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October 5, 2020

When each student and staff member arrive to school, temperatures have to be taken in order for students or staff members to participate in the school day. With our Globalseagull Infrared Thermometer FDA Regulatory Class 1, temperatures are able to be taken at ease. This instant digital thermometer is all around great for all ages, kids and adults throughout school to keeps safe and healthy environment each day of learning.

Keep Your Space Safe

With our no contact thermometer, it is easy and quick to use. One easy trigger is pressed to activate the device which starts the test. Each test taken takes within one second of showing results. Features include 32 preset memories and LCD screen that shows three different colors according to the number of the temperature. A normal temperature with a green screen, a high temperature with a yellow screen and a fever temperature with a red screen. This thermometer also gives an easy, instant switchable intuitive button between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Click here to purchase.

Certified Medical Grade Equipment

Our infrared forehead thermometer is FDA Regulation Class 1 and CE certified. This thermometer comes from the class 1 medical device manufacturer with its own brand name “Global seagull”. It features a medical-grade infrared sensor for an accurate temperature test for each use.

All PPE Products

We have it all, from masks to gloves to sanitizer! We contain any mask one may desire in order to fit you, students or staff necessary needs for the school year. Including packs of 50 disposable masks, 2Ply masks without filters, 3Ply reusable mask, face shields and N95 masks. We also offer other items including disposable latex gloves, disposable shoe coverings, pack of disinfecting alcohol wipes, pack of alcohol prep pads, hand sanitizer and surface cleaner.

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