Whiskey Globe Decanter

Explore the Seven Seas, Drink Elequently

Say goodbye to dry January and embrace your love for both travel and whiskey!

The mind-blowing designed antique ship set in a globe decanter shows the true sophistication and class every whiskey drinker should own.  Comes with a matching glasses set that are skillfully hand blown to perfection.

As the decanter becomes emptied into its matching glass, the center ship slowly appears inviting you to join its exploration of the seven seas.  The set sits on a darkened wooden stand that embraces the elegance of this product.  A truly perfect gift that any whiskey drinker would love to add to their collection.

Personalize the set with your logo or company name not it!  Also choose any colors of wood that you would want to have with your set.  A true masterpiece in your home for guests to enjoy.