Perfect to use for outdoors or indoors: on the road, street bike, mountain trails, or even a stationary exercise bike. It also can be used to attach to strollers, wheelchairs and shopping carts giving you full access to use it wherever.

This is a great gift for anyone that loves to go biking all the time and wants to be able to take their phone with them.  Coming in a variety of different colors gives you the opportunity to customize it however you please.  Don’t forget to put that custom brand logo or design on it to show off your company.

Key Ring Phone Stand and Cleaner

What is worse than having a dirty phone screen with finger prints all over it? At the same time have your phone stationed to on your desk to make the phone more visible while working.

The Key Ring Phone Stand and Cleaner is a perfect desk accessory in the office or at your home.  Provides perfect angles of view when using it for FaceTime and watching films.  Even being propped up on a desk will allow you to see any incoming emails, calls or text messages so you’ll never miss a thing.  Easily remove the phone from the dock with no effort at all and can easily be replaced on it.  Absolute must for anyone sitting at a desk doing their work to keep the phone out of your pocket.  Also, protects the phone from being knocked over and causing any damages that may occur.  Also being off of the surface, prevents any spillage to land on the phone keeping it protected.

The multi-function key ring has a convenient carabiner which can be attached to belts, bags and other loops easily.  The innovative design allows the carabiner to also as a portable phone stand wherever it goes.  The back is made with a soft screen cleaner so never worry about smudges again.  The small key ring is full of hidden features that is sure to impress.  When it is not being used as a stand, the phone fits perfectly inside acting as a case.  The case protects the phone inside from all angles allowing it to be safe wherever it goes.  It is a no brainer!

This is a perfect gift to giveaway or buy as a present for your co-workers to have.  Comes in a variety of different colors for full customization and has the ability to have your very own brand logo or name on it.  Show off your brand in style anywhere you go and catch the eyes of others wondering why they haven’t gotten one themselves.

Can Tube Cooler

Summer is almost over so hit the pool one last time with the new Can Tube Cooler!

The last day of summer is Monday, September 23rd!  Get to the pool or beach one let time and enjoy a cold fresh drink!  Don’t worry about your drink cans getting warm because of the new Can Tube Cooler!

The Can Tube Cooler can hold up to 6 cans of any beverage you prefer.  With the tight insulation and high quality materials, you will be able to keep your drinks warm all day long!  Simply stack the cans vertical and zip up the bag to hold them all into place.  The large zipper opening allows quick and easy loading and unloading of your favorite beverages.  It is even easy to carry around with its messenger bag style strap to easily be thrown over your shoulder.  Never worry about inconvenient coolers or big bulky bags taking up space in your car with this awesome Tube Cooler.  With such a sleek and unique shape, you’ll be catching everyones attention making them wonder why they don’t own one for themselves.

Comes in a variety of different colors and even has the customization to put your own brand logo or name on it!  Great for a giveaway or employee gift to give everyone going on vacations once the weather gets cold again.  Enjoy the rest of the summer while it lasts and keep those drink cold for another couple of weeks!

The Waterproof Computer Bag

Protect your electronic devices like never before with the new durable waterproof computer bag with a built in USB port!

Have you ever been worried about carrying your electronics when traveling? Have no fear, the durable waterproof computer bag is here!  This computer bag was constructed to help protect all your electronics with a minimalist style that serves well as a regular backpack or for any commuter.  Inside the bag, it can hold a laptop as big as a 15.4″ which gives plenty of space to work with.  Made of durable materials this can withstand any type of weather conditions that you may run into.  Also, made with padded straps, multiple compartments for fast access, this bag is everything anyone could’ve ever wanted. Being the ultimate computer bag, it has its very own built in USB port to keep all electronics charged on the go.  Never worry again about electronics dying on you!

The waterproof computer bag is perfect as a giveaway prize or to give to your co-workers when they have to travel a lot.  Don’t forget to customize the color of the bag and even put your own brand logo on the back!  What are you waiting for? Get it now!

Stay Sharp Mechanical Pencil

Keeping the flow of writing going shouldn’t be interrupted by sharpening a pencil. Stay sharp and keep the creative flow going with the stay sharp mechanical pencil.

Following the back to school trend, we have an abundance of products to be branded for school kids to use! Whether its backpacks or erasers, we have it all. However, there is one type of item that can not be overlooked for school. Without it, the classroom becomes ‘pointless’ and its hard to stay ‘sharp’ throughout the day. Any idea what it could be?

Writing utensils, especially pencils, are one thing that students surely need to be successful in the classroom. Kids may sometimes show up to class unprepared without a pencil and this can really interrupt the learning process. Don’t let school kids go without pencils in their classrooms! This is a cheap and simple way to help out the kids in your community while making for a great branding opportunity. Your company or organization will be given plenty of exposure this way. Teachers, students, parents, faculty and staff will all b using your pencils with your name printed on the side of each one.

These pencils can also be given away at trade shows, for promotional giveaways, and can be used in your offices!

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Student Planner

When going back to school, it important for students to stay organized. Donate branded planners to your local schools today for a great promotional opportunity!

Following the back-to-school trend, students are always in need of new supplies. Whether it’s writing utensils or notebooks, students could use assistance in obtaining the essentials they need. Some students in high school and college are surely in need of help with purchasing their school supplies. This is where you and your business could come in!

With the student planner, students will easily be able to track their assignments and stay organized from week to week. This student planner will be customized with your company or organizations name and logo on the front cover. Just choose from the selection of available colors for the covers and imprint. By purchasing an order of planers to give away on campuses in your area, you will be effectively branding you business for students to see every day. Students need to stay organized. That is a key to being successful in an educational setting. Knowing when assignments are due and when meetings are is very important to a student. There is no better way to remember these important details than by writing them in a student planner.

Help out your local schools and colleges today with these branded student planners. Maximize the way you advertise your business to students, faculty, and parents alike.

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Expandable Organizer

It’s back to school, and school supplies are in high demand! Brand your business and give to school kids in your area with this expandable organizer!

There are a few things that are essential to going back to school. Some new clothes, a new backpack, and supplies! Unfortunately, some school kids and their families aren’t able to afford all the supplies they need. Luckily, this is where you and your business can help! Give back to the kids in your local schools by gifting some branded expandable organizers with your company’s name and logo. This is a cheap and easy way to give back to the community and a great way to brand your business.

Also, these expandable organizers can not only be gifted to school kids, but can be used in professional settings as well. Additionally, they can be given out at trade shows and with promotional giveaways. In addition, these organizers have enough room to hold pens, pencils, notecards, notebooks, and a whole lot of papers! Finally, brand your company and give back to kids in your community today!

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