Lunch box and container

Lunch Box and Container Combo

Back to school is right around the bend. Brand your company and give back to the community with the branded lunch box and container combo!

One of the most important things a kid needs for school is something to bring their lunch in. This lunch box and container combo is perfect for any child, both elementary and college, to use every day!

As a company, the best thing you can do is give back to your local communities. Giving to school children, both young and old, is a great way to boost the company’s image. Do something great for the community and for your business by gifting branded lunchboxes to local schools! Your logo and name will be displayed on the face of the lunch box for the entire lunchroom to see.

The lunch box is big enough to hold enough food to keep you going through the day. The provided container and utensils are also quite convenient. They have two compartments to keep food separated. Also, the lid is able to securely hold your utensils they never get lost! Available in a variety of colors, these lunch boxes will make many kids happy who may not have one as nice as this! Help your schools and your brand today!

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