Heated Ice Scraper 1

Heated Ice Scraper

Do you want to be able to clean the ice off of your car in half the time it would usually take? Well this new ice scraper is going to get you out of the cold faster!

This heated scraper can get ice off of your windshield faster than any other scraper ever created. The heating element of the scraper is made of aluminum that has a thermoplastic rubber squeegee to get the job done. Using a squeegee over a regular scraper is better for your windshield to prevent scratches over time. Even if its dark out, thats no problem! This product has a built in flashlight so that you can get full visual of what you’re scraping.

Winter is on the way so this product is perfect as a gift to your employees! You’re also able to put your own brand on it so that everyone can see how innovative your brand looks!

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