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The Utility Sock

Don’t have pockets on your shorts to store your belongings? The Utility Sock is made to safely hold your keys, keep your cards, or stash your cash!

As the weather starts to get warmer, everyone’s shorts are getting shorter! This means it’s time to get outside to enjoy the weather, although you will have less pocket space for you to store your belongings! You may be asking yourself, “What could be a simple solution to this storage shortage situation?” Look no further than the Utility Sock, by Strideline Promo. The Utility Sock is built perfectly for those who need to keep belongings like keys, money, and cards safely hidden and secured. Whether at the gym, going to class, or just out with friends, you can easily and discretely store smaller items to keep them from getting lost or stolen. The Utility Sock comes with a fully functional and customizable pocket and is available in both a regular and premium version. The regular Utility Sock comes in white and the pocket is full-color printable with any design you choose. The Premium Utility Sock is designed as an athletic sock and comes in both black and white. The Premium design is geared towards those athletes who need extra storage space for their cards and keys either at the gym or on the go. A university had ordered Utility Socks for their students and customized the pocket to look just like the university’s custom credit card. Then, for any student who ordered a new credit card at the beginning of the year, the school handed out the pairs of socks as an envelope with students’ cards placed inside of them. The students continued to wear and use the socks long after receiving them. Because of its uniqueness and functionality, this product would be a great promotional item to better promote your school or business! Don’t miss out on a product as functional and unique as the Utility Sock!

National Pet Month Accessories

Show your appreciation to your furry friend and get them these awesome accessories for the summer time!

May is officially here and we want to wish everyone a Happy National Pet Month!  Celebrate all the benefits that your little furry friend has given you!

Why not get your companion a little surprise to show your appreciation?  Take your furry friend for a walk and when it comes time for your dog to take care of some important business, the bag dispenser is here to take care of the job.   These poop bags cover up all unpleasant smells with a fresh fruity or lemon scent.  They are also available with unscented bags for pet parents with a sensitive sniffer.

The dispenser attached right onto the handle of the leash you will never forget to bring it.  Fits most standard dog poop bag rolls and allows for quick access during walks to clean up after your critter.  Holds 15 durable and leak-proof bags at a time so you never have to worry about running out of bags when you need them most.  Comes in a variety of different colors and can have your brand name or logo printed right on the side of it.

We also have the new pet wipes that fit in a pouch.  With these pet wipes, cleaning up after your furry friend has never been so easy. Stored in a small pouch, this necessary cleaning accessory comes with 15 individual wipes.  The antibacterial sanitary wet wipes will help clean up a leftover mess, hair, dirt and accidents that may occur.

These wipes are alcohol free and safe for any pet you main own.  The pouch is also available in any color you would want to customize it too.  Get a full brand logo imprint of your brand logo right on the pouch to show off your business.

What are you waiting for?  Surprise your furry friend with these awesome accessories to show appreciation for them being with you.  These are perfect for the nice summer time weather that is almost upon us!

Custom Golf Polo

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good!

Summer is almost here, and you know what that means!  Golf season is back and in full swing!

Forget about those traditional cotton material polos that will do nothing but bring the heat.  We now have the 100% polyester polo golf shirts that will keep anyone cool in those hot summer days.  Focus more on your golf swing instead of how sweaty that cotton shirt is.  Comes in slim fit and classic fit to fit any body form for a more comfortable feel.

This golf polo is a go to for whether you’re on or off the links for any personal use.  The lightweight performance quick-dry fabric gets rid of moisture to help keep dry in those hot sticky summer days.  Attached to the shirt is the ribbed collar that helps prevent against curling or being ruined in the washing machine.  The jersey fabric also has a 3-button placket that lets you adjust to your style. The golf polo even provides a UPF 20 to UPF 40 depending which color is selected.

Coming in a variety of different colors or stripes, the personalization of this shirt is endless. Select any custom colors you please and put a brand logo on it to show off your company.  Perfect to wear not only for the golf course but for business casual wear that has a timeless style that can’t be passed on.  Also, a great gift for your employees to wear traveling or wear in the office for casual Friday’s!  How could you pass this clothing up for the upcoming weather!

