The Waterproof Computer Bag

Protect your electronic devices like never before with the new durable waterproof computer bag with a built in USB port!

Have you ever been worried about carrying your electronics when traveling? Have no fear, the durable waterproof computer bag is here!  This computer bag was constructed to help protect all your electronics with a minimalist style that serves well as a regular backpack or for any commuter.  Inside the bag, it can hold a laptop as big as a 15.4″ which gives plenty of space to work with.  Made of durable materials this can withstand any type of weather conditions that you may run into.  Also, made with padded straps, multiple compartments for fast access, this bag is everything anyone could’ve ever wanted. Being the ultimate computer bag, it has its very own built in USB port to keep all electronics charged on the go.  Never worry again about electronics dying on you!

The waterproof computer bag is perfect as a giveaway prize or to give to your co-workers when they have to travel a lot.  Don’t forget to customize the color of the bag and even put your own brand logo on the back!  What are you waiting for? Get it now!

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