Pocket Blanket

This blanket lets you take a seat anytime, anywhere!

The Pocket Blanket is a clean, dry place to bring anywhere with you to sit on.  It is perfect for anytime you need a seat.  This is ideal for beaches, parks, festivals, sport games and hiking.  The water repellent Pocket Blanket is convenient for always being on the go.  It just takes a couple seconds to to pack up or take out of the pocket to take a seat.

The Pocket Blanket is big enough for two to four adults to sit on.  The dimensions of the blanket are 63 x 44 inches and highs in at only 3.8 oz.

Pattern piece is included for easy re-packing.  You can’t forget about the built in corner stakes to help prevent from blowing away at the beach.  The corners are weighted to prevent sand from getting over top of it.

This comes in a variety of different colors and customize it with your very own brand logo on it.  Get yours today and start enjoying the outdoors!

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