Recycled & Sustainable Earth Day Products

Lend a Hand and Save the Land!  Make Everyday Earth Day!

We want to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!  Many people still believe that “green” solutions are too expensive, but they are actually much cheaper when all of the costs to public health, waste handling, and social services are all factored into the equation.

A good place to start is in the kitchen with the new Bamboo Cutting Board.  This cutting board will enhance the life span of all of your knives and counter tops.  This works for the toughest of kitchen assignments.  Comes in a variety of different colors due to natural occurrences.  Get your brand name or logo lasered into it for full customization. Made completely of bamboo, this is a great alternative to any plastic cutting boards that won’t last as long as the wood one.  Why pay more for plastic, that won’t last long, and will hurt the earth?  It’s a no-brainer!

Also, we have the new Bamboo Coaster Kit that comes in a variety of different colors.  Comes in a linen bag that contains four bamboo coasters. Bamboo is extremely durable and resists moisture unlike any other material.  Save your surface from excess wear and tear that cans or bottles can damage. Cheap paper ones not only fall apart after being slightly wet, but they are hard to dispose of.  These will last you a lifetime and can even be customized with your brand name or logo laser printed right on them.

We live in a world that is full of problems, and we are the solutions that can resolve these problems. Change is never easy, but when people come together for the good of humanity and the Earth, then we can accomplish anything great we want.  If you have not already, start today and make a difference that will help preserve the Earth for people in the future.  It’s not too late for us to change or ways and make a great impact.

Custom Fun Games

All the Summer Essentials in ONE!

The warm weather is finally here, and summer is around the corner!  It’s time to get all the outdoor essentials you’ll need for the beautiful weather.

Buy any of these products individually or buy them as a whole package.  The Custom Games Set comes with a set of cornhole boards and bags.  Made of 100% wood, the premium craftsmanship boards have a smooth finished surface with a variety of paint designs.  Meet all ACA Regulation Standards for any type of competition use.  Comes with 8 regulation cornhole bags made of strong material and double stitch to reduce from bursting.  Personalize the board and bags with your brand logo to market your company.

The set also includes Jenga, but giant!  Stands at nearly two feet high and can to over four feet in play.  To compare it to the regular size, this Jenga set is eight times larger.  Made with the same high manufacturing standards as the classic Jenga, this can’t be beat. Manufactured out of genuine hardwood that will last you a lifetime.  Quality game that your family and friends will be ecstatic to play inside or outside. Don’t forget to put your custom brand logo on it for your own personalization.

Next, we have the Connect 4! The classic game that everyone has played at least once in their lifetime.  This isn’t just any Connect 4 though, it is 31”w x 28.75” x 6.5”d. Making this one of the biggest Connect 4’s on the market, it couldn’t get any better.  Custom pucks/header imprint included as well as full custom paint job that can have your very own brand logo displayed on it.  This game will allow customers to interact with your brand in a fun way that they could never forget.

Countless hours of fun with friends and family on weekends, tailgates, cookouts or any outdoor activities. This might just be the ultimate outdoor set that anyone can enjoy in the sun.  Get it now while you can and be prepared for the nice weather coming all summer.  Perfect for any place at anytime!

Snappy Earphone Organizer

Say Goodbye to Tangled Earphones!

The newest innovation of keeping earphones cords from tangling is here.  The ultraportable Snappy Earphone Organizer protects earphones from damage while offering space to neatly manage cables.

The holder case perfectly fits any brand of earphones easily.  The Snappy Earphone Organizer keeps your earbuds tangle-free and secure.  Prevents dirt and damages even though it is lightweight. Being most durable product on the market, you can count on it to keep your earphones safe.  Put earphones into the central holder area, wrap the cords around the base like a yo-yo and finally fold the edging.  This creates maximum security, so the earphones don’t move around and get tangled.

