air safe toiletry kit

Air Safe Toiletry Kit

The last thing you want when passing through airport security is to have to throw out your bottles of shampoo and toothpaste. Keep your personal care products safely secure and TSA safe with this air safe toiletry kit!

Whether it is for business, recreation, or vacation, about 48 percent of Americans take at least one flight each year. Thats almost half of Americans who need to pass through airport security on their way to their next destination. In order to make the tedious security process easier, you must make sure your products are up to TSA standards. For this reason, the air safe toiletry kit is perfect for anyone who frequently travels by air!

Branded with your company’s name and logo, this will make for a great giveaway gift to any employees or customers who travel. Your brand will be taking off each time someone boards their flight. People love to travel, however they also love to use their soap and care products from home. With this see through kit with included 3 oz bottles, your products will pass through security on your way to your destination. Make your brand stand out with this great promotional air travel kit!

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