Snappy Earphone Organizer

Say Goodbye to Tangled Earphones!

The newest innovation of keeping earphones cords from tangling is here.  The ultraportable Snappy Earphone Organizer protects earphones from damage while offering space to neatly manage cables.

The holder case perfectly fits any brand of earphones easily.  The Snappy Earphone Organizer keeps your earbuds tangle-free and secure.  Prevents dirt and damages even though it is lightweight. Being most durable product on the market, you can count on it to keep your earphones safe.  Put earphones into the central holder area, wrap the cords around the base like a yo-yo and finally fold the edging.  This creates maximum security, so the earphones don’t move around and get tangled.

The compact design allows you to put it in your pocket.  The unique appearance design looks compact and delicate for your headphones.  Lots of different colors available.  Put a brand logo or design on it to market your company.

Make life easier and get yours today!