The compact design allows you to put it in your pocket.  The unique appearance design looks compact and delicate for your headphones.  Lots of different colors available.  Put a brand logo or design on it to market your company.

Make life easier and get yours today!

Cinco De Mayo Essentials

Bring the Party to Life! Light it Up!

Cinco De Mayo is only one month away!  It’s time to start getting all the party essentials you will need for the big celebration!

The Cinco De Mayo essentials pack comes with a pair of neon fiesta sunglasses that comes in a variety of different colors.  Have more fun in the sun with the help of this simple yet effective marketing tool!  Start the party off right and protect those eyes with the custom sunglasses.  Don’t forget to put your brand logo on them or personalize them anyway you desire.  This is a perfect product to hand out to clients to wear.

Can’t forget about this awesome margarita glass! Serve up some signature margaritas at your Cinco De Mayo event when you add the 10 oz Neon Green LED Margarita Glass to the decorations.  This features a plastic neon green upper section that has built in LED to create an awesome look for during the day time.  It also glows under any type of black light to add a little extra spice to the party.  Everyone will be in awe when they see these glasses light up the room of the event.  Get yours today and light it up!

What are you waiting for? Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner, so get a move on it and buy your holiday essentials today!

Building Block Mug

Drink you coffee and build something, too!

Do you miss playing with building blocks? Looking for a creative outlet while on a boring conference call? This great product may effect your productivity while quickly becoming the talking point of your office!

These colorful mugs with exterior building surfaces brings back the true kid inside of you back to life.  Let’s be honest, were al kids at heart.  This product will even make your kids jealous of you’re everyday mug!  You simply choose blocks that you like, stand them on it and create the unique mug cup. The mugs come in 8 different colors and you can add on different color blocks to the given mug.

This isn’t just something that is for decoration. It is FDA approved and food grade nontoxic plastic. Enjoy your coffee, tea, juice, and milk in this 12 ounce/350ML mug. You can even build something on your mug while drinking! This mug is completely compatible with any types of building blocks such as: LEGOTM, Pixel Blocks, Mega Blocks, KRE-O, and K’NEX Bricks.  This mug does not include any bricks with purchase.

And remember, we are all “kids at heart”!

Video Brochures

This is an Interactive Video Brochure for New Age Marketing.

Everything is turning digital, so why not get rid of those boring brochures with a ton of text and nothing that really catches your attention. ‘Digital Imprints’ have a new tech product that erases those old brochures and brings in the new and improved video brochures.

The videos brochures are able to be customized by any of our designers. They can come in a variety of screen sizes, as well as the buttons that you prefer. Those buttons can include the power, volume, and several other commands to make the brochure simple to use.

Simply think of the concept of the total design and the developers will render a product for you to view. You can either review or change any necessary aspects of the populated template, and then ship the brochures for use.

These video brochures could be used in the promotion and marketing of a business.

Pocket Blanket

This blanket lets you take a seat anytime, anywhere!

The Pocket Blanket is a clean, dry place to bring anywhere with you to sit on.  It is perfect for anytime you need a seat.  This is ideal for beaches, parks, festivals, sport games and hiking.  The water repellent Pocket Blanket is convenient for always being on the go.  It just takes a couple seconds to to pack up or take out of the pocket to take a seat.

The Pocket Blanket is big enough for two to four adults to sit on.  The dimensions of the blanket are 63 x 44 inches and highs in at only 3.8 oz.

Pattern piece is included for easy re-packing.  You can’t forget about the built in corner stakes to help prevent from blowing away at the beach.  The corners are weighted to prevent sand from getting over top of it.

This comes in a variety of different colors and customize it with your very own brand logo on it.  Get yours today and start enjoying the outdoors!

Sip Bottle

Keep your drinks warm or cold all day long!

Sip on your drink all day long!  Never worry again about your drink leaking or spilling ever.

The playful designed water bottle brings a sense of charm and fun to your everyday life.  The double-wall insulated bottle keeps your beverage cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.  Created with a leak-proof top, it prevents any type of spillage or drips.  Stainless steel bottle is also durable and easy to keep clean.

