virtual event giveaway

Virtual Event Giveaways

Virtual event giveaways, also known as virtual event swag, have always been relevant to businesses. Today, due to Covid, virtual events play an even bigger role. They help to build the customer-to-brand relationship. Giveaways, gifts, or swag are a fun, exciting part of most events and something that attendees look forward too.

Why have Virtual Event Giveaways

            First and foremost, virtual event giveaways boost engagement and amps up the digital event experience. During Covid, it helped make things feel a little more normal and made the event more personal, like an event in person would have. The giveaway also strengthens the relationship between companies and attendees. Lastly, the giveaway extends the life of the event for potentially years. For example, if a company gives away a t-shirt and the attendees wear it for years, then the company is still receiving free advertising. Other giveaways could be gift cards, online classes/memberships, free digital tools, and charitable donations that connect good vibes with the brand.

How to Share Virtual Event Giveaway Items

            There are many ways to get your giveaway into the attendees’ hands. The first thing you can do is send participants a gift box upon registration. This guarantees that the attendees receive the giveaway before the event. You could also send the giveaway after the event as a thank you for participating and being a part of the brand’s community. Another great way is through games. Games provide the participants a chance to win a prize. It also allows a fun game to take place during the event.

Benefits of Virtual Events/Giveaways

            The world will hopefully be going back to normal soon, but there are still benefits to keeping virtual events. Some of the benefits of virtual events are that they are eco-friendly, they are easy to personalize, and they can take place at any time or date. These benefits will keep virtual events relevant for years to come.

            Great giveaways for any event can be subscription boxes. At Wenning Branding we specialize in making fulfillment and subscription boxes for companies. You can use these as a giveaway for events or as a thank you to loyal customers. Reach out to us if you need subscription boxes!