Expandable organizer

Expandable Organizer

It’s back to school, and school supplies are in high demand! Brand your business and give to school kids in your area with this expandable organizer!

There are a few things that are essential to going back to school. Some new clothes, a new backpack, and supplies! Unfortunately, some school kids and their families aren’t able to afford all the supplies they need. Luckily, this is where you and your business can help! Give back to the kids in your local schools by gifting some branded expandable organizers with your company’s name and logo. This is a cheap and easy way to give back to the community and a great way to brand your business.

Also, these expandable organizers can not only be gifted to school kids, but can be used in professional settings as well. Additionally, they can be given out at trade shows and with promotional giveaways. In addition, these organizers have enough room to hold pens, pencils, notecards, notebooks, and a whole lot of papers! Finally, brand your company and give back to kids in your community today!

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