Stay more hydrated all day long with this reusable 15-ounce water bottle.  This product is dishwasher safe so you won’t ever have to worry about it having any leftover residue. Comes in a variety of different fun designs that allow you to personally design it anyway you would like.  Add a little more convenience and fun to your everyday water bottle.

Customize the bottle with any color and place your brand logo on it.  This is an awesome gift to give to your co-workers!

USB Cable & Bottle Opener Keychain

Always be prepared with the new 3 in 1 Key Chain!

Here is the best 3-in-1 gadget and this is why!  It has a USB Cable, Bottle Opener & Keychain all in 1, making it an absolute necessity to always have on you!

The most fun USB cable ever has just hit the market.  Sometimes you may need to charge your phone, or crack open a nice, cold beer at the same time!  Now you have the handy USB able and bottle opener at your service.

Easily attaching to any keychain makes this gadget handy to always have on you.  Coming in a variety of different colors, personalize it any way you would like.  Don’t forget to put your own custom brand logo on it to show off to your peers. Make life simpler by always having this on you for any situation that requires a charger or in need of a bottle opener.

What an awesome gift this would be or to give away at trade shows with your brand written all over it!

Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

The new norm of importing and exporting products!

Are you looking for a way to market your brand in a unique effective way?  The new custom printed boxes can do just that!

These boxes come in a variety of different sizes and ways to be opened.  You have your front room tuck, square top tuck, gabled carriers and several other designs.  Fit anything from clothing to wine bottles to food.  Any product will fit in this packaging and look  more professional than an ordinary brown box.

Having a reputation for being durable, these are perfect for any business owner that want their products to be shipped safely.  They contain extra protective slits and cushion sleeves that can be added for items that are fragile being shipped.  The opportunities are endless.

Fully customize it by putting your brand logo on it along with any colors you desire.  This is a great way to prepare gift sets for you employees and others.  These packages do the advertising itself for your company.  Quit using ugly brown boxes and upgrade your brand to the custom printed boxes.

Portable Cell and Tablet Stand

Hands free and better than ever!

Ever want to be hands free with your phone or tablet? Or tired of having to stick something permanently onto your phone, such as a pop socket?

Rubber pads and feet protect your device from scratches and sliding on the table.  The rubber inserts are meant to protect thinner devices but can be taken off for tablets that are larger.  There are nine different viewing angles that you are able to do to make it as comfortable as possible.  Also comes with a duel design that is ideal for recording or watching and reading at at a better angle.

Made of durable aluminum body that ways only 3.6 ounces but can hold a total of 11 pounds.  Make life easier and more comfortable with the portable call and tablet stand for everyday use.  No more tiring arm holding up devices while trying to read and relax.  Comes in a variety of different colors that can have a custom printed brand logo on it.  Get yours today!

Round Wood Luggage Tag

Travel in style, be eco-friendly!

Do you or your employees travel frequently for business or pleasure? The Round Wood Luggage Tag will make that job simple and easy.

A genuine leather strap with brass buckle adds a quality touch to the wood finish of the tase. The finish is recycled environmentally friendly wood that adds a little extra character to it.  The wood is also moisture resistant so never have to worry about it being ruined from liquids. Use this luggage tag for your golf clubs, travel bag, keychain or whatever you want your name on so it won’t be stolen.  With several different wood finishes you can personalize it to be any color wood you would like.

Don’t forget to customize the tag with any imprint of your company name or logo on that you would like.  This is great for any type of gift for someone that is constantly traveling or needs a classic name tag on their personal items.  Get yours today and start traveling in style!

Silicone & Stainless Steel Straws

New year, new straw! How many times have you gone to grab a drink with friends somewhere that uses paper straws and had yours disintegrate into your drink before you’re even halfway done? The idea to save the turtles was a great one, but now what about the trees? The paper straws may be saving the turtles, but they are now killing the trees. This is no longer a problem with these new stainless steel and silicone straws. These provide a better, even more eco-friendly, and profitable way to join the #noplasticstraws movement.

These straws come in all shapes, sizes, and colors allowing them to fit all of your tumblers, yetis, and kid’s cups. Not only are these straws tons of fun for kids to play with, they are very safe due to the silicone construction. They are soft to bite down on while still being completely durable. Because of their big dimension, these straws are especially suited for thicker drinks like smoothies, milkshakes, yogurt, but are still great for drinks as simple as water. These are less temperature sensitive for people with easily irritated teeth. The stainless-steel straws are safer than glass or plastic straws that can break or crack. The modern sleek design adds fun to any kitchen or party. They won’t rust, corrode, or bend, lasting for years at a time.

The silicone and stainless-steel straws can be reused again and again for a year and even longer if they are taken care of thanks to the very handy cleaning brush that comes individually packaged with each straw. They can also be used to promote your business as the straws can be customizable with your businesses name or logo. This new straw wave is something you will want to hop on for and more importantly to help save our environment.

Keep Warm Bundle

The newest bundle to keep you warm!

Find yourself freezing during the winter time? This complete set of accessories helps you keep warm during these cold months.

Made with a durable polyester acrylic blend that is ultra-thick cable knit to keep you warm in the worst conditions.  With the strong flexible and stretchable fabric, these pieces fit almost any size that you are desiring.  The mittens are constructed with thick, insulated knit to keep your hands toasty but still allow you to use a phone with them.  Having fingerprints on the thumb and pointer finger, you are able to use any touchscreen while wearing them.

They come in a variety of different colors to match anything that you are wearing.  This allows full customization with all your outfits.  Don’t buy all these items separate when the bundle is here to save the day!  The Keep Warm Bundle is what you need to stay warm during these cold winter nights.

Whiskey Globe Decanter

Explore the Seven Seas, Drink Elequently

Say goodbye to dry January and embrace your love for both travel and whiskey!

The mind-blowing designed antique ship set in a globe decanter shows the true sophistication and class every whiskey drinker should own.  Comes with a matching glasses set that are skillfully hand blown to perfection.

As the decanter becomes emptied into its matching glass, the center ship slowly appears inviting you to join its exploration of the seven seas.  The set sits on a darkened wooden stand that embraces the elegance of this product.  A truly perfect gift that any whiskey drinker would love to add to their collection.

Personalize the set with your logo or company name not it!  Also choose any colors of wood that you would want to have with your set.  A true masterpiece in your home for guests to enjoy.

Exercise Kit

Quit making excuses and start working out

No more excuses of getting back in shape after the holidays with this new exercise kit.  It’s so convenient that you don’t even need a gym to have that killer workout.  You now have the  tools to workout wherever you please!

The exercise kit includes a Clip N’ Step meter band that is stored into a personal travel pouch.  It also comes with a handy pedometer that tracks every step.  This can come in handy for anyone running marathons or just on a simple jog.  The stretchy fitness band works out multiple muscles throughout your body.  There are over 20 different exercises that can be done using the stretchy band to get that killer body.  This product is a beneficial tool to help your overall fitness and accomplish your goals faster than ever expected.

Whether it’s traveling or having your own gym,  put the company’s logo on the kit to market your brand. No more excuses to not workout!  Get the band in any color and personalize it just right for those inspirational workouts.  What are you waiting for?

Double Wine Carrier

The newest elegant wine carrier is here!

Wine is a wonderful drink that has been used for celebrations and given as gifts since ancient times. Then, there is the fact that bottles today are made of of glass and ordinary plastic bags are susceptible to breakages.

We have just the solution for you!  The double wine carrier is not only nice looking but keeps your bottles comfortably held together.  Being made of soft polyester material on the inside, it keeps wine bottles snug and tight in the case.  The outer shell is made of a tougher material with plastic on it to keep it safe from any type of fall damage or being knocked over.  This will show just how exclusive the wine actually is. 

Easy to carry around and makes an awesome gift.  The carrier can also be printed with your company name and logo on it!  Comes in a variety of different colors for any customization you’re looking for.  Keep your wine safe today!